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Telematics Expert Group

Proposed Telematics Expert Group. Needs to be approved by SAT.

EG Project and Task Lists are in Jira

FIXME - If the EG is approved create the links to Jira

How AGL uses Jira for creating and managing projects is here.



The Telematics Expert Group is responsible for the requirements, architecture and design of the following topics within AGL.

  • Determining the package groups appropriate for an in-vehicle Telematics device that is used to connect to a Telematics Service Provider for services such as Emergency Call, Remote Diagnostics, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, etc.
  • Determine the reference BSPs and boards to be used for Telematics Devices


FIXME Identify Team Lead for coordinating team meetings and representation to the SAT

  • Walt Miner - LF
  • Vijayendra Mohan Agrawal - Wipro


  • Current Status
  • Goals for upcoming releases
  • Requirements Spec updates?
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