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Meeting Agenda Frequency Info
SAT Meeting Discuss System Architecture Topics Every two weeks (Thursdays)
CIAT EG Meeting Discuss topics related to the Continuous Integration and Automated Test Expert Group. Every two weeks (Tuesdays)
Graphics and UI EG Meeting Discuss topics related to the Graphics and UI Expert Group Every two weeks (Mondays)
App FW EG Meeting Discuss topcs related to the App FW and Security EG Every two weeks (Wednesdays)
Connectivity EG Meeting Discuss topics related to the Connectivity EG Every two weeks (Thursdays)
Developer Meeting Defect triage, code reviews, and any pressing developer issues. Weekly (Tuesdays)
AMM AGL member only meeting where all of the member can get a chance to get 1) the latest status of overall AGL progress, 2) the in-depth information about the sub-projects, 3) an opportunity to discuss issues with all other members in face to face. 2 times per year.
ALS This is a technical event that anyone who is interested in open source automotive software can participate. once a year
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