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Minutes of Meeting

Date: 2018/10/10
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW),Miki/Matsubara(Micware),Hashida/Miyamoto(TELENAV)
Agenda: Presentation for AMM @ Germany

Review of the presentation.
Re-confirm member introduction.
Since no change in navigation's architecture, so we'll just report the current status.
Background of replacing the current navigation APP.
Policy of replace.
Action items and their details.
1.mapbox porting
2.App development
3.Service API development
4.Linking the Surfaces
5.Cluster App

New task for device fusion layer, definition and implementation.
Option of using Signal Composer.

Q:Option of using Signal Composer is still under discussion and more review is needed on it.
A:Yes, we'll add some comment to it.

Q:For the case that mapbox binding delayed, we'd like to use mapbox WebAPI to implement turn-by-turn display function for cluster.
A:That's great.

Q:How does the current navigation APP get the GPS info?
A:No, current one does not use GPS for demonstration.

Q:I was told the Mapbox's APIs will be chosen for Service API, does that mean we will abandon GENIVI's one?
A:For some reasons, we couldn't use Mapbox's APIs, so, we will still focus on GENIVI APIs.

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