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Current Version of Weekly AGL Developer Newsletter

June 7, 2019

Here it is! Issue number thirty-one of the weekly AGL newsletter highlighting work going on around the AGL Community has landed on your doorstep.

You can find the latest issue and back issues of the newsletter on our wiki page. Feedback and comments on the newsletter are welcome.

Twitter: @VStarWalt


1) Happy Halibut RC1 was released last week. Start testing and let us know what you find.

2) The System Architecture Team did not get through all of the topics on the agenda on Thursday, so we scheduled an extra meeting on Tuesday to discuss those topics we left out (see items 3 - 6 ).

3) Long-term support for the AGL UCB. We are documenting requirements that will be reviewed at this week’s SAT meeting.

4) The SAT is also having a discussion about how we improve the AGL UCB readiness of AGL. This discussion will continue during this week’s SAT call. See confluence at

5) The hardware specification being written by the Reference Hardware System Architecture EG was reviewed during the meeting in Spain. This should lead to a 2-DIN hardware prototype that can be purchased by AGL Members. The current version of the spec can be found here. The next step is take this document and create an RFQ that can be responded to by possible hardware designers. I am working to get the first draft of the RFQ ready for this week’s SAT call (June 11).

6) The agenda for Automotive Linux Summit was posted. ALS will be held July 17 – 19 in Tokyo.

7) When you make your travel plans to attend Automotive Linux Summit, remember that we will hold a Face-to-Face SAT and Expert Group meeting on July 16 the day before ALS begins. Sign up at

8) Save the date for the next AGL All-Member Meeting. It will be held October 22-23, 2019 in Monte Carlo. This is an exciting location with a rich car racing history. Sponsorships are now available and we will open the CFP soon. There will also be F2F SAT an Expert Group meetings held on October 24.

This week’s meetings:



12:00 UTC - System Architecture Team

13:00 UTC - Weekly developer call
Open to anyone with questions about AGL code or issues they may be having.



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