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Meeting Minutes

Meeting 2019/10/15


Toshikazu Ohiwa (Toyota), Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Yasuyuki Komatsu (Honda), Shinji Tsunoda (Subaru), Seiji Goto (Mazda), Akio Nakadachi (Mazda), Fukutaro Sekine (Mazda)

  • RHSA-EG reviewed the RFQ response of the Reference Hardware, and confirmed it almost satisfies the RFQ about Hardware specs, documents, form factor and schedule.
  • The response doesn't include BSP. It needs separate discussion how to support BSP in AGL, because it's difficult for Panasonic alone especially about continuous support for production.
  • Currently there exists the sample software based on FF, which needs to be known how to provide and use.
  • RHSA-EG will feedback by 10/16 (Wed) if any.

Meeting 2019/08/05


Toshikazu Ohiwa (Toyota), Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Yasuyuki Komatsu (Honda), Akio Nakadachi (Mazda), Fukutaro Sekine (Mazda)

  • RHSA-EG review the RFQ of the Reference Hardware.
  • The RFQ has been defined with SAT. The RFQ requires minimum 10 or 20 or more units. The RFQ requires contractor to have design review with RHSA-EG & SAT to determine which trade offs are appropriate for cost vs functionality vs schedule.
  • Slides can be found in rhsa0805.pdf

Meeting 2019/04/17


Toshikazu Ohiwa (Toyota), Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Yasuyuki Komatsu (Honda), Shinji Tsunoda (Subaru), Akio Nakadachi (Mazda), Fukutaro Sekine (Mazda)

  • RHSA-EG review the Requirement Specification of the Reference Hardware.
  • The Requirement Specification defines the goals, use cases, development policy and major feature of the Reference Hardware. The Requirement Specification also defines hardware and software requirement.

Meeting 2018/11/09, 2019/02/25


Toshikazu Ohiwa (Toyota), Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Yasuyuki Komatsu (Honda), Shinji Tsunoda (Subaru), Seiji Goto (Mazda), Akio Nakadachi (Mazda), Osamu Yamaji (Mazda)


[Reference Hardware 2nd Step]

  • RHSA-EG set the goal and scope of the 2nd step Reference Hardware by clarifying the use cases, and discussed at AGL Advisory Board Meeting and F2F Technical Meeting in AMM Tokyo.
  • Slides can be found in rhsa_eg_20190225.pdf

Meeting 2018/06/01, 2018/06/22


[Reference Hardware 1st Step]

  • RHSA-EG had a meeting with Intel, Okaya Electronics and AAEON about the 1st step of Reference Hardware.
    • It is necessary to clarify the schedule whether the demo system will be available in the beginning of 2019.
    • The next meeting will be held on July 2 or 3.

Meeting 2018/06/01, 2018/06/07


[Reference Hardware 2nd Step]

  • RHSA-EG had a meeting with Panasonic about the 2nd step of Reference Hardware.
    • The concept of Panasonic's proposal is Lego block. This concept allocates functions to 4 boards, and every board is interchangeable.

Meeting 2018/03/16


Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Yasuyuki Komatsu (Honda), Shinji Tsunoda (Subaru), Seiji Goto (Mazda), Osamu Yamaji (Mazda)

  • About the topics of AGL AMM Tokyo 2018
    • Dominig-san (Intel Open Source) made a presentation titled “The Software Side of the AGL Reference Hardware”. He pointed out some issues and proposed various options to manage the HW flexibility described in Reference Hardware Spec v0.1.
  • The proposal from Linaro was shared with EG members.
    • The introduction to 96Boards, Open Hardware Specification created by Linaro
  • RHSA-EG plans to have a keynote speech in Automotive Linux Summit 2018.

Meeting 2018/02/06


Yasutaka Yoshimura (Toyota), Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Seiji Goto (Mazda), Osamu Yamaji (Mazda), Hisao Munakata (Renesas), Fumio Hodoshima (Shimafuji), Shigeyuki Arase (Shimafuji), Michio Kunitomi (Intel), Yutaka Katsuma (Intel), Kien T. Dinh (Intel)

RHSA-EG had a meeting with Renasas and Intel. These two semiconductor vendors already offered collaboration after EG’s presentation at ALS/AMM 2017.

  • Reference Hardware which EG aims to realize
    • Slides can be found in rhsa_eg_20180206.pdf
    • To effectively use existing community resources, EG wants to connect current AGL extension board (Kingfisher) with main boards not only “R-Car Starter Kit” but also other main board for the first step. It is important that common AGL software can work in each main board.
    • Eventually the variations of extension boards need to be increased.
  • About connection with Intel main board and Kingfisher
    • The potentials of connection with UP2 board and Kingfisher were considered by Intel and AAEON, which is a vendor of UP2 board. As a result, it is difficult to connect a main board with Intel architecture without customization because Kingfisher has an ARM specialized part.
    • Solutions are shown in the followings
      • a) Prepare new board to bridge UP2 and Kingfisher without any customization on UP2 board
      • b) Customize Kingfisher
      • c) Customize UP2 board
      • To use resources of Kingfisher, b) might not be recommended for the EG’s first step. a) also has concerns in terms of a temporary solution
    • Not only UP2 board but other boards could also be candidates. Intel investigates with Shimafuji’s technical supports of Kingfisher.
  • For further action
    • EG supposes that semiconductor vendors develop main boards and AGL community and users develop extension boards. Therefore the development investment is considered in the same framework.
    • EG needs collaboration with the semiconductor vendors to achieve the publication of Reference Hardware Specification v1.0 while discussing based on v0.1 which was already published.
      • Definition of detailed specification of Common I/F set
      • Consideration of software requirements in discussion with community in parallel
    • Our goal for the first step is demonstration at CES 2019. Demonstration at ALS which is earlier event could be possible.
    • Although EG considers Kingfisher as extension board for the first step, EG wants to eventually increase variations. Functional distribution of main and extension board has to be considered. Especially topics about responsibility to absorb functional differences in SoC need further discussion.

Meeting 2017/12/06


Seiji Goto (Mazda), Yasutaka Yoshimura (Toyota), Toshihisa Haraki (Suzuki), Yasuyuki Komatsu (Honda), Shinji Tsunoda (Subaru), Osamu Yamaji (Mazda), Yuki Ohta (Mazda)

  • At AGL AMM Dresden 2017, RHSA EG released draft version of Reference Hardware Specification Document and received offers from two SoC manufacturers (Renesas and Intel) to cooperate EG’s activities for reference hardware.
  • In November 2017, RHSA EG had meetings with Renesas and Intel. The topics of the meetings are shared with EG members
    • Kingfisher was explained from Renesas and an automotive platform using Atom and Cyclone V was introduced from Intel.
  • Schedule is updated. rhsa_eg_20171206.pdf

Meeting 2017/09/22


Seiji Goto, Yasutaka Yoshimura, Toshihisa Haraki, Yasuyuki Komatsu, Tetsuya Mukawa, Shinji Tsunoda

  • Plan for the activities of Reference Hardware System Architecture EG
    • Slides can be found in rhsa_eg_20170922_en.pdf
    • All attendees agreed below.
      • Schedule and Milestones
        • EG targets demonstration for CES 2019.
      • Three Major policies of Reference Hardware
        • 2 board constitution; Main Board (for common features) + Extension Board (for specific features)
        • A Main Board can be interchangeable with other Main Boards
        • An Extension Board can be interchangeable with other Extension Boards
          • Hence, OEM/Tier1 can replace AGL Reference Extension Boards with its own Extension Boards afterwards
    • Towards CES 2019, EG plans to define Reference Hardware which meets two of three policies as first step but third policy may also be included if necessary.
    • It could be difficult to realize the block diagram of Luxury System. So discussion with SoC vendors is needed in the design phase.
    • Summary of Requirements Elicitation
Next Step

Review of the Reference Hardware Open Draft Document.

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