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Getting Started with AGL

Refer to the AGL Documentation at for getting started with AGL

Register for Accounts

Most Automotive Grade Linux sites require a Linux Foundation identity to login. With this account you can update this Wiki, access Jira for issue tracking, access source code in Gerrit and Git. If you do not already have a Linux Foundation identity you can create one here.


The AGL Jira server is at

Jira usage for AGL is described here.

Source Code

Source Code is accessible via the AGL Git repositories using gerrit. The repositories are open for read access to anyone. You can clone the source trees for the projects via HTTP. You can find the URL for a project in the Summary section of the project when clicking on the Gitweb link in Gerrit. We have created a tutorial on how to download and build the code.

If you would like to clone and submit changes you will need an account for Gerrit. We do encourage you to submit improvements and bug fixes. Once you have created your developer account you will want access to on-going projects. If you need access to a specific project you can contact the project owner or submit a Jira ticket to get the right permissions for your account.

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