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AGL Stand

AGL has a stand at FOSDEM this year. We'll be in the AW building (table 6). See :

Planning for this table is underway:

  • Table size is 180cm x 80cm. Thus we can host:
  • Main demo is 90cm x 65cm (Cluster + IVI - just IVI would be ~45cm)
  • Space left is 90cm
    • e.g. 1 more small demo setup (could be rotating)
      • Intel (Dominig)
      • Igalia (Maksim)
    • flyers/stickers
    • rpi3 (Leon is looking into e.g. Sota)
    • Jan-Simon Möller
    • Walt Miner
    • Maksim Sisov
  • Any changes should be announced to automotive-discussions ML.
  • Final prep call is:
    • Jan 25th

Most of the talks will be in the Embedded, mobile and automotive devroom

This is a selection of talks related to automotive and embedded topics from project members: TBD

Community Dinner

Organize dinner event Sat evening.


  • …add your proposal…
  • otherwise jsmoeller will take last years locations and give them a call.


  • NAME (..dietary restriction..)
  • Jan-Simon Möller
  • Walt Miner
  • …add your name…



AGL Stand

AGL has a stand at FOSDEM this year. We'll be in the AW building (table 4).

Planning for this table is underway, please join the planning meeting :


Thu, Jan 12, 2017 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

AGL Stand Table

The table is in the AW building, table no 4. See :

The table is 1.80m x 0.80m and will have one power outlet (230V/50Hz, type E connectors).


  • We need to decide what to show and what size the demos require.
    • We can do 4 slots of 0.4m x 0.8m which leaves some space for stickers and flyers.
    • AI: find sizes of demos
      • UPDATE 2017/01/26:
        • Sizes ?
      • UPDATE 2017/01/19:
        • approx sizes ?
    • If we do use 4 slots on the table:
      • UPDATE 2017/01/26:
        • Renesas board (gen3) (Stephane)
          • Board + Touchscreen (Stephane to find out or Lilliput from Jan-Simon)
        • Intel Joule demo (Dominig)
          • Board + Touchscreen ?
        • Raspberrypi3 (with touch + radio e.g. official touchscreen (Jan-Simon))
        • shared slot #4:
          • dragonboard 410c + gechic (Sat)
          • ostree for developers (e.g. keep target/sdk up-to-date) (Sun morning)
            • rpi + gechic (server side: laptop 15'')
          • Automotive and iotivity (Phil) (rpi (headless) + laptop?, Sun afternoon)
  • We need to work-out a schedule for manning the stand
    • 4-shift schedule:
      • UPDATE 2017/01/17:
        • Sat morning 8:30-13:00 (~4:30)
        • Sat afternoon 12:45-17:15 (~4:30) «—— We need ppl for this slot !
        • Sun morning 8:30-13:00 (~4:30)
        • Sun afternoon 12:45-17:15 (~4:30)
    • We need min 2 ppl in each shift - better >3 .
    • Add your availability in the doodle here:

Open Questions:

  • I don't know if there will be some sort of chairs
    • but for the few quiet moments, we could organize something like - DONE (jansimon)
  • It might be little chilly as the entrance door opens/closes a lot, so bring a jacket!
  • Extension cords, wires and the like
  • Network ?! ethernet on the table + uplink through wifi, but no guarantees
  • …add yours…

Status Update:

  • UPDATE 2017/01/26
  • UPDATE 2017/01/19:
    • 100 Flyers, enough Stickers, Poster
    • Banner, tablecloth


  • UPDATE 2017/01/10:
    • Stephane, Jose, Fulup, Romain, Ronan, Phil, Leon, Dominig, Geoffroy, Jan-Simon, Matt,
  • UPDATE 2017/01/17:
    • Jan-Simon, Walt, Arthur, ctxnop, Dominig, Geoffroy Leon, Romain, Ronan, Sebastien

Community Dinner

We plan to have a dinner on saturday and co-organize with our friends . Go there for the latest info.

Current plans is to have dinner at a restaurant in walking-distance from the campus and then go to a bar for a drink/beer afterwards.

We need a tentative headcount ASAP, so please use the form form and mention “AGL” in the comment field:

Note: this is the same form/spreadsheet as on .

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