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CES Demonstrator

Overall Jira tracking for the demonstrator can be found in this issue

Call for Participation

  1. It is expected that a set of core AGL applications will run on all of the demo units (e.g., AGL Home Screen and others to be designated at
  2. All demonstrators must run using the Electric Eel Release Candidate 3 or later (preferred) or the latest Daring Dab release (4.0.2 or later).
  3. All applications created by the Demo Provider must use the AGL Application Framework and should provide app widgets and binaries that can be downloaded by the AGL Community. Ideally source code for demo apps will be made available to the AGL Community using the Apache 2.0 or other open source license.
  4. Initial versions of demo software must be available in the AGL Electric Eel RC 2 build for app developers by 15 November.

Main CES 2018 AGL Demo Features


Main Board

  • The Main Board for the new AGL demonstrator consists of the two parts
  • This combination is referred to as KF+ULCB

USB powered hub

It is expected that the KF+ULCB provides sufficient USB ports for the demonstrator. In case additional ports are required it is recommended that the following powered hub is used to connect USB peripherals for AGL demos.

Wifi Connectivity

  • KF+ULCB provides Wifi. Deprecating use of Wifi dongle. Refer to 2017 CES Demonstrator for older hardware.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • KF+ULCB provides Bluetooth. Deprecating use of Bluetooth dongle. Refer to 2017 CES Demonstrator for older hardware.

NFC Reader

  • The ARC122U hardware seems to be the most popular for Linux. Propose using this NFC reader for the demo.


Vehicle Hardware

  • CAN/LIN via USB, MOST (via USB)
  • 5.1 Audio via MOST FIXME Different audio solution for 2018. This older MOST 150 hardware solution requires UNICENS and an update to the MOST board if you already have this configuration. Please contact Soya-san to have your hardware updated.

* Lexus Remote Touch or BMW iDrive style controller connected via CAN for input

  • Steering wheel with audio controls
    • Can use the Logitech G29 racing wheel. Would like to use actual vehicle hardware connected to CAN at some point.
  • AM/FM Tuner - KF+ULCB provides tuner. Deprecating use of tuner dongle. Refer to 2017 CES Demonstrator for older hardware.


  • All applications must be developed using the AGL Application Framework

Reference AGL Applications

  • Homescreen - Mentor/ Nexty/ Toyota
  • Media player with audio and video players - Konsulko
  • AM/FM tuner - Konsulko
  • Navigation - AisinAW
  • POI - AisinAW
  • HVAC Control - Microchip
  • Web Browser using wired, Wifi or Bluetooth connection - Igalia
  • Settings - Bluetooth pairing and connection management - ALPS
  • Settings - Wifi access point connection management - ALPS
  • Settings - Wifi configuration as AP or client - ALPS

3'rd Party Apps

  • Instrument Cluster - Denso on Minnowboard Max
  • Instrument Cluster - Cogent or Renesas on Porter


  • Demonstrate multiple audio streams (switching and mixing)
  • Hardware accelerated video
  • Multiple display capability (front and rear seat)
  • Navigation app improvements using open source version of the app
  • Upgraded automotive simulation with Remote Touch and Steering Wheel integration
  • Media discovery from Bluetooth device, SD card, USB stick, and embedded flash
  • Media playing from Bluetooth device, SD Card, USB stick, and/or embedded flash
  • User Interface
    • Scroll and select items using touch screen
    • Scroll and select items using CAN based input device (iDrive)

Feature Matrix

Official AGL Demos

These demos use AGL Reference Boards or Featured Community Boards. All of the demo applications will be available as part of the Electric Eel release and were proposed and developed by AGL Member companies to showcase AGL platform features.

Hardware Version AGL Home Screen 5.1 MOST Audio HVAC Media Player Wifi Mgr BT Mgr AM/FM Miracast IC Navi
Renesas KF+ULCB Eel x x x x x x x x x
TI Vayu Eel x x x x x
Intel MinnowBoard Eel x x x x x

Use Cases

Start-Up Behavior

  • Resume from last screen at start up. In other words if the user was in the media player restart should be into media player.
  • Start up of the board shall boot directly into the AGL home screen without requiring input via keyboard or mouse to get the main application started.

Home Screen

  • Updated home screen art work to differentiate from CES 2017
  • Optional - ability to select from different themes or color schemes
  • Optional - ability to reorder apps or on the home screen


  • Bluetooth
    • Profiles - HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
    • Pair/unpair Bluetooth device
    • Connect/ disconnect paired Bluetooth device
    • Play media from Bluetooth phone using A2DP (controlled from the Bluetooth device)
    • Discover media files on the Bluetooth device and control them from the IVI system.
    • Telephony app
    • Optional - Use Bluetooth to connect to web
    • Optional - Contact sync from paired device
  • Wifi
    • Client
      • Connect to open access point
      • Connect/reconnect to secure access point
      • Disconnect from access point
    • Access Point
      • Set up and management


  • Create front and rear audio zones for applications
  • Choose zone(s) for each application
  • Mix audio from multiple sources (can be external or internal) for output to one or more zones


  • Create front and rear video zones for applications
  • Optional - Use multiple displays in the rear seat zone
  • Optional - Create multiple rear seat zones so that different passengers can watch different videos

Media Player

  • Media Discovery from Bluetooth, SD card, or USB stick
  • Audio
    • Play/pause/next track/last track etc for audio
    • Support multi-zone audio (i.e., can have different audio streams routed to different zones)
    • Play/pause/next track/last track etc for video
    • Support multi-zone video (i.e., different video streams routed to diffe

rent displays)

  • Select destination using touch display
  • Start/stop navigation
  • Select POI from menu using POI app
  • Navigate to POI
  • Map display to the meter synchronized with the navigation
  • Navigation audio playing from front audio zone only. Note: no audio support in ALS version of the navigation app.
  • AGL Navigation API
    • AGL Standard API used by POI App.
    • Demo to exchange navigation services in our private demonstration.
  • Optional - lower volume in rear zone by 50% when navigation prom

pt plays in front

Web Browser

  • Browse web from wired wifi or Bluetooth connection
  • Streaming media routed to proper zone (front and/or rear) depending on where the browser is launched from)

Open Issues

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