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This Project is now complete. This page is maintained as an archive.

Project Name

Full Prototype IVI System

Repo Name

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Implement a realistic IVI system prototype using AGL and all of its key features (HTML5, SDL, murphy, amb, smack, etc.), preferably providing feature parity on both x86 and arm based systems.

AGL full demonstrator can emphasize the value of adopting AGL as a foundation software environment to support modern IVI system. It should contain attractive feature for IVI system like fastboot and/or quick rear view camera startup feature. We will provide an open platform (low-cost reference board + fully open software) so that anyone can play with AGL code and study it to develop a real product. Renesas can work with AGL member companies to bring up R-Car M2 based AGL demonstrator environment.

Many open questions from Tier-1s relate to integration of native navigation engine to HTML5 user interface, integration of voice recognition, integration of mobile connectivity, performance and memory use of HTML5, and so on. These issues cannot be measured or known with certainty until realistic reference implementations exist. JLR has been doing great work in advancing the AGL stack to provide measurable implementations of advanced use cases.

AGL is designed for IVI and other automotive systems that contain some specific demands. Therefore, it is not easy to try on regular PC environment to fully validate supported features. The objective of creating AGL demonstrator is to provide out-of-box experience to the automotive industry people and penetrate AGL asset to wider automotive use case.

This project provides OEMs and Tier-1s, and all developers also, a concrete and measurable reference implementation of all of the key integrations required for building commercial products.

Comments/Open questions:
Not sure what concrete or measurable mean? It could be overlap with Tizen IVI? Could also be overlap with GENIVI baseline - meta-ivi?


What is the scope of the project? Some things to consider:
- Is there specific hardware or a specific configuration being targeted.
- Is there anything expressly out of scope for this project?

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

Proposed by:

Juha-Matti Liukkonen (Reaktor)
Hisao Munakata (Renesas)

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John Doe (

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John Doe (

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Project Status Reports

Proposed: 13 May 2014
Approved by Steering Committee: TBD


08 Sep 2014: Top 10 in initial SC rating. Move to new proposal page.

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