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Meeting Notes for AGL IVI Expert Group

After April 15th, meeting minutes will be listed on the AGL Confluence page.

September 22nd, 2022

Attendees: Jan-Simon, Scott, Max, Marius, Joel

  • Joel looking at Kuksa and gRPC.
  • Joel working on training slides
  • Scott looks at flutter-homescreen for the ivi-demo
  • No update wrt basesystem planned atm.

Next call on 29th September.

April 15th, 2021

Attendees:Walt Bernard Jerry Mikhail Scott Kurokawa Kobayashi Hosokawa Kato Nakao Nishiguchi Nomoto Date Takeuchi


  • IVI-EG Schedule Update
  • Production Readiness Requirement Specification
  • Virt-IO device support priority
  • IVI-EG Schedule Update
    • 21:00, Thursday on the same day which SAT meeting is held.
    • Next IVI-EG on May13th

April 1st, 2021

Attendees:Walt, Jan-Simon, Bernard, Daniel, Kobyashi, Jerry, Kato, Date, Nakao, Scott, Takeuchi

The following is the material I explained.


  • Explain PowerManagement feature in Basesystem(↑material)
  • Feature Plan with Virt-EG
    • Process Overall discussion in SAT → each EG
    • At next SAT, Jerry-san explains the each needs the prioritization
    • At 22 SAT, collect the prioritized list and make prioritization.

March 4th, 2021

Attendees:Walt, Jan-Simon, Scott, Kurokawa, Date, Nomoto, Hosokawa, Nishiguchi


February 18th, 2021


  • To share abstraction of AMM presentation from Toyota
    • The content of AMM
      • Background(Toyota AGL activity in 2020)
      • What is contributing for Production Readiness?
      • Introduction of Demo
      • Awareness in Trial Operation
      • What is plan to target next?
      • Conclusion
  • To discuss some items if anyone have


February 4th, 2021


  • Discussion Plan (minor update)
  • Introduction
  • PR software structure should be more composable and selectable
  • remained Topics
  • Security Module
  • Package Management & deployment
  • API
  • HMI
  • IPC

January 21th, 2021

Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Nomoto-san, Tanikawa-san, Kurokawa-san, Hosokawa-san, Date-san, Scott, Tsubone-san, Oki-san


  • Overall Update
    • discussion plan
    • contribution status and review comment
  • Basesystem HAL follow-up
    • What is HAL? Why is HAL needed?
    • Signal handling overview
    • HAL Example 1: Positioning HAL
    • HAL Example 2: CAN HAL
    • Typical use cases
      • Send CAN data
    • Plan (Idea) for Production Readiness

Click this link to see the slide.

January 7th, 2021

Attendees: Walt, Jan-Simon, Nomoto-san, Date-san, Oki-san, Scott, Aketa-san, Tanikawa-san, Nishiguchi-san,

  • Remained BaseSystem feature
    • Lifecycle management
  • HAL
  • Review of basesystem contribution
  • SPEC status

December 21st, 2020

Attendees: Nomoto-san, Kurokawa-san Nishiguchi-san Scott, Aketa-san, Tanikawa-san, Walt, Jan-simon

From Toyota(advance comments)

  • The files below are the same name files, but at the moment there are some differences between the two.
  • ./service/system/task_manager/client/libtskmcfg/conf/agl_thread.h
  • ./agl-basefiles/include/agl_thread.h ^^
    • question: use different names to not confuse ? e.g. agl_thread_tm.h ?
  • So our ideas are to keep the two in basesystem.git at the current state and to refactor them from next year.
  • Current HALs are stub and they don't have function.
    • As actual product, Basesystem has HALs and cannot be separated for supplier.
    • TOYOTA and related company are implementing only can_hal for R-Car aiming for June.
      • question: what makes the can_hal rcar-specific ? (only vcan - Kurokawa-san)
      • question: what is the abstraction provided by the can_hal (and other *_hal) .
        • e.g. over the BSP like meta-rcar-gen3
        • or e.g. why need to abstract the standard linux kernel socketcan
  • xpath:
    • need in recipe: 'inherit perlnative' (Nomoto-san)
    • need to patch xpath recipe to use '#!/usr/bin/env perl' (Scott)


  • check if documentation about HAL can be shared
  • review agl-basefiles recipe. are these needed at all given:


  • any pending changes to basesystem.git go first,
  • then merge recipes (if the image builds)

Next call: January 7th 2021

December 16th, 2020

Attendees: Nomoto-san, Aketa-san, Tanikawa-san, Yamaguchi-san, Haraki-san, Kurokawa-san, Walt, Jan-Simon, Scott

December 14th, 2020

Attendees: Nomoto-san,

  • Agenda review
  • Basesystem review
  1. - Need quick intro from Toyota what is where (very brief does each folder contain)
    • agl-basefiles: used by all other components (e.g. Makefiles, some headers)
    • agl-systemd: systemd files used to start systemmanager
    • hal: SOC abstraction
    • module: kernel module
    • service: contains all function source code
    • stub: stub functions
  2. - Questions:
  3. - Q&A
  • Yocto recipe review (gerrit)
  1. - walkthrough on recipes in gerrit
    • 25647 ok, pending changes to basesystem (agldd)
    • 25648 ok, but pending changes to kernel module
    • Fails to compile: 25652
      • | ./src/resmgr_api_lib.c:19:10: fatal error: resmgr_api.h: No such file or directory
      • possibly generated? → need to fix build dependency !
  2. - discussion on simplification and path forward
    • 'SDKTARGETSYSROOT=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}'“ not required ('–sysroot=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}' is already part of the $CC variable !
      • – influences basesystem-common.bbclass
      • – Makefile makros in basesystem.git
  3. - work on recipes
    • 25647-25651 (JS & Scott) BSMAKE_FILE fix
    • 25652 Tanikawa-san (resmgr_api.h)
    • 25653-25654 → Nomoto-san (xpath and BSMAKE_FILE)
    • Nomoto-san: need to deal with basesystem.git issues mentioned above
      • agl-thread.h
      • agl_types_obsoluted.h
      • evk_lib.h
      • stub/clock/localtime ?
      • 'SDKTARGETSYSROOT=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}'” not required ('–sysroot=${STAGING_DIR_HOST}' is already part of the $CC variable !

* Next meeting on wednesday.

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