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AGL Schedule and Milestones

Release Schedule Overview

AGL follows a twice per year release cadence. This is split in 3-4 month of feature development plus a freezing process in stages.

New Feature Development

Once a new release is started the initial work will be to update meta-agl master to the planned Yocto branch for the release. Once this is complete for then new feature branches will be accepted on master. Each of these subphases will be announced on the automotive-discussions.

Release Candidates

The first stage is the core feature freeze, followed by RC1. Next is then the 2nd stage which is the platform freeze which feeds into RC2. Finally there is a apps/docs/tests freeze right before RC3. After final stabilization, the release will be cut.

Example release schedule

The next pictures explain the workflow in detail:

Latest Schedule

Daring Dab

4.0.3 Release

In progress

Update to Yocto 2.2.3 - YP 2.2.3 delayed. Released 15 Jan 2018.

Planned Actual
Merge Window Opens 15-Oct-2017 13-Oct-2017
Merge Window Closes 18-Dec-2017 18-Jan-2018
Release Candidate 20-Dec-2107
Final Release 23-Dec-2017

4.0.4 Release

Not Started

Planned Actual
Merge Window Opens 02-Jan-2018
Merge Window Closes 06-Feb-2018
Release Candidate 09-Feb-2108
Final Release 13-Feb-2018

Electric Eel

5.0.0 Release

Complete - Release Notes

5.0.1 Release

In Progress

Includes update to Yocto 2.3.3

Planned Actual
Merge Window Opens 09-Jan-2018 09-Jan-2018
Merge Window Closes 22-Jan-2018
Release Candidate 24-Jan-2018
Final Release 29-Jan-2018

5.0.2 Release

Not Started

Planned Actual
Merge Window Opens 30-Jan-2018
Merge Window Closes 28-Mar-2018
Release Candidate 01-Apr-2018
Final Release 04-Apr-2018

5.0.3 Release

Not Started

Planned Actual
Merge Window Opens TBD
Merge Window Closes TBD
Release Candidate TBD
Final Release TBD

Funky Flounder

6.0.0 Release

Introducing the all-new Four-Wheel-Drive “Funky Flounder”

Planned Actual Comment
Merge Window Opens 15-Jan-2018 11-Jan-2018 Update to YP 2.4 (Rocko), new features, new and updated BSPs
Merge Window Closes 21-May-2018 Core Freeze
6.0.0.RC1 01-Jun-2108 App Development Environment Ready
Merge Window Opens 02-Jun-2018 RC1 Fixes, BSP updates, automotive components
Merge Window Closes 15-Jun-2018
6.0.0.RC2 22-Jun-2108 Platform Frozen - Dab Release Branch created
Merge Window Opens 23-Jun-2018 RC2 Fixes, Doc updates, final release preparation
Merge Window Closes 03-Jul-2018
6.0.0.RC3 06-Jul-2018 Final Release Candidate
6.0.0 Final Release 20-Jul-2018 Final Release


2017 Schedule

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