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AGL Unified Code Base Release Notes

Kooky Koi

New Features available in Kooky Koi:

  • agl-compositor
  • rba
  • ?basesystem?
  • BSP updates
  • new agl-refhw


Kooky Koi M2 v10.92.0

Board Name SOC Binary
Renesas M3 Dev Board Renesas R-Car M3 n/a (see Note 1)
QEMU x86_64 agl-demo-platform-crosssdk-qemux86-64.wic.vmdk.xz (see Note 2 for VirtualBox/Vmware).
Up² (Intel) x86_64 agl-demo-platform-crosssdk-qemux86-64.wic.xz
Raspberry Pi 4 Broadcomm 2711

More builds available under .

To download all layers for the for Kooky Koi M2 v10.92.0 :

  $ repo init -b master -m koi_10.92.0.xml -u
  $ repo sync

Known issues:

Jira issues closed for Koi 11.0.0.

Kooky Koi M1 v10.91.0

Board Name SOC Binary
Renesas M3 Dev Board Renesas R-Car M3 n/a (see Note 1)
QEMU x86_64 agl-demo-platform-crosssdk-qemux86-64.wic.vmdk.xz (see Note 2 for VirtualBox/Vmware).
Up² (Intel) x86_64 agl-demo-platform-crosssdk-qemux86-64.wic.xz
Raspberry Pi 4 Broadcomm 2711

More builds available under .

To download all layers for the for Kooky Koi M1 v10.91.0 :

  $ repo init -b master -m koi_10.91.0.xml -u
  $ repo sync

Known issues:

Jira issues closed for Koi 11.0.0.

Jumping Jellyfish

New Features available in Jumping Jellyfish.

  • Update to YP 3.1 LTS 'dunfell'
  • new WindowManager 'agl-compositor'
  • i.MX8 support (community)
  • reworked autobuild scripts
  • Updated BSPs

Changes by layer:

meta-agl changed from refs/tags/icefish/9.0.0 to refs/tags/jellyfish/9.99.1
	[+] 7a1e961b Prepare AGL Jumping Jellyfish RC1
	[+] ce40578b [RCAR] Remove meta-rcar-gen3-adas from machine conf
	[+] 777ae55d [RCAR] adjust asound.state for new Cogent BSP 3.21/YP3.1
	[+] bd2a12e6 Add distro-build-manifest per image instead of packagegroup
	[+] cb99171e meta-app-framework: add do_configure task in aglwgt.bbclass
	[+] 87efbd0d Import BBMASK of pipewire
	[+] 4ce8411b Move meta-agl-profile-graphical-html5 and meta-pipewire into the main layer
	[+] 6ba0b4d2 meta-app-framework: rework aglwgt.bbclass to solely use autobuild
	[+] dd45b827 Remove unused config include for pulseaudio
	[+] 58183762 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] 07874cfc agl-compositor: Update SRCREV
	[+] 7474469f Merge "Merge the agl-compositor sandbox into master"
	[+] 1e9bc66c gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Modify meson build file to install wayland header
	[+] 2bf7bd0a Mask the recipe in meta-rcar-gen3-adas incompatible with YP 3.1.1
	[+] 54c2fda8 Merge the agl-compositor sandbox into master
	[+] 95b8edd4 Make the agl-compositor the default compositor
	[+] 49bd9e1a af-main: update SRCREV
	[+] e8a755d4 meta-agl-bsp: BBMASK meta-renesas-rcar-gen3 weston-init tweaks
	[+] d0e1323f templates/feature/agl-compositor: Replace SRCREVs with AUTOREV
	[+] f2d29df8 packagegroup-agl-graphical-weston: Remove weston-ready dependency
	[+] 8e93c361 Remove unused pulseaudio bbappends and plugins
	[+] 00d805d0 Revert "Fix m3ulcb/m3ulcb-nogfx h3ulcb/h3ulcb-nogfx builds"
	[+] 0adfa9a2 Remove meta-intel in favour of qemux86-64 as combined target
	[+] da4470cd meta-netboot/README: Fix typo when passing commands to u-boot
	[+] adc7ef9f cmake-apps-module: update SRCREV
	[+] 5d48d226 afb-test: use AGL_APP_REVISION as SRCREV
	[+] 932b3196 Adapt the local.conf.sample
	[+] 4c518213 Update conf-notes.txt with current targets
	[+] dcaad865 split libqtappfw in modules
	[+] 610c0e7f meta-agl-profile-core: remove agl-service-steering-wheel
	[+] 69646f59 meta-app-framework: aglwgt.bbclass fixes
	[+] ef5baf1c agl-service-homescreen: use AGL_APP_REVISION as SRCREV
	[+] 7a870e12 agl-virt-guest-xen feature for qemuarm64
	[+] 4b7ad275 Fix FTBS of sdk due to missing azure-macro-utils-c package when installing azure-macro-utils-c-dev
	[+] 207b42d0 Fix m3ulcb/m3ulcb-nogfx builds
	[+] 76136da7 meta-app-framework: update af-main SRCREV
	[+] d6cbdab2 [RCAR] adjust asound.state for new BSP 3.21/YP3.1
	[+] d48c1bc0 [RCAR] Update rcar drivers to BSP 3.21.0 (weston8)
	[+] 3cabc6c7 Ensure the ptests used in CI are part of the filesystem
	[+] 4028c726 Raspberry 4: XEN support
	[+] 30063de4 Cluster demo support updates
	[+] 10f6f30f Fix nss-localuser postinst scriptlet to run only on the target
	[+] f4114be5 Fix FTBS of sdk due to missing umock-c package when installing umock-c-dev
	[+] 2c16e62b templates/machine/bbe: Populate the README file with some links
	[+] 4544cb36 templates/machine/bbe: Re-enable SanCloud BBE support
	[+] 1989aa59 templates/feature/agl-compositor: Update homescreen SRCREV
	[+] 613ccc94 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] 2d5d147d templates/feature/agl-compositor: Add proper dependecies for alexa-viewer
	[+] dad22a2b Rework test/debug image features and crosssdk image definitions
	[+] a954a264 templates/feature/agl-compositor: Use sha1 and topic branches for other apps as well
	[+] ae8ff584 templates/feature/agl-compositor: Add alexa-viewer, settings and onscreenapp to the local conf template
	[+] a276963c templates/feature/agl-compositor: Use the correct nav app
	[+] b8f1e9b5 weston-init: Use the same config file from weston
	[+] 39b99163 qtwayland_%.bbappend: Force resize after buffer swap
	[+] a288d016 agl-compositor: Update SRCREV for libweston8 update
	[+] 91524b2c qtwayland_%.bbappend: Migrate the qt shell integration to the proper place
	[+] 9ebcdd9e Update Raspberry Pi (3/4) templates to match meta-raspberrypi configuration
	[+] 4ee8c933 Add i.MX8MQ EVK support
	[+] 8b1baf58 meta-agl-profile-graphical: add SMACK labelling for weston
	[+] 07663d06 linux: Enable kernel configs for SystemTap
	[+] 406020ff Widget packaging rework
	[+] 77a17c57 af-main & af-binder: Fix infinite loop and C++
	[+] b8a8fef1 meta-agl-bsp: extend qemux86-64 hardware support
	[+] b16f1f6b Merge branch 'next'
	[+] c24cdffe Temporary workarounds for h3ulcb and bbe
	[+] 1ba8f82d [RCAR] use omx-user-module as libomxil provider
	[+] 361160ec meta-agl-bsp: dra7xx-evm/beaglebone updates for dunfell
	[+] ca932b1a meta-agl-bsp: remove obsolete linux-fslc-imx bbappend
	[+] 47ccf357 meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: remove Chromium specific bits from SDK
	[+] e2c93c5b meta-agl-profile-graphical: disable memfd usage in weston
	[+] be9c8115 meta-agl-bsp: update raspberrypi configuration for dunfell
	[+] 31f3a565 meta-agl-{bsp,distro}: update kernel configuration for dunfell
	[+] 4ae392ad meta-agl-profile-core: update psplash for dunfell
	[+] f397ae1d meta-agl-profile-core: update systemd for dunfell
	[+] f3559e06 meta-app-framework: set DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVE
	[+] 5fdeafdd meta-agl-profile-core: update bluez5 for dunfell
	[+] 76fdd8c9 meta-agl-profile-graphical: update weston for dunfell
	[+] 75903b3b meta-agl-profile-graphical: update wayland-ivi-extension for dunfell
	[+] 93653d90 meta-agl-profile-graphical: update wayland for dunfell
	[+] 91f1cfaa meta-agl-profile-core: update pulseaudio for dunfell
	[+] 0607a712 meta-security: update to audit 2.8.5
	[+] 61becb58 Update distro_features_check usage
	[+] 89515811 meta-agl-bsp: remove vboxguestdrivers recipe
	[+] c411b52f Declare layer compatibility for dunfell
	[+] 40213738 meta-agl-profile-core: remove high-level-viwi-service
	[+] 798e2926 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] 3dd37af5 Fix a parallel make bug of opencv in CI env
	[+] 3f746bbb templates/feature/agl-compositor: Include SRCREVs
	[+] ed4ed3f9 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] a64833bb libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] 4b724d42 Update SRCREV for agl-compositor
	[+] 885fb7d1 meta-agl-bsp: restore wic disk images for qemux86-64
	[+] 15e5fa05 meta-app-framework: update af-main SRCREV
	[+] 3de4603d Revert "agl-service-homescreen: update SRCREV"
	[+] f1632019 af-main: Sign widgets when agl-devel
	[+] c935d161 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] b8bc5c0f agl-service-homescreen: update SRCREV
	[+] 81cd099c meta-agl-distro: update x86_64 qemu configuration
	[+] 563db8e3 meta-agl-profile-graphical: update weston-ready's weston dependency
	[+] be65173f libqtappfww: update SRCREV
	[+] 754db9a1 Use top-level LICENSE files for each repo
	[+] b803c024 agl-sota: Add netboot to CONFLICT_DISTRO_FEATURES
	[+] 2b15f731 agl-sota: Extend for Raspberry Pi.
	[+] 9be36924 aglwgtbbclass: Minor improvements
	[+] a496e40f Only compress vmdk in AGLCI and extend inclusion of drivers
	[+] 44eb76cf af-main: remove widget versions and fixes for zeus
	[+] 2183bcb5 Fix build issue in bluez5 bbappend file
	[+] 5c4d183e Enable classes for reproducible-builds in OE
	[+] de577de9 Consolidation of AGL_DEFAULT_IMAGE_FSTYPES after review of machine use
	[+] 2fe60ed6 Support Salvator-X/XS board
	[+] fbb9935e linux-agl: add pfifo patchset for fixing CAN failures
	[+] a0a47c95 af-binder: fix bug in reconnection
	[+] 50e41ba7 Enable Xen for m3ulcb
	[+] 51abffdd meta-rcar-gen3: Add Xen specific device tree for m3ulcb
	[+] 9f4f5ba2 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] b1c5541c bluez: workaround aclmtu issue on OBEX transfers
	[+] cb80cac9 qtlocation: revert Mapbox API calls to 256x256 tiles
	[+] 82ad779d Update netboot initrd to persist the nbd connection
	[+] 8b2bc450 Add vboxguestdriver recipe to meta-agl-bsp instead of meta-agl-demo
	[+] 220daa49 qtlocation: add Mapbox patch to use new API
	[+] 919986e7 Remove network config fragment deployed by upstream
	[+] 1bd9a7bc af-binder: bump and fixes
	[+] ec55ecb0 agl-compositor: Update SRCREV to use libweston7
	[+] 07bf9d77 Update documentation
	[+] 46d25596 meta-agl-bsp: Define Xen recipe
	[+] e2f3c097 systemd: add configurable can-termination option
	[+] f04c66c7 bluez5: change obexd --root path to avoid SMACK issues
	[+] 591eb0bf Bump cmake-apps-module app-afb-test can-high-level
	[+] 47580653 most: Fix build on 5.4 kernels
	[+] 75fb411c KERNEL_DEVICETREE for rpi4 and sota
	[+] ba2ad845 meta-agl-distro: remove next branch specific inc file
	[+] 8b636894 Update distro to jellyfish
	[+] df4ed283 Merge remote-tracking branch 'agl/next'
	[+] d40e55db aglwgt.bbclass: remove pushd/popd usage
	[+] c5ead8a2 agl-service-homescreen: Relax computation of appid
	[+] 3094e43d Adapt aglwgt receipe to build multiple widget
	[+] 5e9d4f1c systemd: canbus: add RestartSec to network script
	[+] e3058a01 Update archiver feature regexp
	[+] ef0396a7 agl-compositor: Update SRCREV
	[+] 47aa65ba meta-agl-bsp: Add CONFIG_LSM workaround for 5.1+ kernels
	[+] c2be9fc7 meta-agl-profile-cluster-qt5: disable qtbase patches
	[+] d642530b agl-sota: Set initramfs fstype to cpio.gz
	[+] 5011dd3b zeus updates for dragonboard-410c
	[+] ffe584b5 meta-security: activates dbus-cynagora
	[+] 8787f82c recipes-graphics/wayland/weston: Expose weston_output_damage()
	[+] dafb2068 agl-compositor: Install agl-shell protocol
	[+] 580586f5 Rename dtb name
	[+] 006b93ba af-main: Fix setting of /run/user
	[+] 3d01f2bd cynagora: Fix protocol and start issues
	[+] c0877348 Smack: Improve safety of signal policy
	[+] ab377ea5 security-manager: Restrict socket accesses
	[+] dd5aa1bb [RCAR] Fix recipes path for SOTA build
	[+] 7819fc88 Fix SOTA build for build other than qemu
	[+] e32b0ddf meta-agl-profile-core: tweak udisks2 configuration for AGL
	[+] 320389c0 Add defaultbranch=master to gitreview file
	[+] 5e3de49a meta-agl-bsp/meta-arago: update weston bbappend
	[+] dadfe6cb [RCAR] Update rcar driver weston 7 bsp 3.21.0
	[+] c3cc2a3c [RCAR] Update rcar driver weston 7 bsp 3.21.0
	[+] 1cc1c072 [RCAR] Split ADSP path for ulcb and ulcb-kf
	[+] 01582dd6 Fix nss-localuser post install
	[+] be42744d meta-agl-bsp: meta-raspberrypi: handle zeus upgrade
	[+] a832d144 meta-agl-profile-core: add patch for systemd-udevd SECLABEL crash
	[+] 377512d3 meta-security: disable dbus-cynara patches
	[+] 4c67a503 meta-agl-bsp: handle ptest-runner upgrade
	[+] 8db438e3 meta-agl-distro: Add inc file for next branch over-rides
	[+] bf928563 meta-agl-distro: BBMASK problematic upstream meta-security bbappend
	[+] afbc3d65 meta-agl-distro: prefer linux-yocto 4.19 LTS kernel
	[+] 3de6f6ed meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: enable qt5location services
	[+] b7fdcead meta-agl-profile-core: update most recipe
	[+] 6aeb440d meta-agl-profile-core: update neardal recipe
	[+] 4a9fc7b9 Update base local.conf.sample
	[+] 43a93c4a meta-agl-profile-graphical: don't always build agl-compositor
	[+] 4bc95c3f meta-agl-profile-graphical: update weston and weston-init
	[+] a1ff5158 meta-agl-profile-graphical: update wayland-ivi-extension for weston 7.0.0
	[+] cfc50530 meta-agl-distro: add polkit to DISTRO_FEATURES
	[+] 3d1b86d9 meta-agl-profile-core: update fontconfig bbappend
	[+] a5110d60 meta-agl-profile-core: switch to udisks2
	[+] 9c0f9501 meta-security: handle systemd upgrade
	[+] 7f2a7688 meta-agl-profile-graphical-qt5: handle qtwayland upgrade
	[+] c4952739 meta-agl-profile-core: handle freetype upgrade
	[+] fc7f233e meta-agl-bsp meta-agl-profile-core: upgrade to opencv 4.x
	[+] a9bd6c70 meta-agl-profile-core: update rtl-sdr recipe for zeus
	[+] 96bca648 meta-security meta-app-framework: handle xmlsec1 upgrade
	[+] b1827290 meta-agl-profile-graphical: upgrade to gstreamer 1.16
	[+] 852bcd52 meta-agl-profile-core: remove libmicrohttpd backport
	[+] 365192c4 meta-agl-profile-core: remove b
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