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Connectivity Expert Group

EG Project and Task Lists are in Jira

List View can be found here.
Kanban View can be found here.


The Connectivity EG meets every other Thursday. Meeting schedule, dial-in information, agenda, and minutes for the Connectivity EG can be found here.


The Connectivity Expert Group is responsible for the requirements, architecture and design of the following topics within AGL.

  • Vehicle Connectivity (CAN, MOST, LIN, AMB)
  • Network and vehicle firewalls
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Connected Car
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC
  • Smart Device Link (SDL)
  • Remote Vehicle Interactions (RVI)


  • Walt Miner - The Linux Foundation - Acting EG Lead
  • Jan-Simon Moeller - The Linux Foundation
  • Christian Gromm - Microchip
  • Michael Fabry - Microchip
  • Romain Le Martret -
  • Yuichi Kusakabe - DENSO TEN
  • Scott Murray - Konsulko


The Connectivity EG Roadmap is part of the overall AGL Roadmap and can be found on this page.


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