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This Project is now complete. This page is maintained as an archive. If you would like get the latest information on the AGL Requirements Specification go here.

FIXME - This page is out of date.

AGL System Requirements Specification v2.0

Repo Name

DOORS NG is used to maintain the specification which can be found at

Information on requesting an account on the DOORS NG server can be found here.

DOORS NG training slides created for AGL are here. These slides provide an overview of how DOORS NG is being used on the AGL project.


The goals of the specification project are:

General Plan

  • Expert Groups develop content in standard word processing tools
  • Each EG to determine which sections it will update
  • Contract tech writer to edit content and add to DOORS NG


  • March 15 - Expert group content plan - Each expert group identifies the sections to be updated.
  • May 1 - Expert Grop Content Available - each expert group has updated their sections of the document. Document is ready for internal review by the Expert Groups, SAT, and technical writer.
  • June 15 - Final Expert Group Content - all content is ready to be included in DOORS NG
  • July 15 - Spec Released


Initial Status

  • Version 1.0 released June 2015
  • Large number of placeholder sections need to be filled in
  • Jira issues cover JLR FADs and DPRs that need to be reviewed and added to the spec.

Project scope is to

  • Revise the architecture sections based on lessons learned from creating the Unified Code Base distribution in 2015. not to completely fill out all sections but to review
  • Have the Expert Groups determine which sections are high priority to be updated then get those updated and reviewed by the SAT.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Subscribe to project mail list or view the list archives here

Each of the Expert Groups and the System Architecture Team are committed to updating sections of the spec.

Project Leads:
Walt Miner (wminer at linuxfoundation dot org)

Project Status Reports

24 February 2016 - Held short talk on Spec 2.0 and EG meetings. Agreed

  • App FW team agreed to use DOORS NG to review the existing content and add new content.
  • Everyone is encouraged to log into DOORS NG ASAP to see if they can access the project. If not, please create an issue in Jira.

10 March 2016 - Created spreadsheet with documents sections allocated to Expert Groups.

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