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Minutes of Meeting

Date: 2018/10/24
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW),Miki/Matsubara(Micware),Hashida/Miyamoto(TELENAV)
Agenda: Qt navigation development status

4 Steps of development: QtNavi/POI/Mapviewer/Sensor Service
Target for now is CES2019, which needs QtNavi, POI and Mapviewer
Now QtNavi can already do some destration but still need to fix some bugs
Add guidance include voice is still to be developed

About Sensor Service
Q:We need help from Micware, please consider if you can do it.(AW)
A:We'll looking into it.(Micware) Q:At last week's f2f, we're told the Signal Composer included in current AGL package could help to finish this function.
And who created that Composer is willing to help with this.(AW)
A:We got it.(Micware)

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