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Meeting menutes dated May/8th '19

Momiyama, kato (from Aisin AW)
Oki from Mazda
Hoshina (from Toyota)
Makino, Wkazono, Miki (from Micware)

Regarding the action plan from now on

The goal of Naiv EG is definition of NaviAPI(Navi Service layer) for both Product Navigation and OSS Navigation.
These NaviAPI should be disclosed to public.
And also We should consider the API for voice recognition (ex Alexa)

The first Activities for this EG should be
1)OSS navigation
Have a demonstration (Turn By Turn) in Next ALS — By Hoshina (toyota)
2)Product navigation
Have a demonstration (Hybrid navigation) in CES2020 — By Wakazono (Micware)
The details of “Hybrid navigation” is T.B.D.
We're gonna use AGL reference board (Renesaas board)

4. Action Items
1)System configuration of Product Navigation by Micware
2)Status update to Walt by Wakazono

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