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Minutes of MTG

Date: 2018/11/16
Place: Micware Nagoya Office
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW),Miki/Matsubara(Micware),Hashida/Miyamoto(TELENAV),Oki(Mazda),Koguchi(Hitachi)
Agenda: Navigation EG's next step

Current status
Focus on demostration development for CES2019.
Qt navigation runs at stand alone mode for route and voice guidance.
Communication with cluster is still under devepolment.

About next step
Hitachi will leave Navigation EG at the end of this month for their new business policy.
Aisin-aw are still concentrating on demostration development,
but they will have little resource from the next year.(19'3 at latest)
Navigation EG is still important to the IVI,
so we need a new leader to keep running it.(TOYOTA)
Micware and Telenav will be the good candidate for it.
We can give some of our resource to help if necessary.(TOYOTA)
We will discuss about it(Micware/Telenav)

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