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The documents are being exported to

FIXME - This page is out of date.

The latest AGL Requirements Specification can be downloaded from the [[ | AGL website]]. here.

The AGL Requirements Specification is maintained on the AGL docs web site. FIXME - need to add link once we get the MD readded to the page.

AGL Specification Jira Project

Version 1.0 Specification

A number of AGL members in Japan got together to create the initial draft of the requirements specification. That version (0.82) was imported to DOORS NG and used as the starting point for the final version.

Jaguar Land Rover contributed a number of documents for AGL to use in creating the Requirements Specification.

  • Unordered List ItemFunctional Area Descriptions (FAD) - contain use cases
  • Design Prerequisites (DPR) - contain functional requirements

Those documents can be found here.

Version 2.0 Specification

Creation of version 2.0 of the AGL Requirements Specification is currently on hold although members can update the requirements if they desire. Later in 2015 we will revisit the schedule for version 2.0.

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