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Minutes if MTG

Date: 2018/08/29
Attendee: Momiyama/Chen(AisinAW), Oki(Mazda), Hoshina(Toyota), Koguchi(Hitachi), Matsubara(Micware)
Agenda: Design review for Navigation APIs

API policies 1.NaviAPI users should not include headers except for Navi function itself.

And so were those Navi headers.
As C++ is used for code, we accept std:: libraries.
For e.g.,
C stdio library was NG
IPC functions should be hidden. Port/TokenID for AFB should be hidden.(to users)
Dbus dependent data format will be replaced.
Surface info should be hidden.

2.All the dependences should be placed in other headers.

For the data used by dependences, we use a base class named like NaviConfig with nobody inside it, and prepare an API method for pass the instance.
For implement of AFB/BINDER, we create a inhert class named NaviConfigAGL, and put Port/TokenID into it.

3.Both client and servicer of API use the same structure and component.

Use different class name for the case of single process.

4.Only use function call or callback(listener class)

Function calls are always sync.
Use function returns for system errors and parameter for function errors.
System errors mean server not ready or down.

5.Keep backward compatibility when adding new APIs

Soft of old version should be kept working(be aware of virtual)

6.Naming rules

Camel name
Names of GENIVI method should be kept unchanged(not for class name)

Q.Is this the rule for navigation or whole AGL?
A.Just for navigation not AGL.
Q.Should we unify the policies of other APIs?
A.No, AGL only requests the AFB framework for APIs.
If we refer to other APIs, we have to face to so many patterns.
So we decided to make one rule for navigation.

Class diagram for Application
Now we have wsj1 class for binder control, which is visiable to application.
That is not expectable and we are discussing about seperating this part.

Q.We need a schedule for CES. Pls give me the one for navigaion.
A.We hope to complete implment in mid of Oct.
Q.Which render engine is used by MAPBOX?
A.MAPBOX's original one named nativeGL.(GLFW/OpenGL was used inside)
Q.WebGL is not ready and should not be used.
A.No webGL inside MAPBOX. Besides, basically, we will bind MAPBOX to AGL, which means AGL's standard render will be used.

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