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Minutes of Meeting

Date: 2018/09/26
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW), Oki(Mazda), Koguchi(Hitachi), Miki/Matsubara(Micware),Hashida/Miyamoto(TELENAV)
Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs

Binding of Mapbox
IVIShell support has been finished.
Next step is binding to AGL platform and we think there would be a lot of troubles when doing that.

APIs definition
We once chose Mapbox as the base, but as there may be copyright inside the API design itself,
we think we have to abandon it and go back to the GENIVI again.
As GENIVI's APIs are sometimes difficult to use for APPs, we'd like to do some improvement at,
like maps and so on.

We also defined the API list that would be used to connect with Mapbox function.

Sensor architecture
We'd like ask Matsubara(Micware)'s help to do this part.

Q:What should I do is the API itself?
A:APIs for sensor and its function imeplemnt.
Q:Is this supposed to be connected with Mapbox?
A:Yes, we'd like to connect with Mapbox finally.
Please consider about this part.

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