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AGL Distribution

AGL is creating an automotive specific Linux distribution that unifies the software that has been written in a number of places already, such as GENIVI, Tizen, Web OSe, and more.

The code is maintained and published at the AGL project git repositories. The AGL gerrit site is used for code reviews.

Supported boards and corresponding supported images are listed at AGL documentation site.

Issue tracking and work planning for the AGL Distribution Project is done in Jira at

You can download software for the following hardware Download and build

Release notes for last stable release and and other past releases can be found here

Subsystems and Maintainers

The AGL Software Architecture was deconstructed to determine where there are synergies or vertical architecture slices that can be managed as part of the larger distribution. This is shown in the diagram below. For each of those subsystems there is a subsystem maintainer. In some cases there is a subsystem architect as well.


The roles within the AGL development team include Architect and Developers. Developers are identified as either Contributors (or Committers) or Mergers (Maintainers). Among the Maintainers the AGL Distribution has a group of overall maintainers and subsystem maintainers.


There System Architects and Subsystem Architects on the AGL project. Within their sphere and expertise both types of architects have similar responsibilities.

  • Requirements analysis for the subsystem as documented in the requirements management database or other informal mechanisms as required.
  • Architecture of the subsystem including package selection and configuration related packages in the subsystem.
  • Keeping current with upstream code releases, roadmaps, and patches
  • Create and maintain the subsystem level API that is published for developers.
  • Subsystem architects may be responsible for the possible further breakdown into sub-subsystems.


Developer roles are defined on this page

Demo Apps

FIXME - add description of process for developing the apps.

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