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Minutes of Meeting@NaviEG

Date: 2018/09/19
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW), Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota), Koguchi(Hitachi), Miki(Micware)
Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs

Using Mapbox as OSS navigation and finding APIs of Mapbox could be better choice rather that GENIVI of AGL.
Mapbox APIs are more object-oriented.
Like auto-zoom,
In Mapbox we just get camera instance from Navigation and send it to Map, while
In GENIVE we need to judge if it's close to cross and than control the Map.

Besides, it's easy to implement as both APIs and functions use Mapbox.

There is also a way that using the QT extenstion for Mapbox.
But as it's difficult to realize combination with meter, it could be a problem when accepting this idea.

We are considering using include to absorb the difference when switching from GENIVI to Mapbox.

We still have some issue to do when using positioning info in Mapbox.
We are considering creating a Sensor Service layer to support the Navigation Service layer.
All the data needed for Navigation should be implemented in it.

Beside, if no GPS, mobile base stations can also be used to support positioning and these customizations could be run behind the new service.

Q:Is this concept same with the device APIs before?
Q:Are there any other service to be considered?
A:AW have no new service, but we can discuss about it if there is a request.

Q:Maybe we should inform DENSO and other members that tried GENIVI before.
A:Yes, we will discuss with DENSO.

Q:Switching to Mapbox means another APIs or just the implementation?
A:APIs will be changed.

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