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NAVI EG TEL meeting 26/Jan/2017


1.AGL CES 2017 Wrap-Up

◾ AW developed for CES 2017 the following items

  1. POI App (with minimum set API)
  2. Experimental voice guidance using TTS
  3. Cluster map viwer

2.Navi API

◾ License strategy


3.OSS navi update plan

◾ There is a demand for publication of map data creation tools.

Although map data is free, commercial tools are used for authoring and it is difficult to publish. Check if the data format can be published.

◾ English document does not exist. The comment is in Japanese.

I do not believe that it is not necessary to Englishize the source currently being published. For Navi-APIs to be released in the future, we should also prepare English documents.

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