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Project Name

AGL Specification Project

Repo Name

N/A - will be using DOORS NG for the specification


Describe the goals and outcomes of the project.


What is the scope of the project? Some things to consider:
- Is there specific hardware or a specific configuration being targeted.
- Is there anything expressly out of scope for this project?

Resources Committed (developers committed to working)

For new project proposals please identify the project proposer and organization.

Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:

John Doe (

Need to answer: - Number of people required to start the project? - How many resources does the proposer have to dedicate to the project? - How many total resources will be required for the project? - How may AGL dedicated FTE's are requested for the project?

Initial Committers

Formatted as Real Name (email address). For example:

John Doe (

Vendor Neutral

If this proposal is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, have you ensured that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc. have been removed? Please specify.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR)


Project Status Reports

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