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Instrument Cluster Expert Group Meeting Info

The Instrument Cluster Expert Groups meets every other Monday The upcoming schedule can be found on the project calendar.

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June 3rd, 2020

Web meeting.

Attendees:Honda, Mazda, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental, Aisin-AW, NipponSeiki, DENSO, Suzuki

  • We confirmed the task progress of each task. None of the tasks were noteworthy, but the need for funding for Fast Boot needs to be reconfirmed.
  • We are looking for a person in charge. If you oversee it, please issue a ticket individually at contact Haraki by email.
  • The relationship between the profile of IC EG and the original profile of AGL should be clarified in the future. In the future, it is necessary to discuss the policy among the parties concerned.
  • Architecture over view : We has discussed function block assignment and cluster container overview. We plan to pursue three contents about discuss implement model.

[Draft]Architecture overview AGL+Instrument+Cluster+Physical+architecture

April 28, 2020

Web meeting.

Attendees:Honda, Mazda, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental, Aisin-AW, NipponSeiki, Suzuki

  • We confirmed the state of each task on IC EG.
  • Participating in the ELISA workshop in Yamaguchi-San and Haraki, ICEG and ELISA shared information between each other.
  • We shared IC EG goal and output image for each task.
  • We will create schedule of each task and over all of IC EG.
  • Next meeting is June 3,2020.

March 26, 2020

Web meeting.

Attendees:Honda, Mazda, DENSO, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental, Aisin-AW, NipponSeiki, Marelli, Suzuki

  • We confirmed the status of each task on IC EG. For detail, please see the presentation material.
  • Participating in the ELISA workshop, IC EG and ELISA shared information between each other.
  • We have modified task list.


February 18, 2020

Face to face meeting@Suzuki Yokohama

Attendees:Mazda, DENSO, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental, Aisin-AW, Nippon Seiki, Suzuki

  • We confirmed the state of each task on IC EG.
  • We shared information that workshop about collaboration with ELISA and IC EG is held.
  • We will implement two presentation and one BoF as IC EG in AMM.
  • We are creating IVI application API (radio and Bluetooth, etc), as well as HUD and cluster API.
  • Since Graphic EG is integrated with IC EG, it will be reported within IC EG as necessary.

February 11, 2020

Call on zoom:

Attendees: Walt Miner, Jan-Simon, Haraki-san, Scott Murray, Jessie (IVIS), Marius, Dr. Yamaguchi-san, Kusakabe, Mitsunari, Nishiguchi

  • ELISA update after Brussels workshop
    • Attended by Haraki-san, Dr. Yamaguchi, Kusakabe-san, Ito-san,
    • Reviewed the EG IC approach with the ELISA project and we are on a different path than them for now.
    • Longer term we need to keep working with ELISA project on the kernel and user space safety aspects.
    • Yamaguchi-san will post link from last Friday's ELISA call.

January 28, 2020

Call on zoom:

Attendees: Walt Miner, Jan-Simon, Haraki-san, Matt Porter, Scott Murray, Jessie (IVIS), Marius, Tanibata-san, Dr. Yamaguchi-san

  • Status update
    • Task list update
    • Sub working groups:
      • OEM (summarizing requirements)
      • Cluster supplier WG
      • Technical Workgroup
      • Outside cooperation WG

December 10, 2019

Face to face meeting@Suzuki Yokohama

Attendees:TOYOTA, DENSO, BOSCH, Panasonic, Continental, Aisin-AW, Nippon Seiki, ADIT, Witz, Suzuki

  • We shared IC EG updates from last meeting.
  • We decide which companies take responsible for each task to work on IC EG.
  • There are tasks which need to be funded from AGL. We have to make SOW and RFQ for receiving fund by the middle of January.⇒Next meeting beginning of February.
  • To ask Walt-san if mailing list of IC EG can be made.
  • We shared information that cooperation with IC EG and ELISA is progressing.


October 9, 2019

Face to face meeting@Web


  • In AMM held in 22-23 days in October, the SUZUKI is going to present a Keynote session about IC EG Yamaguchi-san, Tanikawa-san, Mitsunari-san are going to present a session about IC EG’s Architecture.
  • Going to make a report of Presentation contents in AMM.
  • IC EG’s opinion is not unified, therefore We are going to hold a discussion about architecture and functional layout.
  • We assigned each operation to each enterprise. But, There is the operation that no one is assigned. If anyone would like to be in charge of an operation, please call to Suzuki.

August 27, 2019

Attendees: Jan-Simon, Haraki-san, Kurokawa-san, Scott Murray, Michael, Yamaguchi-san, Pierre, Stephane, Johann, Kusakabe-san

  • Haraki-san presented a review of August 5th meeting minutes.
    • Question is if Secure (ASIL-B) part will be in software/hypervisor or hardware.
    • Discussion about Functional layout and what needs to be monitored by safety side.
    • draft of new architecture release to be released before sept. F2F for comments and review during F2F
  • Discussion: emulating E3 with m3/h3
    • Stephane presented Pierre's sandbox ( sandbox/pmarzin/e3-emulation )
  • State of current cluster demo image, streaming broken (ondemand does not support streaming atm).

August 5, 2019

Face to face meeting@Yokohama


  • The EG proceeds with the following steps:
    1. Define the functional layout of AGL-side and Safety-side. The architecture is designed based on this functional layout.
    2. Create source code based on architecture, target performance, reference hardware, requirement specifications, reference design.
  • The functional layout proceeds as follows.
    1. It is difficult to implement ASIL-B using only AGL. AGL is QM. ASIL-B is placed in the safety side that is outside of the AGL.
    2. As for the function layout, start with the function layout on the AGL side as much as possible.
  • The architecture proceeds as follows.
    1. We will create a platform for the architecture, and we would like to discuss it based on it.
    2. It is necessary to define what level the container should be.
    3. The target performance value is received from each cluster Tier1 company, but there are items that need to be matched.
    4. A target value for IVI must also be determined and evaluated?
    5. Is it necessary to create a reference design? =⇒ Yes, it is necessary.
    6. A separate discussion is needed on what to do with IC services.
  • We will prepare the architecture for the next F2F in Berlin.


June 25, 2019

Face to face meeting@Yokohama


  • We will discuss the motivation for switching from the current development assets to AGL at a meeting place of 6/27 cluster developing engineers of Tier1.
  • The current state of what IVI functions mean is not clear. With the cooperation of each company, I will summarize the IVI functional differences by grade.
  • After deciding on the Reference HW, we would like to create an architecture.
  • The Reference HW is R-Car M3 for the AGL community, but the target performance is equivalent to R-Car E3 (if R-Car E3 is available, it will be developed at R-Car E3).
  • As for functional safety, it is difficult to achieve ASIL-B with only AGL as it is.
    • To achieve ASIL-B, consider AGL [QM] + Secure World (RTOS / HW etc) [B].
    • We need to consider about how to achieve QM with AGL. It is necessary to discuss the target level because each company's opinion is different even if it is called QM.
  • For functional safety advances in cooperation with LF and ELISA. If necessary, it is necessary to consider using the outside such as TUV.
  • What is the ideal architecture for Cluster? Which of the following two is better?
  • Optimize current AGL architecture
  • Create container architecture ⇒We will proceed container architecture for Low Spec AGL.


May 30, 2019

Face to face meeting@Nagoya


  • If we define AGL Specification in R-Car, Original profile is imagined such as H3 and M3, and E3 is Hi, D3 is Lo on Cluster profile.
  • We suggested creating service that meter function in F2F of Spain. The purpose meter function service and want to reduce defrayal of the application development. with the that service, it is imagined speed, telltale, light control, buzzer, trip, variant input.
    • Each tier1 suppliers had development already that each OEM is abstracted thus They may not be in trouble
  • SUZUKI will provide sample code which becomes the draft policy of Cluster Profile in August . The architecture image of this sample code is shared in June.
  • EG decide architecture to goal for as EG. we would like to define ideal situation with this architecture that EG and community can develop comfortably.
  • Drawing performance, memory size, reference hardware etc… We aim at the architecture that can achieve a goal which function list for target hardware.

May 7, 2019

Held in conjunction with the F2F meeting in Spain.

Haraki-san presented an updated requirements matrix. Also showed a presentation. Need to upload both.

Fast boot - Typical requirement for IC is 1/2 second availability, but we need to define what is available in 500 msec and what we can hold off. Also need to define requirements for what is available in 2 seconds, etc.


April 23, 2019

Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Michael, Stephane, Tanibata, Johann, Kurokawa

Received notice from Haraki-san and Ohiwa-san that they wanted to cancel the meeting.

Discussed a little about the proposed processor targets.

April 11, 2019

Attendees: Walt, Haraki, Kusakabe, Michele, Kurokawa, Tanibata, Oki ,Salma, Ohiwa, Johann, Stephane, Jan-Simon,

  • Haraki-san showed a spreadsheet with possible requirements for IC that is being sent to EG members to determine the both the overall requirements for the IC as well dividing the requirements by high tier and low tier IC.
    • Spreadsheet should be shared with the overall discussions mail list to attract more interest from Tier One and OEM members.
  • Reference Board Discussion
    • No progress on simulating E3/D3 using an M3. Stephane will receive an E3 by the end of April so they can do some benchmarking of the E3 to provide a proper environment in the M3.

March 26, 2019

Attendees: Walt, Haraki, Kusakabe, Oki, Tanibata, Scott, Ohiwa, Mitsunari, Stephane,

  • Reference Board Discussion
    • Stephane shared the results of work they have been doing to use an M3 to simulate an E3 or D3. This is still a work in progress.
    • Kurokawa sent an email indicating that it will be difficult for companies who are not under NDA with Renesas to obtain the E3 board from Renesas. This would exclude LF, Konsulko, and a most of the Tier 2 suppliers.
    • Denso would like to use Renesas D3 for IC
    • i.MX6 could be another candidate.

March 12, 2019

Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Haraki, Yamaguchi, Kurokawa, Scott, Fulup, Stephane, Mitsunari, Ohiwa

Haraki-san made a presentation.

  1. Need to gather requirements from OEMs and Tier One suppliers
  2. Summarize requirements from OEMs and Tier Ones into a functional requirements document for Cluster and HUD
  3. Optimize services per the requirements

Suzuki will provide an initial feature list by April 1. Walt will start the Confluence page.

Need to recruit additional OEM and Tier One members to the EG to get their requirements.


  • Suzuki - Haraki-san
  • Toyota
  • Mazda

Tier One

  • Panasonic
  • Denso
  • Continental
  • Bosch (they are LF members but not currently AGL members)

Renesas working on getting E3 boards. Recommend starting with M3 and using software techniques (kernel config) to reduce the allowed cores and memory usage to simulate an E3 environment. and Renesas will work together to figure out to do this. (SPEC-2254)

What do we do about demo 3 code for IC? Mitsunari and Ohiwa think this is not part of the EG-IC.

  • Will change cluster-appname repository names to something indicating that they are specifically for demo3-cluster-appname
  • It is a work-in-progress to be able to recreate building demo 3 in git. Ohiwa-san will work to make the documentation available that we need to make that happen.

March 7, 2019

F2F kickoff meeting at AMM Tokyo

Haraki-san presented slides with goals and initial schedule for EG. Target is to have a spec by November. Ideally we will review the spec at the Fall AMM and incorporate into System Spec 2.0.

Which board for initial development?

  • Need a count of board requirements for E3. Renesas will try to get 20 boards

Scott can focus on reducing image size to fit into E3 memory. Would be best to get a memory size target.

Suzuki will provide initial requirements (feature list) in Confluence by April 1.

Feature list for low end IC on a motorcycle could include

  • No additional IVI unit would be included
  • CAN and/or LIN
  • SDL with audio and Bluetooth (including HFP)
  • Small display (need size and resolution)
  • Maximum 2GB RAM
  • Hypervisor or other solution for safety features

What do we do about demo 3 code for IC?

  • Wait and see. Discuss during the May F2F meeting. Should it be merged for now
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