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AGL Application Framework

This page summarizes all materials related to AGL Application Framework

Source Code

The current code of AGL App-Framework is stored on AGL Code Repository. It's divided in the following projects:

Building AGL with Application Framework support

The Application Framework can be added easily to an AGL build using the feature 'agl-appfw-smack'.

Typically, the following command can be called to initialize AGL build:

# meta-agl/scripts/ -m porter agl-appfw-smack agl-demo agl-devel
# bitbake agl-demo-platform


Technical documentation is maintained in the source code and should be browsable with the upcoming AGL documentation system

Temporarily, a static documentation has been made in PDF format:

Some extra guides are also available in PDF format:

Bindings Examples

Some bindings are available to quickstart new projects:

The list is not exhaustive. Please add other bindings here !




Motivation for rewriting the App. Framework

To get the background and motivation on why Application Framework has been rewritten:

Comparison/Relationship with Tizen

                          Tizen           AGL
App/OS isolation           yes            yes
Container option           no             possible
Native App                 partial*       yes
HTML5 App                  yes            yes
Cloud App                  No             yes
Unified API (HTLM/Native)  No             yes
service as App**           No             yes
Adding API    ***          core           core or App
Devel model                bespoke        Standard Web
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