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Minutes of Meeting 09/12

Date: 2018/09/12
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW), Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota), Koguchi(Hitachi), Matsubara(Micware), hashida(telenavi)
Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs

MAPBOX binding plan
Use mapbox as OSS-navi part.
MAPBOX has a WebAPI service for map/navigation and a integrated SDK.
We'd like to binding SDK to AGL platform since it has rendering and display function.
But, [1] its render/display is GLFW/OpenGL+Xwindow for desktop
[2] it has no navigation just the map function

So binding display system and adding navigation function are our actions.

10/Mid display map ON AGL (at least, adding navigation if possible)
11/Mid stabilization

API class definition
Fix the class definition
In APP client lib, we want to separate classes for APP and classes for AFB.
Both will have the same base class.
For APP side, we prepare an IF for create instance, which will create ones for AFB.

Based on OpenXC, we picked up data needed for navigation.
Basically, they are used by TOYOTA system.
CAN monitor is generating the same one for them. Confirm it with the CAN source designer.

Data needed are
steering_wheel_angle(known as angular velocity in navigation)
vehicle_speed(known as Vehicle speed pulse in navigation)
accelerator_pedal_position(known as Accelerometer in navigation)
transmission_gear_position(known as reverse in navigation)
latitude/longitude(known as GPS in navigation)

this is same with MICWARE's recognition

Q:Does navigation has turn-by-turn info?
A:We are considering to add it into navigation functions and also investigate the needed APIs.
Q:About MAPBOX SDKs, is there anyone which includes navigation functions?
A:SDKs for iOS and Android should be that ones.

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