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Current Version of Weekly AGL Developer Newsletter

April 5, 2019

Welcome to issue number twenty-four of the weekly AGL newsletter highlighting work going on around the AGL Community. The newsletter is now being posted to the wiki page. Check it out at Feedback and comments are welcome.

Twitter: @VStarWalt


1) Jan-Simon and I are traveling this week so the developer call will be two hours later than usual on Tuesday and the Instrument Cluster and System Spec EG call has been moved to Thursday.

2) This is your last chance to propose a talk for the for Automotive Linux Summit in July. The deadline to submit a CFP for ALS is Sunday, April 7. When you make your travel plans to attend Automotive Linux Summit in July, remember that we will hold a F2F SAT and Expert Group meeting the day before ALS begins. Sign up at

3) Our next F2F meeting will be held at Igalia’s office in Coruna, Spain on May 7 – 9. Sign up on the wiki if you plan to make it. A lot of important topics are on the agenda.

4) The guppy patch release (7.0.1) was held up by some regressions found in our pre-release testing so expect to be released after Tuesday’s developer call. We will also be making a decision on merging the uprev to Yocto 2.6 (thud branch) onto master during Tuesday’s call.

This week’s meetings:



15:00 UTC - Weekly developer call Note the time change for this week!
Open to anyone with questions about AGL code or issues they may be having.



12:00 pm UTC – Joint meeting of Instrument Cluster and System Spec Expert Groups Note the day change for this week!

13:00 UTC - System Architecture Team

The full AGL calendar can always be found at

Past editions of the newsletter can be found here.

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