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2016 Automotive Linux Summit Demonstrator

Overall Jira tracking for the demonstrator can be found in this issue


Brilliant Blowfish Features

  • Yocto 2.0
  • BSPs
    • Renesas R-Car 2 - Porter board and others
    • QEMU
    • NXP - i.MX6x - Wandboard
    • Intel - Minnowboard Max
    • TI - Jacinto 6 - Vayu board
  • IVI Audio Manager
  • IVI Layer Manager
  • Continuous Integration and Automated Test Improvements

Demo Features

  • Hardware
    • Renesas Porter board + Expansion Board
    • NXP board (ordering information TBD)
    • (Optional) TI Vayu
    • (Optional) Intel Minnowboard Max
    • Connectivity - Wifi, Bluetooth, CAN/LIN via USB, MOST (via USB)
    • Displays
  • Vehicle Hardware
    • 5.1 Audio via MOST
    • Actuators and fan for HVAC connected via CAN - same hardware as CES 2016 demo.
    • Lexus Remote Touch or BMW iDrive style controller connected via CAN for input
    • Optional - Steering wheel with audio controls
    • AM/FM Tuner - recommend using the RTLSDR library for Realtek RTL2832U-based USB Dongles
  • Apps
    • Homescreen
    • Media player with audio and video players
    • AM/FM tuner
    • Navigation
    • HVAC Control
    • Web Browser using wired Wifi or Bluetooth connection
    • Settings - Bluetooth pairing and connection management * Settings - Wifi access point connection management
  • Capabilities
    • Demonstrate multiple audio streams (switching and mixing)
    • Hardware accelerated video
    • Multiple display capability (front and rear seat)
    • Navigation app improvements using open source version of the app
    • Upgraded automotive simulation with Remote Touch and Steering Wheel integration
    • Media discovery from Bluetooth device, SD card, and embedded flash
    • Media playing from Bluetooth device, SD Card, and/or embedded flash
    • User Interface
      • Scroll and select items using touch screen
      • Scroll and select items using CAN based input device (iDrive)
    • Fsatboot(Hibernation porter only)

Use Cases

  • Start-Up Behavior
    • Resume from last screen at start up. In other words if the user was in the media player restart should be into media player.
  • Home Screen
    • Updated home screen art work to differentiate from CES
    • Optional - ability to select from different themes or color schemes
    • Optional - ability to reorder apps or on the home screen
  • Connectivity (via Connman)
    • Bluetooth
      • Profiles - HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, PAN
      • Pair/unpair Bluetooth device
      • Connect/ disconnect paired Bluetooth device
      • Play media from Bluetooth phone
      • Optional - Use Bluetooth to connect to web
      • Optional - Telephony app
      • Optional - Contact sync from paired device
    • Wifi
      • Connect to open access point
      • Connect/reconnect to secure access point
      • Disconnect from access point
  • Audio
    • Create front and rear audio zones for applications
    • Choose zone(s) for each application
    • Mix audio from multiple sources (can be external or internal) for output to one or more zones
  • Video
    • Create front and rear video zones for applications
    • Optional - Use multiple displays in the rear seat zone
    • Optional - Create multiple rear seat zones so that different passengers can watch different videos
  • Media Player
    • Audio
      • Play/pause/next track/last track etc for audio
      • Support multi-zone audio (i.e., can have different audio streams routed to different zones)
    • Play/pause/next track/last track etc for video
      • Support multi-zone video (i.e., different video streams routed to different displays)
  • Navigation
    • Select destination using touch display or iDrive
    • Start/stop navigation
    • Select POI from menu
    • Navigate to POI
    • Navigation audio playing from front audio zone only. Note: no audio support in ALS version of the navigation app.
      • Optional - lower volume in rear zone by 50% when navigation prompt plays in front
  • Web Browser
    • Browse web from wired wifi or Bluetooth connection
    • Streaming media routed to proper zone (front and/or rear) depending on where the browser is launched from)


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