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Use Cases and Requirements for IVI

Jaguar Land Rover contributed a number of requirements documents from their DOORS database. Those are being merged into the Automotive Grade Linux DOORS NG database. This slide deck explains how to edit the Jaguar documents to allow them to be easily imported into DOORS NG.

Jaguar Land Rover Functional Area Descriptions (FADs)

The FADs contain use cases. The priority indicates the order that JLR plans to release additional documents.

AM/FM and HD Radio fad_agl_amfm-hd.xlsx

Auxiliary fad_agl_aux.xlsx

Bluetooth Audio fad_agl_bt_audio.xlsx

Media Player fad_agl_media_player.xlsx

Park Aid fad_agl_park_aid.xlsx

Phone fad_agl_phone.xlsx


Audio (Priority 1)

Camera (Priority 2)

Connectivity (Priority 1)

Digital Audio Broadcasting (Priority 2)

DVD Player (Priority 1)

Navigation and Traffic (Priority 2)

Rear Seat Entertainment (Priority 3)

SDARS (Priority 2)

Telematics (Priority 2)

Television (Priority 3)

Voice Pure (Priority 2)

Jaguar Land Rover Design Prerequisites (DPRs)

The DPRs contain requirements. The priority indicates the order that JLR plans to release additional documents.

AM/FM and HD Radio dpr_agl_amfm-hd.xlsx

Audio audio_dpr.xlsx

Auxiliary dpr_agl_aux.xlsx

Bluetooth Audio dpr_agl_bt_audio.xlsx

Connected Infotainment (Priority 1)

Media Player dpr_agl_media_player.xlsx

Media Storage media_storage_dpr.xlsx

Park Aid dpr_agl_park_aid.xlsx

Resource Manager resource_manager_dpr.xlsx

Telephony telephony_dpr.xlsx


Camera (Priority 2)

Data Storage Manager (Priority 3)

Dead Reckoning (Priority 3)

Device Detection Manager (Priority 2)

Digital Tuner - DAB (Priority 2)

Digital Tuner - SDARS (Priority 2)

Navigation (Priority 2)

Off-Board Connection Manager (Priority 3)

Pin Management (Priority 3)

Profile Manager (Priority 2)

Telematics (Priority 2)

Television (Priority 3)

User Interface Panel (Priority 3)

Vehicle and Infotainment Settings (Priority 3)

Voice (Priority 2)

WAV Player Service (Priority 3)

Japanese Members Specification

Developed in Spring 2014 and used as starting point in DOORS NG.

Master Version 0.8.2 doc pdf

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