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Jira for AGL

The Jira server for Automotive Grade Linux can be accessed here.

AGL uses Jira for defect tracking and project management.

Defect Tracking

Defects are submitted to Automotive Grade Linux using the “Bug” issue type. Once the defect has been submitted it will be assigned to the appropriate developer for review and possible fixing.

Project Management

The AGL Roadmap can be viewed in Jira using this query.

To submit a new project for consideration, create a new issue of type “Epic” in Jira.

 Jira issue taxonomy

Once the project is received, it may be assigned to one or more expert groups for review and implementation.

  • The expert group(s) are identified in the issue's “Label”.
    • Label = EG-AppFW for the Application Framework Expert Group
    • Label = EG-Connectivity
    • Label = EG-GraphicsUI
    • Label = EG-CIAT
    • Label = EG-Unassigned if the EG is unknown or needs to be created.
  • Each expert group has a link to their projects at the top of their Expert Group wiki page.

Once a project is started, tasks may be created by the expert group and assigned to individuals.

  • These tasks are linked to the Epic so that all tasks required for the project can be tracked.
  • A swimlane will be created in the Expert Group Kanban page so that project tasks are grouped together in that view. An example of the swimlane grouping for projects can be found here.

Tasks may be further broken down into sub-tasks. Jira will link sub-tasks to tasks, but does not link the subtasks to the Epic (i.e., project). Therefore sub-tasks will not show up in the proper swimlane for a project.

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