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Changes added to Grumpy Guppy 7.0.0 (since Funky Flounder 6.0.0)


ID Description
c8b670f Add gitreview file for guppy branch
5042595 replace gpg with gnupg package: needed for nodejs 8
babc87f Bump 6.90.0 (post FF)
c73cbb9 Bump 6.0.0


ID Description
725d3c3 Cut Grumpy Guppy 7.0.0 release
3c8487c af-binder: Fix concurrent memory issues
59abc08 Change distro configuration for guppy
9349448 af-main: Bump version GUPPY
3ae178e agl-image-weston: fix incorrect packagegroup name
4029771 meta-agl-bsp: recipes-kernel: linux: remove execute bit from usbaudio.cfg
89cf393 meta-agl-bsp: recipes-kernel: linux: add usbmodem.cfg fragment
a1222e4 meta-agl-distro: poky-agl: add 3g to AGL_DISTRO_FEATURES
67c74a3 meta-agl-profile-core: recipes-navigation: geoclue: remove ModemManager dep
67c4502 af-binder: bump revision
9f85608 bluez-alsa: bump to master version of 2019-01-17
dba5468 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
7b4e37d Post-release bump
f835ee3 Cut GG rc4 v6.99.4
ddf1946 systemd-agl-sync: raise priority of the fragment that reloads systemd
0e0e11e meta-agl-profile-core: recipes-connectivity: ofono: change dbus policy to enable modem events
72ff17d Add TaskManager service
d8fc7d2 Revert “Remove 4.9 patchqueue for new 4.14 kernel in meta-ti”
1d651cd Revert “Remove patch in newer ti-staging kernel”
235b216 meta-agl-profile-core: agl-service-bluetooth: add network service to RDEPENDS
3cfe12e meta-agl-bsp: gen3: recipes-navigation: fix typo of gpsd-defaults
17d0012 Post rc3 bump of distro config
1bb8612 af-binder: bump revision
9a66246 neardal: lib: fix random memory corruption
ce12824 af-main: Upgrade app-framework-main
f6f19bd Add afb-helpers & controller libraries
7c3a9d1 af-binder: Fix lock of sync/async calls
cf71a3e Update distro configuration for GG rc3 6.99.3
acb04cf Revert “Add afb-helpers & app-controller library recipes”
a46a78a bump bluez-alsa to master (brings Ofono support)
7335174 Add afb-helpers & app-controller library recipes
4824f74 connman: Ignore MOST ethernet interfaces
bfc7300 connman: Tweak main.conf for cluster demo support
60873f9 weston: add weston-ready
38c1a71 Add instrument cluster profile definitions
254ccf1 Update weston-ivi-extension
173cfa7 docs: add yaml book
d8d9ef2 kernel/4a: support more than 8 audio cards
aa137a0 Bump afb-test
43ad6ff Bump low-level-can-generator
80bb901 Bump cmake-apps-module
3c6957a Bump agl-service-signal-composer
13b95b8 Bump agl-service-can-low-level
9f26f8b Support external RTCs for boards without it
cd358ea linux-renesas: Add smack patches to R-Car
7b8b8fc linux-agl-4.14: Backport of Smack patch for cgroup2
d69f1af linux-agl-4.14: Backport of Smack patch for keys
b422f52 weston: Create really shared files
d9d7eb2 connman+bluez5: Update rights for smack systems
c888e1c smack-system-setup: Update udev rules
6fc5ad5 Remove 4.9 patchqueue for new 4.14 kernel in meta-ti
27037c5 systemd: Cleanup of recipe of meta-security
f11a3e7 systemd: Refactor build using smack-system-setup
629062a Remove patch in newer ti-staging kernel
006d08d af-binder: Upgrade
47d8a5d Provide fallback time servers to connman
6145a72 Tweak agl-profile-graphical packagegroups
c37af8a af-main: Upgrade
8a2e309 Post rc2 bump of distro config
2076a75 Add platform-info binding
33c1e8f Fix missing ivi-id-agent
7b56b77 Add weston-ivi-extension to meta-agl-profile-graphical
283517a weston-ini-conf: update gst-record logic
c46d25a Prepare 6.99.2 Guppy RC2
c2b2edb Enable agl-sota for h3ulcb
f6585ce Bump waltham-transmitter src revision.
5130819 create-combined-dtb: Add dependency on virtual/kernel
228b262 Add create-combined-dtb
0a93eed udisk: automount: remove 'flush' from MOUNT_OPTIONS
37f3bdb Post-RC1 bump
7d027fc distro-manifest-generator: add support for JSON output format
0998dd1 Bump cmake-apps-module revision.
7b6d212 app-framework: Update versions
b395781 profile-core: agl-service-telephony: remove useless RDEPENDS dep
b820f82 meta-agl-bsp: ptest-runner: v2.2 and LAVA support
8a0cd7c recipes-connectivity: bluez5: add dbus-org.bluez.obex.service symlink
9cffd21 create-combined-dtb: Combine dtb and dtbo
6f78dc2 fdtoverlay: Provide fdtoverlay-native
f059765 distro-build-manifest: don't use BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE
04bf517 Add ptest to ci and snapshot builds
51eb7a5 Change default aglwgt build procedure
d84b438 Prepare Grumpy Guppy RC1
b142e42 [RCAR][upstream] remove dts patch for SDIO frequency
901cf29 agl-service-nfc: remove libnfc dependency
fca7854 dragonboard-410c: change init sequence of the qcom kernel module
4a17dd7 meta-agl: introduce transmitter plugin to weston
611497f agl-service-mediaplayer: add agl-service-bluetooth to RDEPENDS
fe84cba Use sllin0 for agl-service-hvac for m3ulcb demo
a656244 nss-localuser: Add the NSS plugin for localuser
b2afd8b Latest meta-altera supports wic IMAGE_FSTYPE
73c1cd4 libmicrohttpd: Fix listening and epoll together
1b9334c af-binder: Bump version
67dc0dd af-main: Bump version
2302dc6 gpsd-kingfisher-conf: fix PREFERRED_RPROVIDER issue
51443b5 meta-app-framework/base-files: fix /usr/local symlink target path
5fc19df Bump afb-test revision
b039bc4 agl-service-telephony: Set depend of glib-2.0
067dace Add CMake Apps module recipe
e28b57f aglsetup: Fix mix of spaces and tabs
d7bc876 distro-build-manifest: Improve diagnostic messages
6685e02 meta-agl-bsp: kernel: fix can-bus.cfg
748ac7a rcar: gstreamer: Update vspfilter device files when using IMR devices
c26e9d0 Bump afb-test revision
b989aae Add dummy iiodevice support for test
92ba3cb Pull agl-audio-plugin and pulseaudio conditionnaly
e8c10f7 Clean-up of wayland-ivi-extension_1.13.0 related legacy stuff
af93457 [RCAR] ADSP enable and add sound hardware abstraction in DT
3df02e1 [RCAR] Enable Linux-based hypervisor execution in AGL
569e576 [RCAR] Update RCAR BSP to 3.9
72b9205 [RCAR] Change RENESAS_DATADIR value
8230eff packagegroup-agl-core-boot: add package distro-build-manifest
9d89e19 aglsetup: generate setup manifest file
795e47d agl-service: telephony: add telephony service recipe
4c527dd pulseaudio-dev included conditionnaly in -crosssdk images
78588a4 Mutualizes code for ulcb card family conf file
d3be960 Fix optee-client build
579c1ef Use iperf3 instead of iperf2
816fcc9 [RCAR] Fix ti-bt package name and revision
24ca2ee Remove pulseaudio from AGL DISTRO_FEATURES
f1ed365 Create a feature to activate pulseaudio in AGL
7cb72ac Fix image build with PR timestamp
aa13f0a weston-ini-conf.bbappend: Set 720p for Raspberry Pi
0c84b0a Change SDKPATH for something more stable in time
431cec1 Add an AGL revision to the RPM package
dd2ec33 agl-service: hvac: add HVAC service recipe
84fad95 Move security manager database under /var/local
b9a099d Bump agl-service-can-low-level revision
5c09532 afb-test: Set version from AGLVERSION
e659e73 signal-composer: Set version from AGLVERSION
8a1733e can-low-level: Set version from AGLVERSION
065eb6f recipes-multimedia: lightmediascanner: save database to /tmp/$UID/lightmediascannerd.db
639fbf7 linux-firmware_%.bbappend: Avoid rpi file duplication
6e7be8f WiFi on Raspberry Pi 3 B & B+
8a4a59f af-main & af-binder: Set version from AGLVERSION
c0b3f32 Uprev the nogfx machine include to the same state
e6f5e55 Move master to guppy
a8bf787 Fix do_rootfs eats huge time on docker environment


ID Description
b6322a8 libhomescreen: bump revision
dcb0638 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
220104e recipes-demo-hmi: libqtappfw: update SRCREV
81038ea Bump the revision of navigation and poi
34f17f6 radio: Add libqtappfw to DEPENDS
4c36a9b homescreen: quiet debug messages in non-devel
f4eb970 Add the libafb-helpers and libappcontroller to SDK
3b619c6 navigation: Add 4A support
8f8f17a recipe-connectivity: libvcard: update SRCREV
d069edc recipes-demo-hmi: libqtappfw: update SRCREV
fa93473 Revert “Add the libafb-helpers and libappcontroller to SDK”
602b029 Add the libafb-helpers and libappcontroller to SDK
4913c46 Disable btwilink by default on m3ulcb
d786abb poiapp-api-key: Add client ID
d83abd3 Rework mapviewer and mapviewer-demo
25c0b44 Add agl-demo-preload feature
dac8f03 Remove weston-ivi-extension
f224d66 docs: add yaml book
6641f56 Add Task Manager front-end
16c0093 homescreen: fix missing submodules in SRC_URI
68534b3 update to lastest version
c095cbe Bump revision of qtaglextras
c7710ec Add agl-cluster-demo-support feature
7798ec0 update libhomescreen and agl-service-homescreen
1fafc22 Disable sllin driver(using HVAC apps) debug log
fd67215 We need to use
f3eecd3 recipes-config: unicens-config: set up additional sound card in configuration file
b7d763d demo-hmi: phone: add pbap service to RDEPENDS
bf28bbc libqtappfw: update SRCREV for new bluetooth binding support
bf6ea60 demo-hmi: mediaplayer: remove unnecessary RDEPENDS
6fc5acc packagegroup: connectivity: remove libnfc package
331b3ee Finalize and automate sllin setup for LIN on demo unit
0680bff Add dependency to qtaglextras
d30e570 Add package for sllin driver to image
e2ea64f emit event to one application
22c9537 wayland-ivi-extension: Added ivi-id-agent by mtey
1509176 Clean-up of wayland-ivi-extension_1.13.0 related legacy stuff
6c7341e agl-ivi-multimedia: pull virtual/pulseaudio-config conditionnaly
05bfc53 hvac: add agl-service-hvac to RDEPENDS
4df027b Change dependent package to agl-service-windowmanager
973f12e phone: add agl-service-telephony to RDEPENDS
80d9e65 recipes-config: unicens-config: add capture device to configuration file
fc32c5e Add agl-demo-nopulseaudio to build demo image without pulseaudio
ffe695e homescreen: remove useless dependency to pulseaudio
c9539d4 Add feature agl-pulseaudio as dependency to agl-demo
a36035a demo-hmi: libqtappfw: switch to using a static SRCREV
7d62c11 Used fixed SRCREV for repos from src/
6359c95 Remove unused homescreenappframeworkbinderagl recipe


ID Description
ea65c2e agl-service-windowmanager: add weston-ready systemd dependency
61aee64 libwindowmanager: bump revision
6ef56b9 4a-softmixer: bump to latest version
237888b 4a-hal-generic: bump to latest revision (+ add missing deps)
d9a2bc3 bluez-alsa: updated patches due to latest bump
7f565b8 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
e9a9a89 4a-hal-device-config: bump to latest revision
06d7641 Bump the revision of agl-service-windowmanager
4a6461a Integrate Chromium and WAM recipes.
9431585 4a-mixer: quiet debug messages in non-devel
65f6fb3 4a-hal-device-config: bump to latest revision
5ea2594 4a-softmixer: bump to latest revision
345df77 bluez-alsa: Added a patch to fix the crash at PCM close
17fd325 4a-softmixer: add missing dependency on liburcu
71103cf 4a-hal-generic: add missing dependencies on bluez-alsa and liburcu
35d65ed 4a-hal-generic: bump to latest revision
32fe950 4a-hal-device-config: bump to latest revision
0ae76ba 4a-alsa-core: bump to last revision
65c473d 4a-softmixer: bump to last revision
6896fb8 4a-mixer: bump to laster version
07e68c5 bluez-alsa: removed the PCM hack, and build a shared lib
219873e docs: add yaml book
55b7550 weston: Add patch to improve gst-record robustness
b24a34b Update agl-gstrecorder feature
6a5cd2c move 4a-hal-unicens (plugin) to gerrit
02d5794 Bump snd-avirt revision
bee4637 Bump qlibwindowmanager revision
fd78578 Move hal configuration files into own repository
3ba897c Change 4a-softmixer SRC_URI to gerrit
304e06b speech-framework: Add initial speech-framework feature
493427f 4a: adjust due to changes in bluetooth-manager API
cb5a9b6 hal-unicens: bump unicens hal to newest version
1338058 4a-hal-unicens: add HAL for unicens
b817e38 bump softmixer to latest version (bug fixes)
e820f7b Add initial recipes for snd-avirt driver
4dc43a7 Add cmake-apps-module dependency
d531eb3 meta-audio-4a: remove UNICENS legacy hal
a18aabe Remove LICENSE.MIT
c749bf5 Bump agl-service-windowmanager revision
102af40 Add necessary DISTRO_FEATURES to gstrecorder template
f8a037f Bump agl-service-windowmanager revision
19584c0 Bump 4a-hal-unicens to latest revision
6be75e2 4a: Use '4a-hal-generic' gerrit repository
318a94a agl-service-windowmanager : Drop -2017
f4b12f5 4a: Update 4a-hal-generic for UpSquared board
3b2111f 4A: delay service startup as a workaround to SPEC-1762/SPEC-1763 (temp workaround)
bd047dd 4a: Update 4a-hal-generic for bluetooth
e510898 4a: Add Bluetooth in 4a
1f00e56 bump 4a-softmixer to the latest version
7e06277 bluez-alsa: added patch for null device


ID Description
9c3ce66 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
65f825f templates/*: add documentation for features


ID Description
9f8fb48 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
270c368 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
5a8179d docs: add new book.yml description file
d646c8e [AGL] Apply the syscall restarting patch for aarch64 SoC
01b88c1 [COMMUNITY] Fix SSI DMAC inaccessible via Xtensa HiFi2 ADSP firmware
e549f0c [AGL] Add driver control checksum
b78b98a [COMMUNITY] add preferred version on gstream-omx package
2f139a9 [COMMUNITY] Fix optee-client build
52f59ee [COMMUNITY] add depends on mesa to gles-user-module
c8cf57c [COMMUNITY] Rename recipes to be compliant with poky
4e8493f [COMMUNITY] U-Boot: Backport increase to CBSIZE/etc
2281ecf [COMMUNITY] Fix rc.pvr systemd service
929b9ef [COMMUNITY] using operator ?= for RENESAS_DATADIR
49cc591 [AGL] Remove weston conf from weston recipes
774a2b3 [AGL] add .gitreview
fd078b6 rcar-gen3: glmark2: Remove no longer used patch
aec5ee3 rcar-gen3: xorg-xserver: Update directory name for adapting to upstream
664444a rcar-gen3: alsa-lib: Fix S2RAM issue
f3e7ab2 rcar-gen3: gstreamer1.0-omx: Remove hard path from /gstreamer1.0-omx
f7aa9cf rcar-gen3: gstreamer1.0-omx: Do not override variable
ea108bc rcar-gen3: cms-user-module: Upgrade library versions
f525827 rcar-gen3: gles-user-module: Remove hard path
917ffec rcar-gen3: copyscript: Improve install driver script
5e48988 rcar-gen3: copyscript: Update MD5SUM for ADSP packages
a0c8e56 rcar-gen3: copyscript: Update MD5SUM for CMS packages
7b8a463 rcar-gen3: copyscript: Update MD5SUM for audio packages
6f027c3 rcar-gen3: copyscript: Update MD5SUM for video packages
a2ddad1 rcar-gen3: VSPM: Update SRCREV to follow the latest version
6955fe4 rcar-gen3: weston-init: Fix issue weston cannot start on E3
e23d0a9 rcar-gen3: weston: Set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for SSH login
99bc1ac rcar-gen3: kernel-module-adsp: Enable build target for E3 board
9919a40 rcar-gen3: kernel-module-gles: Autoload Kernel module pvrsrvkm
01a0313 rcar-gen3: IPL: Upgrade IPL version according to BSP v3.7.0
e0251fa rcar-gen3: u-boot: Upgrade u-boot according to Linux BSP v3.7.0
8b090e0 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: WORKAROUND for mini SD card issue on M3ULCB
a1e844b rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Enable DEVFREQ configuration
c38c373 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Upgrade Linux BSP to v3.7.0
c93db19 rcar-gen3: machine: Clarify Linux Kernel version


ID Description
e75563d Add gitreview file for guppy branch
1607675 docs: add yaml book
2f5c613 removed the dependency to bluetooth manager
637b58a Change the tuner priority and add a ramp on radio
735112e Added an 'activerole' verb
9bbaea8 Clean up some code
ce5c732 Moved non class member to a different file
256b802 Fix indentation and trailing whitespaces
22c3fc2 Fix issues with session and policies
204b92c Added volume_changed event plus verbs
7f7005e Move autobuild to top tree
0f318cf Update version of controller submodule.
5c72160 Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
4015b8b Add tests for 4a high level API
760e96b Migrate app-templates to CMake module
2df32d0 Don't automatically close already closed roles
00340de Fix undefined role's state at construct
2a4dcc1 Bump revision for submodule app-templates
93e5976 permission: add required unicens plugin permission
d4e5f25 Removed unused dependency on 4a-softmixer
29f1daa Migration to Afb API v3
9b62cff Use latest version of controller submodule.
313cf36 Use latest version of afb-utilities submodule.
c3ca0fb Use latest version of app-templates submodule.
af458ac Use feature 'required-binding'
c0e66cf Added a more detailed diagram
75e26b0 Updated documentation
665d2d7 added service dependency to Bluetooth-Manager
022f46a Fix gitreview for master


ID Description
2345474 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
11aaf46 binding: bluetooth: replace rfkill code with network service
a445a9c binding: bluetooth: fix formating in
64ef3e7 binding: bluetooth: add Transport parameter to discovery filter
a7b3213 binding: bluetooth: don't display errors if no error pointer is passed
9c8a34c binding: bluetooth: g_variant_unref() isn't being called on reply
cd2515a binding: bluetooth: add MediaTransport1 to managed_objects output
c12208f binding: bluetooth: add MediaTransport1 support
dc504cf binding: bluetooth: add default_adapter verb
1fb7a01 binding: bluetooth: add connect/disconnect actions to avrcp_controls
631fd85 binding: bluetooth: add autobuild scripts
76a617a binding: bluetooth: add MediaPlayer1 interface media events
a5fe25e binding: bluetooth: add new avrcp controls verb
50078d8 binding: bluetooth: add autoconnect feature
672d403 binding: bluetooth: add power adapter change events
b379d64 binding: bluetooth: fix interface removal event
28dae92 binding: bluetooth: add input validation on device input
2c25e21 binding: bluetooth: change api name to old case sensitive format
5c95eff binding: bluetooth: add initial discovery filter support
3a53bc6 binding: bluetooth: remove bluez paths in documentation
f05fd30 binding: bluetooth: add BLUEZ_DEFAULT_ADAPTER
3d2a186 binding: bluetooth: add return_bluez_path function
7cae419 binding: bluetooth: add check to be sure GError has been set
62a466a binding: bluetooth: return adapter/device versus bluez path
8e9fed1 binding: bluetooth: don't send empty PropertiesChanged messages
bd62c29 binding: bluetooth: add version verb
93f9937 binding: bluetooth: initial commit of binding rewrite
45d4198 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
1f43dba Use feature 'required-binding'
85a473c binding: bluetooth: remove useless setHMIStatus
b6acaee binding: bluetooth: report HFPConnected status
2b6c0f0 binding: bluetooth: add version verb
dd2d10a binding: bluetooth: add adapter parameter to JSON output


ID Description
59a0595 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
db55cec binding: bluetooth-pbap: fix hang when an invalid handle was requested
db05819 binding: bluetooth-pbap: add initial
e6612a1 binding: bluetooth: change 'card' to 'handle' as field name
5a8da86 binding: bluetooth-pbap: upgrade bluetooth binding calls to version 2.0
2c8ef7a Migrate app-templates to CMake module
4f1f507 binding: pbap: upgrade afb framework to version 3
c17d8e9 Use feature 'required-binding'
d5d7da4 binding: bluetooth: pbap: remove session-dump.xml
59605e8 binding: pbap: change default build to RELEASE
d9bb566 binding: pbap: add missing conf.d/autobuild files


ID Description
b3ac735 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
7cf3679 docs: add yaml book
97a08a7 Smalls improvements
e190b7b Simpler handling of binding subscriptions
9cef981 Filter tests improvements
ff089ab Cleaning the code for now unused functions
ea35eab CAN FD implementation
b049485 Adds more tests about writing on CAN bus
99682db Rework writing CAN message on CAN buses.
37379a6 Use newly generated cpp file with default encoders
3275f39 Handle several can_frame in a BCM message
2daa033 Adds a new function to build from a json_object.
6d52fb8 Adjust “encoder” signature to fit cpp usage
731624a Code format and style changes
4b9b30a Update gitignore
5773aa8 Added afb-helpers submodule
515e55e Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
d43fa62 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
1b3655d Migration to binding v3
3331cf9 Updated app-templates submodule
9fd22ed Change the project name
87962da Use feature 'required-binding'
513cb7f Use the unified script to launch tests
390745b doc: Changed doc to new format
3e6d3fa Reach fixture files in all cases.


ID Description
bd95ccb Add gitreview file for guppy branch
c8639ac Move autobuild to top tree
5efacf8 Increase tests for data-persistence binding
7147b65 Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
0c33fe6 Improve tests for data-persistence
63ffbac Migrate app-templates to CMake module
2a5df65 Use feature 'required-binding'
0235f07 Fix config.cmake
5663cae Add tests for data persistence binding
d0a4331 Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.


ID Description
ca70a3d Add gitreview file for guppy branch
57883b5 binding: geoclue: fix typo in docs
b461d00 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
b03d371 Use feature 'required-binding'
aeec9ef binding: geoclue: update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule


ID Description
5294756 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
cf06a68 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
6e3fd12 Use feature 'required-binding'
5b68f42 binding: geofence: update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule


ID Description
d5a5866 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
3d01a83 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
e23b25e binding: gps: update conf.d/app-templates submodule
7cac672 Use feature 'required-binding'
d4191c4 Fix BUILD_TYPE in config.cmake
6e4f5c9 Add tests for gps binding
f3d87de Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.


ID Description
3a48280 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
1c9e3f4 Move autobuild to top tree
964991f Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
ca9a893 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
052e5e4 Fix Debian LUA 5.3 package name required


ID Description
5eae020 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
83cc1ae docs: add yaml book
b730d31 fix issue,not free string
31ff5ce update doc
bbb4ee8 change project name
cbb18a8 Improvement:a client instance only call afb_req_subscribe once
7a123d6 add new features in homescreen-service and homescreen
c6035c0 use appid instead of appname in “tap_shortcut”
d58138e Improve HS_ClientManager and fix issue
789ecb8 Migration to binding V3
ea459cc emit event to one application
28b7b54 Use feature 'required-binding'
be6dd71 Init afb_daemon event with loop
2aa2fc0 Add some comments for hs-helper


ID Description
27bcf2e Add gitreview file for guppy branch
650c835 binding: identity-agent: update binding to v3
1113250 Add autobuild to top tree
3dd3409 Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
3f47106 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
9952495 Use feature 'required-binding'
bdf7d85 curl-wrap: Tiny optimization
cd4d1ca binding: identity: update event processing for nfc binding data
937f332 binding: identity: remove useless NULL definition


ID Description
f742053 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
fd95aca Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
1594db3 Improve iiodevices test
d1845cf Migrate app-templates to CMake module
d17cec0 iiodevices: add afb_req_fail
731d7a9 set_channel: no next channel when it doesn't exist
e240ef9 Use feature 'required-binding'
c729e90 Add tests for iiodevice binding
0648db8 Init test directory for iiodevices
0df0797 Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.


ID Description
9e9f114 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
5469bd3 binding: mediaplayer: fix segfault without playlist and A2DP connected
83c16f4 binding: mediaplayer: allow open/close of mediaplayer roles
27eaf03 binding: mediaplayer: fix reporting to mediaplayer UI
fe715ce binding: mediaplayer: fix connect/disconnect of a2dp/avrcp profiles
abb035a Fix an issue in 4a support due to change in APIv3
1dfafa7 binding: mediaplayer: remove metadata verb
47cba68 binding: mediaplayer: add avrcp support
6c1719b binding: mediaplayer: update local media metadata to match avrcp
371a3a2 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
c668389 binding: mediaplayer: upgrade to version 3 of afb framework
76aaafb binding: mediaplayer: quiet some compile warnings
2ccdc42 Use feature 'required-binding'
16be4fc binding: mediaplayer: update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule


ID Description
f319b77 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
7c3ca95 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
885daf0 binding: mediaplayer: remove implicit type casting warning
0f1b9ab binding: mediascanner: upgrade binding to afb version 3
06f1222 Use feature 'required-binding'
a2df714 binding: mediascanner: update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule


ID Description
dcdd6ea Add gitreview for guppy
dd61aa3 Initial .gitreview


ID Description
bfba1f2 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
099e3b5 binding: network: remove unimplemented counter functionality
d491059 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
7693074 Use feature 'required-binding'


ID Description
b691f6a Add gitreview file for guppy branch
f352283 binding: nfc: increase safety checks around neardal api calls.
aab5e5d binding: nfc: check request value field on subscribe & unsubscribe
807f399 nfc: binding: fix formatting.
b7cae49 binding: nfc: Process content data from tag (adapter in tag reader mode)
557e5f0 binding: nfc: Fix segmentation fault.
f3849ce binding: nfc: remove dependencies on libnfc
de1d232 Revert “binding: nfc: return error code in init() function”
15944be Migrate app-templates to CMake module
1cb99d7 binding: nfc: return error code in init() function
aef0736 Use feature 'required-binding'


ID Description
af91b4b Add gitreview file for guppy branch
2e8ebe0 Add status event
6e70d2b Add audio role open/close support
6098681 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
4327c36 binding: radio: update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule
b9bebc1 Use latest version of app-templates submodule.
c0ea6ad Use feature 'required-binding'


ID Description
2d9f949 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
06be29c docs: add yaml book
74c0e1f Use specific binder's event handlers
e1ef945 Binding migration to v3
71507d3 Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
a3e28fb Handle new metadata signal's field
626bf1b Update basic configurations files
5f6ce66 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
44c1842 Use feature 'required-binding'
91dcc3a Fix: lua detection for debian like distro
fe8f535 Add tests on sources injection at runtime
54aaf89 Reorder and format tests
6636326 Fix wrong JSON unpack type
c6fd6ab Use the unified script to launch tests
644318f More accurate (un)subscribe answer
7138e18 Handle errors on signal initialization
e0655ca Fix: finding JSON file even if absolute path given
56237d3 Update controller submodule
07f57e2 txc-binding: migration to AFB_BINDING_VERSION 3
2e4bbe0 doc: Changed doc to new format
77973a7 txc-binding: in conf files, rename api to txc


ID Description
0af3471 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
7af1d0f Fix CRLF to LF
44bcedc docs: add yaml book
fada394 Use feature 'required-binding'


ID Description
5eb6bf5 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
df68cd9 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
127f4fb Use feature 'required-binding'
00609d3 Add gitreview


ID Description
70da4c8 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
a98fcb4 Use feature 'required-binding'


ID Description
68d7054 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
0a52e99 config: cmake: change default build to RELEASE
317deb3 agl-service-unicens: refresh readme file
ca306f8 agl-service-unicens: add standard microphone
5e62995 agl-service-unicens: convert line endings in xml
41a8a88 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
a04ac76 Update app-template submodule.
04888c6 agl-service-unicens: modify commands in web-ui
fd67157 Use feature 'required-binding'
de9d75e agl-service-unicens: support microphone front-end


ID Description
0d32b49 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
22a150f binding: weather: fix markdown rendering in
26d2f16 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
6bbb0b8 Use feature 'required-binding'
91fce13 Add gitreview


ID Description
923df38 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
a33cbe3 Add configuration file over-ride mechanism
1d09662 Fix misinterpreted return value
05b4c23 Make it easier to see journal log for debug
ed7ed1f docs: add yaml book
fb861c2 Emit events to application not subscriber
7ca956b Fix app surface is set to position (0, 0)
a96fae7 Fix timing issue of surface creation
d9dc8ef Migrates bindings v3
c5b6772 Remove unnecessary function
56cefbb doc: fix invalid image reference
671b366 Clean: Remove conversion table from old role
d6ead3b Rename the image file name
9b4dec5 Fix the file names
010ca3f Attach application to ivi-layer not to surface
c2110a3 Fix internal function name for consistency
8342c42 Fix the conversion table
5414b71 Delete verbs no longer used
6819f40 Refactor : Hide wayland operations from Window Manager
3338ef2 Improve ApplicationGuide
9fabd65 Fix memory leak
7526846 Include WMClient into WMRequest
3621896 Omit std::
b87827d Fix verbs
2fd5d33 Rename file names
5b1cf56 Migrate hmi-debug into util
e7ba7ca Drop 2017 suffix
2dfacac Use feature 'required-binding'
f0d9414 Clean: Remove split_layout structure
f98c0d9 Add .gitignore
88d27f7 Modify .gitreview
e65b048 Fix Window Manager crush when application terminated
1859dd4 Readd policy table generated by ZIPC for EXAMPLE
c1d8537 Readd Policy Manager as plugin
38255dc Fix multiple erase of surface information
000e5f8 Fix mistake
40ec5ee Fix WM attach layers to different screen.
8a791cb Improve output of multiple screen resolution
6bc7a27 Revert “Enable scaling to fit various screen resolutions”
6d11d35 Fix source rectangle changes every state change
3d1703f Fix crashed application can re-launch
7ee9367 Fix memory release problem
e4fcbf1 Fix the race condition of HomeScreen
2796f54 Remove useless functions
320122b Fix XDG application shrinks
f25e251 Fix timer
c6f9a9b Revert “Add PolicyManager as plugin”
e4222ca Revert “Add policy table generated by ZIPC for EXAMPLE”


ID Description
bc1997a Add gitreview file for guppy branch
32d6f2f Move autobuild to top tree
861d3aa Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
da2e1ea Migrate app-templates to CMake module
db041e4 Use feature 'required-binding'
eff1c33 fix package lua not found in pkg_required_list


ID Description
cf32ba8 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
a35b363 Fix build error


ID Description
ddc5c94 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
fd4fe75 Message deprecating the submodule usage
b3a54dd wrap-json: Improvements
69cb192 Revert “Added afb_list.h”
a8b170a Added afb_list.h
97a7ca2 filescan-utils: follow symbolic links in search


ID Description
d80c235 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
46e39dc Fix for Debian packages on dependencies names
bd79517 Update packaging files for the new dependencies
4dc980f Add a debug option for the native test launcher
c24fb79 Handle event in core binding
727d5cc Git submodules migration to separated libraries
58a1ada docs: add yaml book
cdaad5d Cleaning redundant link option specified
329d115 little memleak fix.
61f3565 Handle more argument's type when making a subcall
1e4cc59 Clean way to wait for an api's event
13c270a Limit the monitoring to events not to the requests
ebd628a Add new assert verb
df71761 Bump app-controller-submodule
012fd23 Move autobuild to top tree
0e2d5eb Change exit message depending on exit reason
4d9b8f8 Packaging: Set project version using command-line
27a69ea Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
25003dd Improves packaging debian rules
186580d Fix packaging for native build
2f36542 Docs reorganization and update
2a7b4de Migrate app-templates to CMake module
a50f22b Adjust lib dependencies
91e90e5 Add packaging materials
afa8dec Clean the code.
23c5406 Adds test set markers around each test file launch
3be1daa Add Lava markers on output and select test set
ee70785 Bump submodules
cac744e Be able to launch several verb in a row
4f0fc5c Improve native launching method
f4eb0fa Fix: wrong output file specified using single arg
002d918 Clean the base afb-test binding's dependencies
7b69512 Shellcheck: protect variable against whitespace
abede0f Improve exit output message
1a33ac2 Test the LockWait feature
52f416b Unify test launch between target and native
25903e6 Update documentation
cef21bd get rid of afb-definitions
02881ee Avoid to kill anything when no config file found
8de7f11 Separation between CB and classic test functions
d2fbdb5 Rename test service api to be more discriminant.
ca9049a Assert that an event hasn't been received
3db71f8 Script for both native and target launch
7608c49 Separate output files


ID Description
bb3571d Add gitreview file for guppy branch
f8531f9 ctl-action: fixed the calculation of the number of actions
f1c3b6b Message deprecating the submodule usage
2e97ca3 docs: add yaml book
48196b8 Reformating lines to be 80 characters long maximum
574c0b3 Detail configuration key and goal of a controller
0e395a6 memleak fixes
f332501 Retrieve by default an int64 instead of int
c3fa161 New function to retrieve Api's name from LUA
8bef6c3 Handle number and boolean to subcall an api's verb
3344fe2 Fix: compiling a controller without LUA support
70e1d98 Fix Parse plugin
309003b AFB:servsync: add string for query argument
33abde5 Reworked pluginConfig function
8094951 Retrieve plugin list from api rather than a global
871bd64 Add setter/getter for user free defined pointer
f543f05 Pass the plugin to action.
ce07538 Abort if one required API is missing
625ce77 Correct an error when no plugins are defined
0f708ba Decrease print level when no onload action
8d53984 Add a 'params' fields for controller plugins
35398f2 Call wasn't done correctly in 'CtlConfigExec'
bc13eef Add ctlPlugins array to the ctlConfig structure
0176d18 Add an Init step to the plugins load


ID Description
39190b9 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
5dcf192 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
c74785a Add gitreview file for guppy branch
8c48d09 Switch units to MPH
a6aa079 Fix language selection buttons
67093a2 Modify graphics role


ID Description
b2252a1 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
281589c agl-documentation: add homescreen-book.yml
bb642c0 docs: add yaml book
3229c69 Bind the slider volume to the 4a active role
4667d93 add new features in homescreen-service and homescreen
0d1f9cf homescreen: bluetooth: switch bluetooth power status
39f7901 Use graphic_role
6a71258 use appid instead of appname in “tap_shortcut”


ID Description
a36adf5 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
f4cb3ec Simplify main.cpp
e884c02 delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event
8e1f5c1 hvac: remove hvac binding from package
0279e46 Use feature 'required-binding'


ID Description
8f173b7 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
053c8f8 use appid instead of appname in “tap_shortcut”
471a828 fix issue,call tap_shortcut carelessly


ID Description
4dced4f Add gitreview file for guppy branch
9c97f94 mediaplayer: qml: change album art to libqtappfw
a605a43 Use Event_ShowWindow instead of Event_TapShortcut
288364b mediaplayer: fix UI handover between A2DP/AVRCP to local media
01820c0 mediaplayer: qml: fix libqtappfw method calls
59d7450 mediaplayer: readd connect/disconnect from avrcp + a2dp profiles
6910d93 mediaplayer: update qml to match new agl-service-mediaplayer interface
3b6450c mediaplayer: add project vimrc
91458dc Modify graphics role
3a13539 delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event


ID Description
8611417 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
9dc69df Add some space between the volume sliders
938e339 Use Event_ShowWindow instead of Event_TapShortcut
d32d36b Reworked the way qml create sliders
f8da591 Fix indent using tab instead of spaces
1b8ad36 Handle the volume_changed event
09f1cb7 Fix json format changed since v3
1406acd Modify graphic role
23736fb Migrate app-templates to CMake module
f2d1e14 delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event


ID Description
34c9cac Add gitreview file for guppy branch
ae47635 Add gitreview


ID Description
546f513 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
279b7db phone: qml: add photo support for contacts
0f8ad02 Use Event_ShowWindow instead of Event_TapShortcut
d366f0c Modify graphic role
6411e27 phone: add agl-service-bluetooth-pbap to required apis
1049542 delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event
0431f09 phone: remove telephony binding from package


ID Description
9cd3891 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
b76a642 Use Event_ShowWindow instead of Event_TapShortcut
06a1ce1 Modify graphic role
e78714d delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event


ID Description
b24b018 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
d120735 settings: bluetooth: switch from Component.onCompleted power event
c765166 settings: bluetooth: fix power button issue
9bbd516 Fix runtime issue introduced in 2f812cb (gerrit:#19341)
2f812cb settings: remove dbus outdated code and references
1b5502a settings: qml: add spacing between elements
9cab315 Use Event_ShowWindow instead of Event_TapShortcut
082863e Fix a couple of UI issues
fba3f8d settings: bluetooth: hide paired list when adapter isn't powered
7184800 settings: add missing deviceConnect to paired list
6114759 Modify graphic role
ec66821 settings: update to bluetooth binding verion 2.0
bfa5c49 settings: add .vimrc project file
d674cc9 delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event


ID Description
4b7bbd1 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
0735398 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
5575d72 Add gitreview for guppy
7d1045b Add gitreview


ID Description
03d23ac Add gitreview file for guppy branch
4eb02cc Rework ALSA control set/get function
b04cb5e Improve prints when setting values of control
056aa12 Send back cardid only if request is valid
0219aa9 Improve ALSA control creation
980a8f0 Fix dbScale generation when adding custom control
985df9f alsaSetGetCtls: fixed a memory leak
25e4773 Move autobuild to top tree
838192f Add test for 4a-alsa-core
2a9a1b6 Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
6a6963c Migrate app-templates to CMake module


ID Description
779366b bluealsa plugin: monitor the state of service via dbus
387d591 hal-bluealsa: fixes the abort due to sync call in io event
48cd433 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
2b558bb Migrate to newer application framework calls
20a22fa Migrate app-controller from submodule to library
9f6a13d Migrate afb-helpers from submodule to library
756f8d0 Move from controller functions to afb functions
524ad81 Create 'halmap' ALSA controls events earlier
9ea8f82 Add event to indicate hal stream changes
5f5c1a6 Improve stream creation/deletion functions
e3f74a9 Use linked-list to handle hal stream list
4f44ee8 Turn '4a-hal-utilities' into an internal library
a93c356 Use latest version of app-controller submodule.
01d55ed Adds support for bluetooth audio through bluez-alsa
dbe555b Remove old comments not true anymore
ef3b6e3 Update version of app-controller submodule.
f278417 Add halmap controls events generation for all hal
ec6351b Add streams events generation for each hal
a480485 Rework calls to mixer streams
ecb0392 Add 'halmap' controls in hal 'info' verb response
f741fc8 Add setting values of a ALSA control using a +/-
cdbaaf3 Send back control previous and current values
3aa9dec Send back control current values if no request json
07c240d Add a function to get values of an alsa control
03776c5 Improve ALSA controls volume values conversion
a34509b Update syntax of a request of an halmap verb
86a1b87 Typo fix in halmap call response
cb1dfa9 Correct halmap calls request json syntax
be74611 Move hal configuration files into 4a-hal-configs repository
265d86d Add master branch into .gitreview file
2a0c79f Move hal controls actions at the end of hal init
55561d8 Add autobuild to top tree
7db42de Add tests for 4a-hal-generic
d3c0253 Change .gitmodules following submodule migration
3c2fbe2 hal-bt : Each plugin has its own data structure
226aa0f Use new ctl functions to set/get ctl external data
71a57c4 Update version of app-controller submodule.
32b4b5c Force each hal to have its own ctl section data
be188c3 Use ctl defines to call afb functions
cabdc82 Add .gitreview to 4a-hal-generic
50be438 Migrate app-templates to CMake module
e2c7086 Correct typo in Intel UpSquared hal
67b5e77 Update clone commands in
2c06b1d Update 'halmap' section of Intel UpSquare hal
ff42e1c 4a hal for Intel UpSquare via HDMI socket
3b7a994 bluetooth: set audio rate to 44100
19e4a3c hl-bt: Check that hal is available in init
40b5fca hal-bt: Use plugin name definition in prints
44ba7ad Move hal sections callbacks after plugin callback
5ccf7be Update version of app-controller submodule.
04bb36a hal-bt: Enrich 'halmixer' section in plugin init
e1b9634 Remove unnecessary sections in hal json
cb808e8 Update version of app-controller submodule.
9b45ed9 hal-bt: Use plugin name in onload/init prints
07ac228 hal-bt: Check presence of a bluetooth receiver
2026507 hal-bt: Move bluetooth api require into init
b45add1 Move mixer attach into its controller section
daff7a6 Remove unnecessary 'function' string in prints
5e00458 Update version of app-controller submodule.
b33ce54 Added radio stream to all the HALs
6ad908f kingfisher: merged the radio HAL into the main HAL
8326170 Add ctl actions needed by Hal-Bt in plugin init
bce96da Update version of app-controller submodule.
2c3af29 Add hal json with bluetooth for reference boards
2828b18 Handle error send by Bluetooth-Manager
c5d3dee Get bluetooth device interface from path in HalBt
3874472 Correct a typo in debug print of Hal-Bt plugin
def67c9 Prevent segfault when receiving request in Hal-Bt
9f88b34 hal-bt-data: ignore devices with no UUIDs
43129f2 Free afb call sync json returned object in Hal-Bt
26e4b4b Improve Hal-Bt print messages
26741cc Improve Hal-Bt plugin A2DP bt devices detection
e185efc HalBt plugin keeps list of connected A2DP devices
3a7a112 Use correct file to include controller
9b70627 Improve Hal-Bt plugin event catcher behaviour
ad0caae Prevent Hal-Bt plugin from crashing 4A
106db2e Correct an error in Hal-Bt when calling 'mixer'
7811ea2 hal-4a-rcar-m3-bt.json: removed the plugin search path
da77454 hal-bt! display error messages of sync calls
0f4af8f Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.
98c160e Update version of afb-helpers submodule.
22c2c14 Implement link with softmixer in hal-bt plugin
13d8b36 Get hal data in hal-bt plugin
57c1e0b Test afb require result at hal-bt plugin load
6b21504 Add handling of hci and profile in hal-bt plugin
6249713 Fix little mistakes/typo in hal bluetooth plugin
f410a02 Force hals init before ending hal-manager init
6adfd2c Decrease level of a msg printed in event catcher
8d5f875 minnow board: fixed the pcm device in json config
1163d44 Use latest version of app-controller submodule.
92eb34c Add bluetooth hal plugin
deb9944 Remove unnecessary 'struct' before json_object
15bdf07 Correct an error when unpacking alsacore response
d2c0a54 Correct errors in hal-utilities-data prototypes
c9bbd96 hal-4a-raspberry-pi-3: add a WARNING related to RPI3 sound driver bug
e1e0697 Correct 'volume' control in Minnowboard hal
3fc57cf Add Raspberry Pi 3 HAL
ff5f602 Correct error print when attaching to mixer
6c5fc78 Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.
ff8687c Update version of app-controller submodule.
40713cc Update version of afb-helpers submodule.
66a6ab7 Remove trailing white spaces in radio config file
d8144cd Added a radio to 2 channels playback .json example
fffa3ac Update binding entry for app-fw v3.
9258a25 Set binding api version directly in top cmake
f52f5e9 Update version of app-controller submodule.
a29505a Add hal for intel qemu audio configuration
e484daf Simplify ping verb call print output
a5591f3 adjust CONTROL_CONFIG_PATH to point to …/etc
ad171d8 Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.
82aa56f Don't handle hal enabling
05a8fdd Update version of conf.d/app-templates submodule.
a3ca96d Update version of app-controller submodule.
f23494b Update version of afb-helpers submodule.
471a694 Update version of app-controller submodule.
6a7f723 Correct audio configurations for Rcar boards
85fd2f1 Disable community hals by default
af048eb Fix spelling in
16277b3 Improve hal list response from hal-manager
51dff31 Remove boolean library
8e923d9 Free json objects that should have been freed
5bfa3c8 Correct handling of incomming json messages
8bbfce6 Authorize launching 4a-hal with no config file
e03602c Correct the request return when calling a stream
ddf7309 Delay event parsing to be the last
2a28318 Optimize alsacore event handler
ab16006 Update Kingfisher json configuration files
d9596df Authorize empty response from mixer
15a4847 Call onload section to before halmap section
69cad3c Correct typo in
b217e34 4a-hal-cfg-reference: add HAL definition for M3 on Kingfisher
a65635b Correct a failed request warning message
57a40f0 Update
5f084f5 config.cmake: adjust paths (CONTROL_*_PATH)
e9cf87a Add Hal (audio json configration files)
81d3870 Update USB json configuration files
b3a3f32 Change verb prefix separator accroding to mixer
c4c6dae Correct typo in README
6e0fa9d Auithorize sending empty json to verbs
adde996 Move onload section parsing last
a78f724 Revert “Move controller config exec before onload action”
340ff2d Return the result of call to mixer
dded1b1 Correct some compilation warnings
2f4d9d8 Correct a cast error
3611753 Print some errors in info verbs
4e05b19 Test 'asprintf' return
111cb2a Update accordingly to recent changes
4978d96 Updates json controller configuration files
9ba38de Use structure defined in controller to load verbs
07c3ecb Rename files handling call/response of mixer
757c9b4 Update 4a-hal to work with new 4a-softmixer
611de9d Correct a syntax mistake in function declaration
3571ce9 Change mixer data structures names
e8cd2f8 Change name of 'list' verb to 'info'
0c99273 Move controller config exec before onload action
a550e2a Remove test cfg files and add community cfg file
22069b2 Add search for a concurent hal at mixer attach
bf9611f Add a function to search for hal using its dev-id
fc6a9c7 Return an error when hal attach to mixer fails.
cfd7792 Change paramters in functions handling hal data
957ccad Add device id when hal metadata are asked
14412fb Use a local strucuture to store hal manager data
ce6c73e Define ping function as a definitive function
1af3f6a Remove Alsa max card as it won't be used.
78298d0 Add free of 'CtlHalAlsaMapT' data structure
748d41d Update
d1a287b Update request success macro used in code
198ec9d Update version of app-controller submodule.
0f6d213 Move mixer attach at hal startup
cc1ec41 Add value normalization of alsa control values
5adbcac Updates json controller configuration files
dddb442 Get alsa controls properties at control get
7297c6b Process and handle alsa controls map
180b6af Correct a typo in responses
c7ed18b Remove an unnecessary variable
f0cbf96 Prevent sending data to mixer of hal is not ready
2ae25fb Set external hal status to ready at loading.
b55d3b5 Change the way to handle app fw error
19e10ae Change the field name use to store card path
18cc036 Use a boolean to set if api is internal
bb223de Change the way to get card id using its path
b04d498 Correct a little mistake into verbs loader
c5d8969 Updates json controller configuration files
b19cb71 Change a comment about what to list
e77cae7 Change some comments to add TBD things
5877964 Update version of app-controller submodule.
b62ab4c Include afb-definitions when using application framework
d7496f8 Update version of afb-helpers submodule.
a3a85cc Update version of app-controller submodule.
51301b1 Remove cmake install prefix from default cmake
65344b8 Correct a debug warning about a variable
8f7107d Fix a typo in a debug message
3f2dc28 Move cmake install prefix
f90ddc8 Fix typo in
2496177 Fixed
c2c210a Updates json controller configuration files
67fc2c2 Handle hal status using card presence and mixer init
7010811 Generate an error when mixer initialization fails
8bbaffa Use error codes when handling mixer init response
6629b72 Remove reference to alsa in 4a-hal-manager
98003ee Replace controller macro use by app fw macro use
718a285 Add some missing cast
eb4967f Handle app fw call errors in a dedicated function
4e4fd6e Rename a filed of 'CtlHalStreamData' structure
beba0a6 Correct date in .c and .h files
250d689 Minor corrections in config.cmake
2955664 Write the of this repository.
cb18f3d Correction of list verb when there's no streams
0c8db50 Fix typo in request reponses of a app fw verb
bf2f498 Fix a typo in '4a-hal-utilities-verbs-loader.c' file
678ddcd Add a table to see which hal is using which alsa hw
069f177 Handle mixer responses correctly
8943be0 Handle mixer response after its init
67c4b9b Don't seal hal controller api at its init
4c49eec Updates json controller configuration file
509c14e Store uid of the hal mixer configuration and use it
c461cb8 Updates json controller configuration files
9fb0b41 Update version of afb-helpers submodule.
7ab7a36 Implementation of 'list' verb for controller hal
6461482 Parse config to get streams 'halmap' controls
48566a4 Handle stream calls to transfer to mixer api
fba2f96 Add 'init-mixer' verb to hal controller
bb13f73 Parse controller config to get halmixer json object
b173499 Implementation of functions for external hal
ee559d1 Handle if some hal info are not available
fe2759e Use a structure to store ctl hal specific data
c82bd2a Use json_object* instead of struct json_object*
dbc8a56 Change the way that hal data are initialized and freed
bd32e82 Rename function used to load verbs into a dynamic api
44dab57 Update json controller configs to match example HW
88a6835 Regroup declaration of variables in functions
00bb4d0 Remove some unnecessary free
e7d27f6 Remove the 'ping' of each hal controller api
e21766d Add a 'List' verb to each hal controller api
d43607b Change the name of controller configuration files
7013c6d Change how to request all loaded api info
3026b78 Remove sections id in sections callbacks structure
5a2853b Change names of some structures fields
5fa641b Get Hal controller api structure fields properly
6ff2903 Corrects json controller configurations
ee3ba0f Update json controller configurations
cf7c328 Update version of app-controller submodule.
cf618ac Corrects version of app-controller submodule
99fcc5f Pre-version of 4a-hal-manager
28642c7 Add HAL configuration example json.
7d879a6 Add compilation configuration
ee5447c Update submodules
70b9feb Update gitignore
307846a Add submodule for afb-helpers
678db6d Add submodules and gitignore
927ee6f Initial commit


ID Description
1e5b912 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
9228c9d update license file
362c235 Add unicens input plugin for md microphone
5770713 Rename unicens plugin as output unicens plugin
6b432e3 hal-unicens: minor cleanup of plugin code
2e2b53d hal-unicens: cleanup of plugin implementation
08bd085 hal-unicens: update json files
2999b7e cmake: enable lua, change project name for install
5977f20 hal-unicens: update cmake configuration
27a3ecb hal-unicens: switched to cmaketemplate
eecae0a hal-unicens: code cosmetics, remove unused code
3b4582f hal-unicens: removed unused sections, updated json
8dc6241 hal-unicens: introduced mutexes, update config
c2d8afa 4a-hal-unicens: updated json and removed conc acc.
0bf3dc6 4a-hal-unicens: change log output
94e8568 4a-hal-unicens: define different json files
17aecba 4a-hal-unicens: Support Fiberdyne Amp
2fac61e 4a-hal-unicens: prepare support for Fiberdyne Amp
3798969 4a-hal-unicens: fixes json parsing issue
6c11834 ignore build folder
1d927f0 Add submodule app-controller
a56303d Add basic source and configuration files
d74a2eb Initial commit
8ef79c4 4a-hal-unicens: prepare import of plugin
6c067df Migrate app-templates to CMake module
b071fc0 4a-hal-unicens: add Fiberdyne Master Volume


ID Description
036a913 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
0e5cddf afb-stub-ws: Fix concurrent memory issues
8b58a16 jobs: Ensure releasing event loop
4bb7ed6 Set default version to 7.0.0: GRUMPY GUPPY
3facd51 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
194031d hello3: Fix warning unused variable
0c68d46 afb-hsrv: Avoid call to getnameinfo
2ff91c0 jobs: Remove conditionnal REMOVE_SYSTEMD_EVENT
48df1b4 jobs: Separate internal threads from others
e9c6530 jobs: Refactor event loop handling
bb5dd7a afb-proto-ws: Serialize incoming message
a4bb03e packaging: update dependency on libmicrohttpd version
1bce833 afb-api-v3: Fix potential buffer overflow
3bb9874 afb-binding-v3: Fix issues in includes
eb9be95 packaging: Remove hard dependency to samples
7508331 hello3: Add verb 'after'
7916ea9 bindings/samples: Cleanup and tiny comment
e84fc44 jobs: Fix a lock of call sync
68b824f Remove useless %lang% prefix in yaml book file
cde9f16 wrap-json: Upgrade to latest version
c31411a afb-hsrv: Prepare selection of listening interfaces
2703a6b afb-trace: Make real timestamps
3b939e7 docs: add yaml book
9295a52 afb-proto-ws: Add error report
3f2e3d9 afb-hook: Improve reentrancy of hooking
13a5afe Fix deprecation warnings for older GCC versions
bc247d4 globset: Introduce globset for event handling
153a7c9 AFB.js: Tiny improvement and space fix
eca8f3d afb-socket: Fix address reuse
42099d3 afb-export: Fix error in event handling
83c9e99 main-afb-daemon: Export variables to connect to binder
875007d afb-socket: Relax requirement of tcp ending slash
f3048dc samples: Fix compiling error
8754e33 afb-socket: Handle listening on all interfaces
68fb4de afb-hsrv: Adapt to next version of libmicrohttpd
dfe85ca Added an option to color out the ouput
61a0151 afb-session: Add language to session
c1c4973 monitoring: Fix naming of apis
5ee4995 afb-apiset: Reorder priority of messages
6b0b904 Make profile.d file consistent between rpm and debian
db0e684 AFB.html: Allow to call any verb of any API
6c9e231 afb-hsrv: Lower the “no handler” message
deaf209 APIv3: Allow to write application binding
86e4c17 afb-api-so-v3: Keep root API in all cases
fd57dbf genskel: Fix issues for C++ bindings v3
40fa7ea packaging/deb: install all headers
9ce66be Fix native deb pkg install dependency
195a03d afb-export: Emit a warning on bad 'afb_require_api' call
efd6d20 afb-socket: API name cares of abstract UDS
c19ce12 afb-session: Fix an issue in managing sessions
80c96d7 CMakeLists: Use AGLVERSION if set


ID Description
79015ee Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
d07c7f7 Set default version 7.0.0 GRUMPY GUPPY
61c6490 Revert “afm-unit: Restore removal of capabilities”
8e5fc40 wgtpkg-unit: Fix Segmentation fault
728c665 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
9f24684 afm-user-setup service: disable start rate limit
da0ec3a Revert “afm-unit: add autoapi in required-api feature”
adc590a Fixed book.yml file
f2a2f13 afm-unit: Restore removal of capabilities
f8b0495 afm-unit: Fix http port multi allocation
a8ffd52 wrap-json: Upgrade to latest version
2b6e13b afm-unit: add autoapi in required-api feature
0eb4c25 book doc: add book yaml file
1b1399e wgtpkg-install: Improve port allocation
61b0cc7 API Landing Page: Test landing page for all APIs
7ecf0c1 onappid: retrieves the 'appid' with id field
94176d9 afm-unit: Export new variables
44c70fd Treat correctly running/not running status
bceaf2c afm-system-daemon: Improve error message report
5f7901d afm-util: Fix report of error
dc0836f Install afm-user-daemon with correct rights
d40fc40 afm-urun: Force scan of systemd units
375f481 afm-unit.conf: Enforce starting after network
24f0c20 Add the ability to access binding through tcp
0e0ae55 afm-unit.conf: Restrict service for APIs
43bc2e5 docs: Improve documentating 'required-binding'
f031387 afm-unit.conf: force symbolic link on update
91baca1 doc: Changed doc to new format
2a0ac96 wgtpkg-install: Force uninstall
b2329b7 CMakeLists: Use AGLVERSION if set


ID Description
3aec39f Add gitreview file for guppy branch
450838e Check if card is sealed before attempting to map a stream
5e431d7 Rework setting the AVIRT map, and stream creation
2e1b1a2 Make snd_avirt_stream_get an exported function
e423837 Create PCM devices as soon as the AVIRT map is set
dbfb35a Add check for channel count in pcm_open
4737bc9 Make card discoverable at module load
42000f2 Ensure that PCM callback 'close' is never NULL
72e3955 Add build script for AGL without XDS
6b9718b Add null check for supplied Audio Path PCM ops
132ac31 Clear LDFLAGS in Makefile
9bc9a6b Fix vmalloc failure for some platforms
4d67fe2 Remove rogue info print
0b7527a Add missing return on error
d84d13e Ensure snd_avirt_private_free is not called if NULL
af54a3d Fix missing 'close' PCM callback
4ff37d5 Rework PCM ops callback mechanism
a64111a Refactor/tidy snd_avirt_private_data
bd186ee Only call 'configure' cb if there are streams for Audio Path
26fd635 Add private data structure to PCM for audio path management
932491f Transform AVIRT into platform driver
ae62015 Refactor some variables for better readability
52db7a2 Only expose streams mapped to audiopaths on configure() cb
0765c6c Remove coreinfo, absorb version info into core
80973a6 Fix debug print macro
5628270 Add modules and modules_install to Makefile
a0b9cc8 Fix .vscode deploy tasks
188712f Add missing changes after GitHub rebase
2351ee5 Refactor alsa-pcm.c to pcm.c
cce221e Update .clang-format
d66dbf0 Refactor all avirt_ symbols to have have snd prefix, as per Linux sound
d8ff159 Refactor core_internal.h to core.h
e734ca6 Optimize CHK_ macros
18007ca Move system-leavel header to sound directory
6e5b92c Remove unused MODULE_SUPPORTED_DEVICE macros, removed obsolete comments
92492a2 Reinstate temporarily removed PCM callbacks
6b1a48a Update license headers
f0029c3 Fix module authors/descriptions
9649877 Add docs: Add architecture diagram for 4A
cd12885 Update docs to include loopback
3b62055 Update documentation
07505fd Adding github preview extensions for vs code
c6c2c32 Update
94eb097 Updating Introduction doc
056c375 Fixing table of contents in README documentation
1361011 Adding table of for contents for README documentation
7e4db2f Updating build instructions
83ab0cd Changes to readme files
a3e9a9e Added load/unload documentation.
819bbaa Committing usage document
72499de Updating build instructions
5a2a915 Changes to readme files
386c29d Add docs folder for in depth breakdown of module.
cce1002 Update VSC tasks, XDS conf
39af5aa Add working loopback implementation, helper scripts
3b2d263 Fix DO_AUDIOPATH_CB, remove unused PCM cbs for now
de58013 Remove remaining blocksize associated calcs
d996ba9 Make Audio Path searching dynamic again
1b8e8c7 Refactor avirt_card_register, move PCM creation to it.
85510ff Add card to the configure callback
470fdcb Refactor to use new DINFO macros
931ac3b Fix issue with 'map' configfs store
0acef17 Remove blocksize from audiopath
f834eb7 Move 'streams_sealed' to avirt_core
aeb43d0 Ensure no buffer overflow when setting card description
86c7730 Clean up sound card on module exit
7e4d6e2 Fix scripts, move all to scripts folder
e82e7c6 Update
81693e7 Add configfs test script
3247d61 Add configfs interface, revamp stream grouping
6c5c0d6 Make pcm_ack static
329a6c0 Fix memory freeing of capture/playback streams
d20d3b1 Refactor top-level AVIRT API to be avirt_<subject>_<action>
c032639 Create avirt_stream structure in place of old config structures
3786b60 Add 'uid' field to AP, store AP in PCM private data, fix helper macros
99a09bc Fix kernel crash, where kzalloc is not alloc'ing enough memory!
ae40030 Remove configure_pcm function, absorb into pcm_open
93db730 Fix warnings generated by
91c57bc Remove remnant debug print
4e675e7 Move ALSA info into coreinfo, for export to Audio Paths
8be23a7 Remove leftover variable 'hw_frame_idx'
449c968 Remove unused 'buffersize' avirt_alsa_dev_group
a021324 Remove the unnecessary allocation of substreams in avirt_alsa_dev_group
f7f995a Remove test 'value' parameter from avirt_audiopath
bde8747 Add additional NULL checks
993a6fb Fix initialization of the audiopath_list
55d9a9f Loopback progress
bc249f2 Current state of loopback.
b46cfdf Changes to loopback
7bbfc5e Updating loopback audio path.
c656cad Add updates to Makefiles and tasks for building
38d1728 Adding groundwork for loopback
5594ba3 Remove snd_pcm_lib_mmap_vmalloc from default pcm_ops struct.
9461e4c Adds 'all' and 'clean' to Makefile for out-of-tree builds
e0fe74f Update
82a633f Update licensing
abfc8ab Update
04fbe08 Update
bc8c3a6 Public push of AVIRT.


ID Description
38eec64 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
d01f3c6 Improve safety of link to event loop
b73d090 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
c014607 add new features in homescreen-service and homescreen
43452ff use appid instead of appname in “tap_shortcut”
8bf11a8 emit event to one application
cac960f Remove compile warning


ID Description
c01880d Add gitreview file for guppy branch
3dec5b3 libqtappfw: Add radio binding support
60094aa libqtappfw: bluetooth: add transport to discovery filter
e146895 libqtappfw: pbap: add VC_PHOTO support to contacts
cdfb8ce libqtappfw: mediaplayer: set album art via qml context
2fe094a libqtappfw: pkg-config: add Qt5WebSockets to required
14e7b04 libqtappfw: mediaplayer: add connect/disconnect methods
0e1dae0 libqtappfw: bluetooth: send out power event
61ef43a libqtappfw: bluetooth: update to rewrite of bluetooth binding
6446a12 libqtappfw: bluetooth: remove avrcp_controls
c8304d3 Revert “libqtappfw: bluetooth: add binding version 2.0 verbs”
fcf72b3 libqtappfw: make check for event message case insensitive
4508f46 libqtappfw: bluetooth: add binding version 2.0 verbs
daadd6c libqtappfw: bluetooth: add initial API versioning to BluetoothMessage
04a093d libqtappfw: bluetooth: fix typo for device_priorities verb access
d02ac96 libqtappfw: add version verb to allowable requests
051bf8e libqtappfw: remove deleteLater instances that aren't used


ID Description
c76df49 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
b218476 fix issue and modify function parameter name
fdeea80 add new features in homescreen-service and homescreen
6de1147 use appid instead of appname in “tap_shortcut”


ID Description
3099f81 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
8877b03 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
3ff0715 Inherit LibWindowmanager
d186c2c Use simple API of libwindowmanager
93b1927 Fix memory leak when application dead


ID Description
d30ba3b Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
42dbcc0 Improve integration of callsync
bab3af6 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
a6a5499 Add gitreview
b7d44a2 Get rid of usage of CMake module
9a441da Adds CAN FD flag on message object.
e2a6bd1 Ability to use custom encoder for CAN signals
6a3e853 Migrate app-templates to CMake module


ID Description
2fa1503 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
75a0dac Add gitreview file for guppy branch
dfb706e docs: add yaml book
e7e5d6c Improve
c7c112e Add gitreview file


ID Description
f03625f Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
d608ad6 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
2b9546e ptest wrapper: disable smack
c2ab422 ptest wrapper: add ptest-installed PASS
4352370 ptest wrapper: use new LAVA mode
4f56ed2 Tune down on selection of ptests and ramp-up one-by-one
d006502 Add sample folders for daily, weekly and release
9e4c15e yocto-ptest: fix ptest-runner failure case
f2359fb yocto-ptest: fix bash syntax error
fbd61ab Fix typo in wrapper
fae09f6 Add the long ptest job and enhance the short job
a30c5cb Add test to dump the systemd journal
4edd33a Add job to delay shutdown for manual inspection
40fa2d1 Update units to test with ptest
cce6785 Remove deprecated service check


ID Description
dd9354f Add gitreview file for guppy branch
171e9dc Fix compile error
26d3b8a Exposed QMLApplicationEngine from AGLApplication
c0d77c2 Improve Qt-ness of AGLApplication
02ce712 Add a public feature for wgtpkg-pack
2fe96de Replace slots with Q_SLOTS
72bb964 delete application_name check in tap_shortcut event


ID Description
41c5f1c Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
f829aae Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
3da32a9 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
c8d58e4 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
adf1ab2 Add .gitignore
b84f948 transmitter: Avoid multiple module load error
8d837e2 transmitter: Fix the return value of transmitter_output_enable
a1974a6 Fix libdir in cmake files for yocto
d38b138 Add gitreview file


ID Description
2fc44fa Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
eb6e4ca Add gitreview file for guppy branch
3009a19 Fix button visibility issue
6d14032 Add Image Path
e9c65d5 Added support of new image_url field
7185530 Rework zip package versioning
d48bd52 Fix SDK and project dropdown boxes display with mozilla
0e0e584 Fix sdk filters on page refresh
dea62f2 Bump xds-server to latest version
4695ce0 Rework last changes about LD_LIBRARY_PATH issue
c255860 Reset by default LD_LIBRARY_PATH in xds-project.conf
135754a Fixed webapp build error in prod mode
319bdec Fixed 'Unknown sdkid' error in dashboard


ID Description
90c17cb Add gitreview file for guppy branch
f2838fb Disable completion (not working well)
0012c3c Display new image url field with sdk list command
5b9b728 Rework zip package versioning
aabf2c5 Update command used to extract version from tag
100450b Bump xds-agent to latest version
ea6d35c Add hidden option -ldlibpath-no-reset
5e7b2de Make id option overwrite XDS_xxx_ID env var


ID Description
09d460f Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
8b58e85 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
6bbd50c docs: add yaml book
4d79316 Improved xds docker image installation instructions
7d738af Clarify options of docker container creation script
24cc127 Update summary according to last changes (bbbe9c)
bbbe9c1 Improves documentation
48374d2 Bump 6.0.0 / FF
fac0d98 Remove duplicate instructions for SDKs install
eb6d3bf Removed mention of TFTP port and minor improvements.
f260390 Invert order of installation chapters


ID Description
b2fcf79 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
1236a62 Rework zip package versioning


ID Description
8a7fd1d Add gitreview file for guppy branch
add6f92 Switch to https protocol for urls
8f7e656 Update to latest FF verison and add GG releases
be47274 Check dependency tools before running tests
4b57ec1 Add checking about go-race requested to run tests
7b929eb Remove dependency of killall
22ce6ab Allow XDT_SDK overwrite
24581d4 Removed incorrect setting for systemd service
a740425 testify: assert replace by require
3e32224 testExec: error exec with a fakeid
2076b45 packaging: add dependency to jq
b33e880 Added support of new image_url field
7939184 Rework zip package versioning
777f883 Fix tests
5fa0020 Prevent db-dump failure when sdk is not valid
ecef047 Adds 'image_url' JSON parameter to an SDK entry
6748a26 Unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH before executing commands (exec api)
79333f3 Fix qemu sdk detection
5e979f0 update xds-server package in docker
4982769 fileconfig: env variables after default values
de8154b Fixed incorrect detection of installed SDKs
8861c18 Update naming of SDKs provided by
fd25910 Cleanup useless SDKs from SDKs db/list
44ee68c Improved again instructions readability of static page
300f37b Update doc link and clarify instructions
1c67068 Update sdks list definition
512e0a7 fix sdks list bug: move rgx into db-dump
95293a7 Cleanup sdks*.json files while executing distclean
d5d6193 Update SDK definition - add flounder
bfd581e Filter output of environment


ID Description
7c2023e Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
4a67e8f Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
f3508b0 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
671dd3f Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
03fd652 Add gitreview file for guppy branch


ID Description
c33afc0 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
869175e Add gitreview file


ID Description
a6dc017 Add gitreview file for guppy branch
93a5d6f Use Event_ShowWindow instead of Event_TapShortcut
415e5cb Force set/unset keyboard focus
8c5d363 Sort out package of examples
f043221 use appid instead of appname in “tap_shortcut”
3227f2b Add gitreview file
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