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Application Framework and Security Expert Group

EG Project and Task Lists are in Jira

List View can be found here.
Kanban View can be found here.

How AGL uses Jira for creating and managing projects is here.


The App FW and Security EG has a conference call every other Wednesday. Schedule, meeting minutes, and dial-in information can be found here


The Application Framework and Security Expert Group is responsible for the requirements, architecture and design of the following topics within AGL.

  • Application lifecycle (install, run, remove, applications)
  • SDK and application developer experience both in security and APIs
  • Network and vehicle firewalls in conjunction with the Connectivity EG
  • Software Update and secure update
  • Diagnostic log and trace
  • Secure boot
  • Security framework (SELinux, SMACK, AppArmor, etc.), policies, and strategy for the distribution
  • Home screen and window manager services


FIXME Identify Team Lead for coordinating team meetings and representation to the SAT

  • Scott Murray - Konsulko
  • TBD - Toyota


The App Framework and Security EG Roadmap is part of the overall AGL Roadmap and can be found on this page.

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