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Complete lifecycle


Entrance Criteria:

  • Email Sent to Steering Committee Coordinator with the project proposal.


  • Steering Committee Coordinator creates Wiki page for project proposal and works with proposer to gather required information including
    • Project Name
    • Description
    • Scope
    • Committed Resources (from proposing company or elsewhere)
    • Resource/staffing plan
    • Request for additional resources provided by AGL (if needed)

Exit Criteria:

  • Wiki page completed and put on Steering Committee backlog for review.



  • Proposer makes pitch to Steering Committee to approve the project
  • Project Lead identified
  • Steering Committee may refer the project to the System Architecture Team for analysis
  • System Architecture Team reviews proposal to ensure it is consistent with AGL Technical Vision, Architecture, and Roadmap and works with the project team to bring the project in line with those objectives.
  • Project proposal refined including scope, budget, target release, desired outcomes, and committed resources
  • Project team works with System Architecture Team to ensure that Expert Group support is available if it is required during the planning and execution phases.

Exit Criteria:

  • System Architecture Team approval based on the project being technically viable and in line the AGL technical objectives.
  • Steering Committee approval based on resource plan and schedule as well as System Architecture Team approval.
  • Advisory Board approval if budget or infrastructure increases are requested



  • Project referred to System Architecture Team or Expert Group for any necessary guidance

Project Team responsible for architecture and high level design Monthly Status Reports to Steering Committee

Exit Criteria:

  • SAT or outside EG participation identified (if required)

Project schedule and development plan approved High level architecture and design complete Code repositories set up and committers identified Upstream plan create Build scripts created Approver: Expert Group, System Architecture Team, Steering Committee



  • Project is actively worked by the community overseen by the Project Team.

Outputs include source code, documentation, test cases Roadmap and schedule actively maintained Monthly Status Reports and regular demos to Steering Committee

Exit Criteria:

  • Project goals met or next execution cycle ready to start

Approver: Project Team, Steering Committee Criteria 1



  • Code incorporated into mainline and maintainer identified for AGL repositories

Code sent upstream if necessary

Exit Criteria:

  • Exit Criteria

Post-mortem conducted and results documented

Approver: Steering Committee

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