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Virtual Face to Face Technical Meeting

A Face to Face workshop will be held on the final day of the AGL All Member Meeting 17 July 2020. The primary focus of this face to face meeting of the System Architecture Team and Expert Groups. Unlike our usual AGL Zoom meetings we will encourage people to use their cameras.

Location: Zoom

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  1. Walt Miner - The Linux Foundation
  2. Jan-Simon Möller - The Linux Foundation
  3. Daniel Stone - Collabora
  4. Tadao Tanikawa - Panasonic
  5. Takashi Tsubone - Panasonic
  6. Yuichi Kusakabe - Honda
  7. Harunobu Kurokawa - Renesas
  8. Naoto Yamaguchi - AISIN-AW
  9. Naohiro Nishiguchi - DENSO
  10. Toshihisa Haraki - SUZUKI
  11. Yuta Taguchi - Panasonic
  12. Yoshihiko Komagata - Panasonic
  13. Tetsuro Komatsu - Panasonic
  14. Scott Murray - Konsulko Group
  15. Raquel Medina - Konsulko Group


Friday July 17 (all times Central European Time)

09:00 - 09:15 Introductions and Agenda Review

9:15 - 10:15 - Review the Sound System RFQ.


  • Toyota's proposal as reviewed with SC and AB.
  • RHSA
  • Window Manager and compositor roadmap for the rest of this year.
  • Web Apps
  • LTS requirements
  • Instrument Cluster EG
    • Schedule and plan update from Haraki-san
    • Dr Y development process discussion.
    • Source code scanning
  • CIAT
    • Plans for code scanning
    • Infrastructure discussion as we may need to update based on the IC workflow discussion.
  • V2C EG
  • Rule Based Arbitration presented by Denso (ADIT)
    • Upstream to AGL in progress. Need to translate the Japanese comments in the code and header files. Should be ready to upstream in August.
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