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Discussions and Decisions During Phase 1 of the AGL Distro Project

Issue - How to create meta-agl layer.

Whether we should start with a) basic Yocto/ Poky and build up from there or b) Tizen IVI and remove the unwanted parts

The decision was made to create meta-agl starting from Poky and meta-oe. Furthermore, we decided to use Yocto 1.7 for the initial release. As of now (early June 2015) Yocto 1.8 is the latest. We considered 1.6 because the latest Renesas BSP supports 1.6. Version 1.7 was chosen because meta-ivi which provides GENIVI compliance is currently using 1.7 and Renesas agreed to upgrade their BSP to 1.7

Issue - Use GitHub with GerritHub or use LF hosted Git/Gerrit

The decision was made to use LF hosted infrastructure.

For more information on this and other topics see this meeting summary

Issue - Yocto layers and package groups

In the end this will be fully documented by the final build configuration For now (July 2015). However, a number of intermediate discussions took place off of the mail list that should be preserved.

Phase 1 started with a list of all packages used in Tizen IVI 3.0 and GENIVI. The team sorted the list into three groups: GENIVI only, Tizen only, or Common Packages (early May 2015). During the Automotive Linux Summit on June 1 the team divided the list into subsystems and later into package groups per subsystems. The result of that work was used to drive the creation of the minimal AGL build in late July. That latest version of that spreadsheet can be seen here.

Meeting notes from July 7

Attendees: Walt, Jayan, Paul, Tanikawa, Ibe, Ned

Discussed Wind River's position on maintenance of meta-ivi. WR would not welcome migrating packages from meta-ivi to a common layer such as the proposed meta-ivi-common. They are not willing to allow additional maintainers of meta-ivi, but will accept patch requests. They are not against adding new packages that may be required for GENIVI and AGL to be added to meta-ivi-common.

Jayan - we should be more specific as to what recipes_automotive covers since it would seem to be a broad topic. Michael Fabry is working on a proposal for this that should go out by the end of the week.

Consensus at the meeting is to start work on the distribution using Tanikawa-san's proposal and start work on that basis. Tanikawa-san will start by laying out the current proposal and on the AGL git server and committing that. He stated that some of the recipes will start out empty and that we can improve upon them as we go.

We need to set up the git server to have the proper access for committers. Walt will work with Tanikawa-san to make sure he can commit and then add the rest of the team. Also will send an email to mail list asking who would like commit access. Need procedure for making and approving requests.

Jayan - asked about how features for the release will be determined. Walt mentioned application development being started in Japan that will feed features and requirements into the middleware. A face to face workshop in August is being considered for application development as well as recipe development in conjunction with LinuxCon. Details are being worked on by Walt and Nori.

Paul made a request from GENIVI PMO members to consider moving this meeting to a different time or day to avoid conflicts with GENIVI meetings. For now we will leave the meeting as is.

As far as in-meeting communication goes it seemed to help Tanikawa-san when we typed questions during the call. We will try adding a parallel text based component to the call on IRC to see if that catches on. It was agreed that we do not want to try an IRC only meeting at this time. I encourage everyone to confirm they can access Freenode IRC at #automotive prior to next week's call.

Meeeting Notes for July 13

Attendees: Walt, Paul, Tanikawa, Munuakata, Ito, Nori

Tanikawa-san push initial build next week for QEMU Renesas can support Yocto 1.7. Munakata-san will talk to Stephen L. about getting this to Tanikawa-san

Automotive-recipes proposal in two weeks due to Michael F. vacation.

Discussed gerrit set up Simple set up for access control preferred similar to Paul's email on the discussions mail list. +2 for code reviews Clear code review criteria and guidance for accept or reject of code changes. Paul will find a suitable starting point from a different open source organization

CI Set up Paul mentioned CI effort underway at GENIVI and possible collaboration with AGL. Discussed test framework. LAVA (Linaro) seen as difficult to get started on with limited documentation. LTSI test framework is AGL preferred option so far.

Meeting Notes for July 21

Attendees: Walt, Paul, Tanikawa, Nori, Ito

1) Initial build on git. Tanikawa-san waiting for build to complete in the next few hours. Will be Yocto/Poky only. Build boots to weston prompt, Meta-agl has only recipe for the image and package group recipes placeholder. Only tested on Ubuntu QEMU x86 64 bit.

2) We will need developers to start building out the package groups once the initial build is pushed to gerrit. The plan for now is to a) Push the build to gerrit as is. b) Create a list of tasks that need to be done to complete package groups. Tanikawa-san and Ito-san will get together in Japan on Wednesday and put together the list. The task list will be published to the wiki page and sent to the AGL discussions mail list. c) Add the tasks to Jira to track these items to completion. Need to recruit members to own the sub teams and the tasks.

3) CI Framework - Paul working on the comparison of CI systems. Since the GENIVI tools team is looking at CI systems as well, we would like to try to use the same framework as GENIVI so the engineers do not need to learn different systems.

4) Paul will send out suggested process flow to the mail list.

Meeting Notes for July 28

Attendees: Walt, Nori, Tanikawa, Ito, Munakata, Paul

Tanikawa-san has pushed his initial work into Gerrit based on Yocto 1.7.

Tanikawa-san asked where patches to meta-renesas should be maintained. Decision was to keep them as a branch in meta-agl (AGL git) so we can keep track of what needs to be upstreamed by AGL folks. The other option discussed was to keep them in the meta-renesas GitHub repo as a branch.

Can now have the subsystem teams work on populating their package lists. Urgent need is for OS and common libraries.

Discussed the task list put together by Tanikawa-san, Ito-san, and Okubi-san.

Step 1 Identify the packages (on the package group list) that needs to be moved from core-image to AGL-core (Owner Tanikawa-san, to be completed by 7/28) Note that this is complete

Step 2-a: Identify the package group list the packages that needs to be handled by BSP. (Owner Tanikawa-san, to be completed by 7/28)

Step 2-b: This BSP package list needs to be reviewed (Owner Renesas. to be completed by 8/7)

By doing Step1 &2 we can identify the package that is very specific to each sub-system. Step 2-b Complete/Not Needed

Step 3: Identify sub-system team by August 7th. We need at least the OS/Common Libs/ Graphics/ Multimedia/ Kernel This is very critical, and we need them now.

Step 4: Create recipes based on the packaged identified by the Step1. Owner Tanikawa-san & Ibe-san, to be completed by 8/7

Step 5: The sub-system team to conduct a build by using the package lists identified at Step 1 &2. (Owner: Sub-System team, due by 8/19)

Step 6: Become ready for App Development by

  1. running Qt sample APP
  2. enabling to become ready for Porter board.

This needs to be completed by the end of August, which is the end of Phase 1.

So, as it looks, it is extremely critical to identify the Sub-system members. And, from this schedule, since “Step 5” needs to happen during Japanese companies summer vacation period (called OBon Holidays. ) We need supports from non-Japanese companies on the Step 5.

Meeting notes for August 25

The IRC log for the meeting can be found here.

  • It was agreed that the LF will create a Jenkins server for the AGL distribution and we will add a +1 for the build passing to the gerrit reviews. Jan-Simon will get that going next week. Walt to create Jira issue.
  • Significant discussion on branch and merge process
    • Tentative decision to use Linux style branching where most work is on the mainline until a stable branch is declared or needed. Paul kindly wrote up a summary of this.
      1. For repos where we are downstream, eg meta-renesas, we are working in branch, aim to offer those patches upstream.
      2. For repos where we are upstream, eg meta-agl, we are currently reviewing patches manually (+2 required) and committing to master
      3. soon we aim to have CI which will provide a +1 to gerrit for successful builds, and we will continue committing successfully reviewed patches to master.
      4. we hope this process will be reliable enough for AGL - if it is, then later we would expect to do 'release' branches (same strategy as Linux kernel)
      5. but if there are problems we can later consider adopting a separate 'development' branch approach, and either commit only releases to master, or not use master at all

Meeting notes for September 1

Attendees: Walt, Paul, Jan-Simon, Tanikawa, Ito, Nori, Ibe, Jonathan

The IRC log for the meeting can be found here.

  • Jan-Simon will start work on the Jenkins server on Thursday.
  • Discussed possible reuse of GENIVI components particularly GENIVI life cycle. While the code is open, the documentation resides behind GENIVI's firewall which makes it impossible for non-GENIVI members to see. Paul will push GENIVI to to put more of the documentation in the open.
  • Discussed Qt 5 integration for the completion of phase 1.
    • Jens Bocklage from Mentor sent an email to the mail list with instructions for integrating Qt 5 into AGL.
    • Paul sent an email to Jens Bocklage requesting he put the changes directly into Gerrit.
    • Tanikawa-san is going to be idled without Qt 5 so he may start the changes himself.

Meeting notes for September 16

Attendees: Walt, Paul, Tanikawa, Ito, Ibe, Jonathan, Ned, Stephen

The IRC log for the meeting can be found here

Action Items:

  1. Walt - Create repos for demo apps in gerrit. Naming convention AGL/DemoApps/AppName
  2. Walt - Put RFC for systemd on mail list. Thanks to Paul Sherwood for getting this out!
  3. Tanikawa - push Qt 5 patch to gerrit including a mention of Jens' contribution in the commit
  4. Tanikawa - push systemd patch to gerrit
  5. Tanikawa - rework package group names
  6. Tanikawa - Document on wiki
  7. Walt - Send out invite to this meeting to the discussion mail list.
  8. Walt - change meeting time to be two hours earlier starting next week.
  9. Jan-Simon - get Jenkins server up and running and add +1 to gerrit from Jenkins

Meeting notes for September 21

Attendees: Walt, Michael, Jeremiah, Jan-Simon, Tanikawa, Christian, Louai, Ned, Jens, Nuohan Note that attendee list reflects only those who participated. There may have been other lurkers :)

The IRC log for the meeting can be found here Topics:

  • Revisit action items from last week.
  • Adding GENIVI/AGL Media manager to build
  • Automotive Message Broker

Meeting notes for September 28

Attendees: Walt, Michael, Jan-Simon, Tanikawa, Christian, Fulup, Stephane, Rudi, Paul

The IRC log for the meeting can be found here Action items:

  • Ned - Add Automotive message broker to AGL build
  • Walt - Create subteam review groups in gerrit for kernel, common libraries/OS, multimedia, and automotive subsystem
  • Jan-Simon - change Jenkins build image names per Tanikawa's package group patch

October 13

Phase 1 now complete. Move to phase 2.

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