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Navigation EG TEL meeting minutes

Date: 2018/08/01 10:00-11:00 AM
Attendee: Oki(MAZDA), Matsubara(Micware), Hashida(TELENAV), Hoshina(TOYOTA), Momiyama/Chen(AW)
Agenda: Navigation API design review

Q: What's the data format between adaptation(binding) and navigation service?
A: We first consider the JSON, but now we want to use just the C++'s data in group.
Q: Is it binary(without format)?
A: Yes

Q: A generator is mentioned before. so which code is the generated one?
A: Basically, all the codes are generated ones.
Q: That means maybe we'd like to review the generator and the present codes are just used to review the architecture.
A: Yes. Present code is just a single pattern.

Q: We also need a review of AGL's gerrit reviewer, don't we?
A: Yes, we have done it once but that code is rejected by Yamaguchi(AW).
Q: Especially for the binding codes, we need gerrit reviewer's review. If we couldn't put it into master soon, we may need a Sandbox or something like that in order to do the review as soon as possible.

A: About the name of functions, are they snake case or camel case? I'm told the Window Manager will use the camel case.
Q: Currently, we use neither. We will have a check. As Genivi's APIs also use neither, we prefer to the current one.

Q: What about the source repository? Any idea for Gerrit of Github?
A: Currently we use Githun for external codes, but Gerrit for codes that are just for AGL purpose.

Q: Today's review is a pre-review and a gerrit reviewer's review is also needed, isn't it?
A: Yes, we also need a gerrit reviewer's review. And we'd like to finish this pre-review in this week.
And for gerrit review, we'd like to ask your help also and hope Mr.Matsubara and Mr.Hashida can make a account for the review.

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