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Rygel is a UPnP/DLNA audio-video Media Server.

It is able to share multimedia files with UPnP-compatible devices through the network, and provides basic logic required by DLNA players.

Project site :

AGL Demonstration Platform

The version of Rygel found on AGL Demonstration Platform is customized to integrate the LightMediaScanner Plugin, able to communicate via D-Bus with the embedded-oriented LightMediaScanner media indexer.

(by default, LightMediaScanner is looking for media files in the /usr/share/media directory)

Both Rygel and LightMediaScanner are started automatically at system startup. Then, using a UPnP client such as VLC or eezUPnP, you will be able to discover media just like in this video.

Note : Switching back to default "Media-Export" plugin

LightMediaScanner is able to do fast discovery and indexing, but it currently lacks the ability to initiate audio/video rendering using the GStreamer media engine. If this is wanted, the default Media-Export plugin can be enabled back by changing the following sections in ”/etc/rygel.conf” :


and restarting Rygel :

$ systemctl restart rygel

Additional information

Additional information regarding Rygel and LightMediaScanner can be found on the Embedded Linux wiki :

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