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System Architecture Team

The AGL System Architecture Team (SAT) is responsible for the overall AGL technical architecture and oversees the implementation of the AGL reference hardware and software solutions. This includes:

  • Acting as the primary technical interface to the AGL Steering Committee
  • Documenting the technical requirements and system architecture
  • Resolving issues involving architecture and design of AGL components with the relevant Expert Groups
  • Facilitating and coordinating cross-technology architecture development inside and outside of AGL

The System Architecture Team Charter which defines the membership requirements, roles, responsibilities, deliverables and more can be found here.

SAT Members

There are two types of members in the System Architecture Team: Core Members and Expert Group Members.

Core Members

The SAT shall have at least 5 but no more than 10 Core Members.

  • Core Members are invited through an open invitation to join the SAT from the SC Coordinator to the Steering Committee (SC).
  • Steering Committee (SC) Members may nominate themselves or others to join the SAT.
  • For the time being multiple members of SC member companies may participate in the SAT. In matters requiring a vote only one vote per company shall be permitted.
  • Nobuhiko Tanibata - Denso
  • Isao Ishibashi - Fujitsu TEN
  • Paul Wheller - Jaguar Land Rover
  • Michael Fabry - Microchip
  • Tadao Tanikawa - Panasonic
  • Fulup Ar Foll - Renesas /
  • Ryota Okubi - Toyota
  • Takeshi Hoshina - Toyota
  • Ned Miljevic - Wind River

Expert Group Members

Each Expert Group is represented on the System Architecture Team by their technical lead or other delegate. System Architecture Team membership from the Expert Groups will change dynamically as Expert Groups are created and dissolved. Expert Group membership in the System Architecture Team is not limited by corporate affiliation. In other words, Expert Groups may be chaired by individuals that represent SAT Core Member Companies or multiple Expert Groups may be chaired by individuals from the same company. In these cases it is permissible to have more than one individual from a company to be members of the System Architecture Team.

  • SDL
  • RVI
  • Vehicle Connectivity (CAN, MOST, LIN, AMB)
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Connected Car
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC
  • Network and vehicle firewalls
  • Christian Gromm - Microchip
  • Stephane Desneux - Renesas /
  • Ned - Wind River to find a delegate
  • Application lifecycle
  • Network and vehicle firewalls
  • Software Update
    • Jose Bollo - Renesas /
    • Jens Bocklage - Mentor
    • Ryota Okube - Toyota
    • Risto Avila - Qt Company
    • Ned Miljevic - Wind River
    • Tadeo Tanikawa - Panasonic
    • Agustin Bethencourt - Codethink
    • Nuohan Qiao - Fujitsu Ten
    • Yuichi Kusakabe - Fujitsu Ten
    • Jan-Simon Moeller - Linux Foundation
    • Mikhail Durnev - Mentor
    • Yannick Gicquel - Renesas /
    • Stephane Desneux - Renesas /
  • Include multimedia, video manager (including multi-display and display sharing) and audio manager, and media manager/player. Can split them off later.
  • Demo apps are out of scope but they may have to provide a demo of their functionality.
  • Browser
  • Speech Recognition
  • Navigation?
  • Risto Avila - The Qt Company
  • Manuel Bachmann - Renseas / IoT.BZH
  • Nobuhiko Tanibata - Denso
  • Tadao Tanikawa - Panasonic


Minutes of SAT meetings can be found here.

Work in Progress

These projects are being overseen by the System Architecture Team

  1. Security Framework for AGL and Tizen IVI - Develop security use cases and review Tizen IVI Application Framework against those use cases
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