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Current Version of Weekly AGL Developer Newsletter

April 26, 2019

Happy Golden Week in Japan! In addition, May 1 is a holiday is many places so we canceled all calls for Wednesday. Welcome to issue number twenty-seven of the weekly AGL newsletter highlighting work going on around the AGL Community. You can also find the latest issue and back issues on our wiki page.

Feedback and comments are welcome.

Twitter: @VStarWalt


1) We had a couple offers of help, but we are still looking for some more documentation site improvements. If you have expertise in HTLM5 and CSS and want to help, check out JIRA issues SPEC-2317, SPEC-2318, and SPEC-2319. Please contact me if you can help us out. We will be looking for more redesign of the overall look and feel of the site as well. There is an Epic in Jira (SPEC-2330) with subtasks that cover the redesign.

2) The release of the hardware specification being written by the Reference Hardware System Architecture EG was delayed until next week. This should lead to a 2-DIN hardware prototype that can be purchased by AGL Members. A draft version of the spec can be found here for review and early comments.

3) Let’s talk about Telematics! Join the Connectivity EG is meeting on Thursday to discuss the current state of the Telematics profile and contribute to the requirements or development.

4) The detailed agenda was posted for the F2F meeting on May 7 – 9 at Igalia’s office in Coruna, Spain. Sign up on the wiki if you plan to make it. A lot of important topics are on the agenda.

5) The agenda for Automotive Linux Summit was posted. ALS will be held July 17 – 19 in Tokyo.

6) When you make your travel plans to attend Automotive Linux Summit, remember that we will hold a Face-to-Face SAT and Expert Group meeting on July 16 the day before ALS begins. Sign up at

7) Upcoming deadlines for developers. The deadline for submitting patches for guppy 7.0.2 was Friday, April 28 for a planned May 3 release. The Orthodox Easter weekend and May 1 holiday may delay this be a day or two. The deadline for submitting patches to master for the Happy Halibut RC1 is May 3 for a planned May 10 release.

This week’s meetings:




12:00 pm UTC – Continuous Integration and Automated Test Expert Group

13:00 UTC - Weekly developer call
Open to anyone with questions about AGL code or issues they may be having.




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