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This Project is now complete. This page is maintained as an archive.

Project Name

Tizen IVI Gap Analysis

Repo Name



Describe the goals and outcomes of the project.

Analyze gaps in reference AGL platform (Tizen 3.0) to a typical Automotive IVI feature requirements

Give a better view to AGL platform adopters on what is missing in the AGL reference platform .


What is the scope of the project? Some things to consider:
- Is there specific hardware or a specific configuration being targeted.
- Is there anything expressly out of scope for this project?

There are a number of different gap analysis targets that have been considered.

  1. Gap between AGL spec 0.82 and a “typical IVI system”
  2. Gap between AGL spec 0.82 and GENIVI 6
  3. Gap between AGL spec 0.82 and JLR Use cases

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

The Gap Analysis Expert Group owns this project.

Proposed by:

Dean Miles (Symphony Teleca)

Committed Resources:

Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:

John Doe (

Initial Committers

Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:

John Doe (

Vendor Neutral

If this proposal is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, have you ensured that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc. have been removed? Please specify.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)


Project Status Reports

Proposed: 26 June 2014
Approved by Steering Committee: TBD


08 Sep 2014: Top 10 in initial SC rating. Move to new proposal page. 20 June 2015: Project considered complete now that spec 1.0 released

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