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changed projects :

bsp/meta-agl-refhw changed from refs/tags/marlin/13.0.1 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.2
	[+] 5e8e7cf Add MMC aliases to reference hardware devicetree
external/meta-openembedded changed from 8ff12bfffcf0840d5518788a53d88d708ad3aae0 to deee226017877d51188e0a46f9e6b93c10ffbb34
	[+] deee22601 tcpdump: Add fix for CVE-2018-16301
	[+] 9f361cff9 opencl-headers: switch to main branch
	[+] a1c7bb209 fuse: set CVE_PRODUCT to "fuse_project:fuse"
	[+] c9e034fba opencl-icd-loader: switch to main branch
	[+] a38c92d8e openjpeg: Whitelist CVE-2020-27844 and CVE-2015-1239
	[+] de4b76934 ostree: prevent ostree-native depending on target virtual/kernel to provide kernel-module-overlay
	[+] b99a386cd python3-cryptography: backport 3 changes to fix CVE-2020-36242
	[+] abd7cf838 lua: fix CVE-2022-28805
	[+] a8d82c80a atftp: Add fix for CVE-2021-41054 and CVE-2021-46671
external/poky changed from f14992950eb90dc168eb82823ab69538f668f8bc to 1e298a42223dd2628288b372caf66c52506a8081
	[+] 1e298a4222 openssl: Backport fix for ptest cert expiry
	[+] bb6c7e09e3 poky.conf: bump version for 3.1.17 release
	[+] 86146334f1 documentation: update for 3.1.17 release
	[+] 898aedf585 cve-check: Allow warnings to be disabled
	[+] cc3cefdb43 cve-check: Only include installed packages for rootfs manifest
	[+] b0cff6d434 cve-check: Add helper for symlink handling
	[+] 08fb6eb2e0 cve-check.bbclass: Added do_populate_sdk[recrdeptask].
	[+] 34aaa93bfe vim: Upgrade 8.2.4912 -> 8.2.5034 to fix 9 CVEs
	[+] c2bd2eae86 libxml2: Fix CVE-2022-29824 for libxml2
	[+] 396373610c ncurses: Fix CVE-2022-29458
	[+] 38b588a1a1 ffmpeg: Fix for CVE-2022-1475
	[+] f0d18846de libsdl2: Add fix for CVE-2021-33657
	[+] d6941efc0b ruby: Whitelist CVE-2021-28966 as this affects Windows OS only
	[+] df1129b022 ruby: Upgrade ruby to 2.7.6 for security fix
	[+] 0ca0aec7aa oeqa/selftest/cve_check: add tests for recipe and image reports
	[+] 0f83e5bd42 mobile-broadband-provider-info: upgrade 20220315 -> 20220511
	[+] 475b0d3fad pcre2: CVE-2022-1586 Out-of-bounds read
	[+] 232b5533de cve-check: Fix report generation
	[+] b4e5bf3e7f manuals: add missing space in appends
	[+] e8255f5086 selftest: skip virgl test on alma 8.6
	[+] afc8929c5b linux-firmware: upgrade 20220411 -> 20220509
	[+] 72385662c8 linux-firmware: replace mkdir by install
	[+] 5c61613405 openssl: Minor security upgrade 1.1.1n to 1.1.1o
	[+] dfd1497961 git: Use CVE_CHECK_WHITELIST instead of CVE_CHECK_IGNORE
	[+] 5999f70889 freetype: Fix CVEs for freetype
	[+] 37bbb105c9 tiff: Add patches to fix multiple CVEs
	[+] fec7f76cfc curl: Fix CVEs for curl
	[+] 61c36064c8 vim: Upgrade 8.2.4681 -> 8.2.4912
	[+] a48231b5bf scripts/git: Ensure we don't have circular references
	[+] a75678145b scripts: Make git intercept global
	[+] 31970fb2a4 base: Avoid circular references to our own scripts
	[+] 6327db048b rootfs-postcommands: fix symlinks where link and output path are equal
	[+] c408846f41 volatile-binds: Change DefaultDependencies from false to no
	[+] 49cd9f898f cve-check: fix symlinks where link and output path are equal
	[+] 46e00399e5 cve-check: add JSON format to summary output
	[+] 2120a39b09 cve-update-db-native: let the user to drive the update interval
	[+] dd76704ea5 cve-update-db-native: update the CVE database once a day only
	[+] 66b0097533 cve-check: no need to depend on the fetch task
	[+] 24f305b4dd linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.192
	[+] d68406497e busybox: fix CVE-2022-28391
	[+] 5daf9735c9 libinput: Add fix for CVE-2022-1215
	[+] de24466823 fribidi: Add fix for CVE-2022-25308, CVE-2022-25309 and CVE-2022-25310
	[+] a03e13a00b uninative: Upgrade to 3.6 with gcc 12 support
	[+] eba0e64a88 neard: Switch SRC_URI to git repo
	[+] 3a9cef8dbe base: Drop git intercept
	[+] 90cf135b04 install/devshell: Introduce git intercept script due to fakeroot issues
	[+] e47d35353c cases/ fix typo
	[+] b4ba37ce13 busybox: Use base_bindir instead of hardcoding /bin path
	[+] 4dfdb53c8a python3: ignore CVE-2015-20107
	[+] 64f632c93f scripts/contrib/ remove obsolete check for phantomjs and optipng
	[+] 319ca9f460 perf-build-test/report: Drop phantomjs and html email reports support
	[+] dcd40cfa37 cve-check: add json format
	[+] 5b0093ecee linux-firmware: correct license for ar3k firmware
	[+] 49032f1e8d boost: don't specify gcc version
	[+] 86cdd92b15 tiff: Fix CVE-2022-0891
meta-agl changed from refs/tags/marlin/13.0.1 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.2
	[+] 92fb6410 Prepare Magic Marlin 13.0.2 patch release
	[+] 39bbb416 Remove usage of AGL_APP_REVISION
	[+] dec95111 Bump SRCREV for marlin
	[+] d8761cb0 weston-ini-conf: rework remote output configuration generation
	[+] 004a9fed Update distro configuration after release
	[+] 9363f1c6 meta-agl-core: add kuksa user and group
meta-agl-demo changed from refs/tags/marlin/13.0.1 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.2
	[+] 0cf70c4 Remove usage of AGL_APP_REVISION
	[+] ed05464 libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] fc3950d homescreen: update recipe
	[+] 3629f08 agl-service-audiomixer: add updated recipe
	[+] 5fdedde demo-i2c-udev-conf: update for reworked agl-service-hvac
	[+] de875a8 hvac: update recipe
	[+] 1bc8975 agl-service-hvac: add updated recipes
	[+] ea285ab Update demo KUKSA.val configuration
	[+] 7af88ec psplash-portrait-config: add recipe
	[+] f45d44e weston-ini-conf: force tbtnavi remote display
	[+] 63bd05d libqtappfw: update SRCREV
	[+] d9cc997 simple_can_simulator: support different interface for LIN messages
	[+] 0536b1b Update vehicle signal using app recipes
	[+] 848adc2 Add demo specific KUKSA.val configuration
	[+] ae8491a kuksa-val: split client certificates into a separate package
	[+] 59f8e26 kuksa-dbc-feeder-sllin: add recipe
	[+] 6d869cb libqtappfw: add qtwebsockets dependency
	[+] 2d38bf4 Rework demo packagegroup and images
	[+] c5c43ad Rename agl-cluster-demo-support feature
	[+] af8b5d8 kuksa-dbc-feeder: update AGL vcar DBC file
	[+] 65dcec6 kuksa-viss-client: add recipe for python3-websockets dependency
	[+] 797bcf3 sllin: switch to updated upstream
	[+] 63512e5 kuksa-dbc-feeder: add recipe and dependencies
	[+] e7c84a9 kuksa-val: add recipe
	[+] 9d336d9 grpc: fix installed CMake package
meta-agl-devel changed from refs/tags/marlin/13.0.1 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.2
	[+] 0758371 agl-lxc: Stably start lxc service after drm-lease-manager
	[+] 196ad6f drm-lease-manager: Enable systemd notify support
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