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Create AGL Distribution

A project to create an AGL distribution that fulfills the requirements for Automotive Grade Linux and unifies the code developed for GENIVI, Tizen, and AGL into a single distribution.

Repo Name

The code is managed in the AGL git repository.

Issue tracking and work planning for the AGL Distribution Project is done in Jira at


This project encompasses the setting up the infrastructure and creation of a Yocto based AGL distribution. The main wiki page for the distribution is AGL Distribution. As work is completed on this project it will be documented on AGL Distribution site.


Yocto based Hosted on on Linux Foundation servers. Daily builds shall be performed using a Continuous Integration server such as Jenkins. Sanity tests shall be defined and run daily.

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

See the AGL Distribution page for information on subsystem teams. The Layer Development team created the git repo and layer design.

Layer Development Team
Tadea Tanikawa - Panasonic (tanikawa.tadeo at
Streif, Rudolf <rstreif at>
Nedeljko Miljevic <Nedeljko.Miljevic at>
Hisao Munakata <hisao.munakata.vt at>
Yoshiyuki Ito <yoshiyuki.ito.ub at>
RYOTA OKUBI <ryota_okubi at>
Jayan John <Jayan.John at>
Jonathan Maw <jonathan.maw at>
Paul Sherwood <paul.sherwood at>
Pete Popov <pete.popov at>
Matthew Porter <mporter at>
Noriaki Fukuyasu <fukuyasu at>
Walt Miner <wminer at>
Dan Cauchy <dcauchy at>
Kengo Ibe <kengo.ibe at>

Initial Committers

Tadea Tanikawa - Panasonic (tanikawa.tadeo at

Vendor Neutral

If this proposal is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, have you ensured that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc. have been removed? Please specify.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)


Project Status Reports

08 Feb 2015 - Project created as recommended by Toyota and JLR. 28 Jul 2015 - Project updated from email threads in order to move the work to the public mail lists.

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