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Vehicle to Cloud Expert Group

EG Project and Task Lists are in Jira

List View can be found here.
Kanban View can be found here.

How AGL uses Jira for creating and managing projects is here.


Bi-weekly on Monday's @ 09:00 U.S. Eastern, starting 16-July, 2018
Dial-in Phone Numbers can be found here.


  • Collect and prioritize use cases
  • Define Reference Architecture
  • Identify existing, missing or reusable components
  • Identify and document reference applications
  • Identify and document any AGL framework gaps
  • Recruit volunteers to build out initial demonstration(s)

Business Use Case Candidates

  • Enable a data driven automotive and new mobility ecosystem economy
    • Vehicle/Ride Sharing
    • Usage-based Insurance
    • Privacy & Consent / GDPR Compliance
    • Payments
    • Enabling Connectivity (Personal Cell Data Plan in vehicle)
  • Enable x-industry and x-brand road and traffic related services offerings:
    • Traffic
    • Parking
    • EV Charging
    • Road Hazards
  • Secure/Software Over-the-air Updates (SOTA) - Discussed 30-Jul-2018
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics - Added / discussed 30-Jul-2018
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • In-Vehicle Personalization

Technical Use Case Candidates

  • Shared Data Management
    • Integrated Device Management (OMA/DM or OMA LWM2M)
    • Third Party usage & access
    • OEM Data Management
  • Telematics Integration
    • OEM Data integration / management, etc..
  • User-to-Vehicle Authentication
  • User Data Privacy Management
  • Trusted Vehicle Identities
  • Vehicle-to-Cloud mutual authentication
  • Data Tagging in-vehicle
  • Data Encryption & Signing

Application Candidates

  • Save Vehicle preferences from car to cloud
  • User shares data with third party in exchange for discount or promotional offer
  • Cloud-initiated Feature Activation
  • CAN Data is encrypted, signed and stored in OEM Cloud
  • Authenticate to third-party subscription service


  • Ashley Stevenson - ForgeRock
  • Tiejun Chen - VMware
  • Artem Mygaiev - EPAM -
  • - INTEL
  • Hisao Munakata - Renesas
  • Daniel Bernal - Arm -


The V2C EG Roadmap is part of the overall AGL Roadmap and can be found on this page.

Meeting Notes


Attendees (taken from GoToMeeting):
  • Ashley Stevenson (ForgeRock)
  • Daniel Bernal (ARM)
  • B
  • C
  • Discussion Point #1
  • Discussion Point #2


  • Discussed Business use case prioritization with Walt, who will present to Advisory Board and other members for feedback
  • Discussed creation of a V2C EG White Paper using the new Confluence site
  • Discussed AECC


Attendees (taken from GoToMeeting):
  • Ashley Stevenson
  • Michael Tworek
  • Tiejun Chen
  • Walt Miner
Discussion Topics
  • Reviewed business use case candidate list with Walt - feedback that SOTA, while technically V2C, has been well covered in other areas; also that GDPR (Privacy / Compliance) was a topic of interest during a recent Advisory Board meeting
  • Reviewed some other business use cases from MOBI initiative ( provided by Michael Tworek; will review and cross-reference with existing use cases
  • Once consolidated, we will provide the list of business use cases for Walt to circulate to get community feedback on prioritization
  • Moved “Shared Data Management” down to technical use cases, as its an underpinning technical theme that supports many business use cases, rather than a business use case unto itself


Attendees (taken from GoToMeeting):
  • Rafal Garbat
  • Tiejun Chen
  • Ashley Stevenson
  • Jan-Simon Moeller
  • Hiroto Imamura
Discussion Topics
  • Attendees agreed to keep minutes and notes on this wiki page
  • Discussed the need for cloud-side integrations for V2C use cases, which is a relatively new angle for existing apps and demos that do not necessarily depend on external integration with cloud apps to demonstrate use case
  • Discussed OTA updates as one example
  • Discussed some intersections with Connectivity EG, but per Jan-Simon, this EG mostly focused on Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Hiroto suggested we survey OEM AGL members to determine their top V2C use cases
  • Rafal mentioned how most vehicle data today is OEM-specific
  • Ashley mentioned looking to other standards bodies, like CCC for V2C use cases
  • Rafal suggested considering 5G impact on V2C use cases
  • Team agreed to create a simple slide deck with suggested use cases and circulate to SAT, then to broader AGL members, including Advisory Board


Attendees (taken from GoToMeeting):
  • Archans
  • Ashley Stevenson
  • Daniel Bernal
  • Fulup-IotBzh
  • Harunobu Kurokawa
  • Hiroto Imamura
  • José Bollo [Iot.Bzh]
  • Michael Tworek
  • Pushpavati
  • Rafal Garbat
  • Tiejun Chen
  • Walt Miner
  • Léonard Moustacchis
Discussion Topics
  • EG Team Objectives
  • Use Case Candidates (Business and Technical)
  • Application Candidates
  • Discussed intersections with and evolving meaning of “Telematics”

Tokyo F2F Meeting Attendees - 2018-02-22

  • Ashley Stevenson - ForgeRock
  • Daniel Bernal - Arm
  • Joel Catala - Tuxera
  • Takuo Koguchi - Hitachi
  • Artem Mygaiev - EPAM -
  • Hisao Munakata - Renesas
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