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Virtualization Expert Group

The AGL Virtualization Expert Group (EG-VIRT) is responsible to design and implement virtualization solutions for AGL. This expert group has been created from a BoF held in the Munich AMM meeting (slides available here) and from a mailing list discussion about hypervisors and reported on this wiki page.

Containers, Hypervisors (both based on Virtualization Extensions and TrustZone) and any other virtualization solution for x86/ARM are considered to be of interest for this Expert Group.

The key objective of EG-VIRT for 2017 is the implementation of a Proof of Concept (PoC). More information about the technical objectives, members involved and target events see the specific section below.

The EG-VIRT road map for 2017 includes:

  • Implementation of a Virtualization PoC in 2017
  • Definition of the AGL Virtualization infrastructure
  • AGL IO (GPU, CAN, etc.) virtualization solution design


The first EG-VIRT community meeting has been held on January 27th, at 2PM CET. Regular meetings are scheduled on Friday same hour (bi-weekly). To join the discussion, please use the following link:

Meetings Agenda and Report

Meetings agenda and report can be found at the following wiki page:

Group Members

This group is open to people interested in the AGL virtualization architecture and implementation. If you are interested in joining the development efforts or the discussion, put your name here.

  • Michele Paolino - Virtual Open Systems -
  • Joel Hoffmann - Renesas Electronics -
  • Hariharan A - Sasken Technologies -
  • Yuichi Kusakabe - Fujitsu TEN -
  • Denys Balatsko - Global Logic -
  • Name - Company - email

The discussions of this EG will be done through the public AGL mailing list. These email addresses will be used to put you in CC in communications for the EG-VIRT members.

ALS2017 virtualization related presentations

This section lists the EG-VIRT and virtualization related presentation to be held in Tokyo for ALS2017:

Known efforts for automotive virtualization

Currently available hardware platforms enable the implementation of different types of virtualization. This section gathers a list of example efforts in the direction of AGL virtualization. If you are working on a similar project and you want the AGL community to be aware of it, add the related information here below.

  • ALS 2016 PoC: AGL, FreeRTOS and Ubuntu running on the RCar H3 (link) - Virtual Open Systems
  • Description - company

AGL virtualization PoC 2017

The EG-VIRT and Virtual Open Systems are planning to develop a virtualization PoC in 2017. The PoC proposal is based on the co-execution of different operating systems concurrently, e.g., AGL, Android N and an isolated FreeRTOS. Target venues for the demonstration can be 2017 AGL ALS and AMM meetings.

Anyone interested in contributing can send an email to the AGL mailing list or to

This section will be continuously updated with the result of the discussion held during the EG-VIRT meetings. More information will be soon available.

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