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Minutes of Meeting

Date: 2018/10/31
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW),Miki/Matsubara(Micware),Hashida/Miyamoto(TELENAV),Oki(Mazda)
Agenda: Qt navigation development status

Current status of development
Demostration route&navigation, guidance is finished.
Voice guidance is under developing.

As NextNavi suggested by Fulup last AMM is not free for the maps,
we think it is not suitable for our new navigation.

About Sensor Service
Q:Has Micware discussed about doing this layer?(AW)
A:Sorry, we don't have resources to do it until end of this year, so we'll consider it again next year.(Micware)

About the next step of Navi-EG, we'd like to hold a f2f meeting next week.
11/16 16:00 Nagoya will be the candidate.

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