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added projects :

bsp/meta-alb at revision deab83e3ae9651c2fa8704ba9401c1fde5f9fae5
bsp/meta-linaro at revision 10af9133aeb28b3487fd227c900c11b786505699

changed projects :

bsp/meta-arm changed from c4f04f3fb66f8f4365b08b553af8206372e90a63 to 5c09684863be8e803e3e987a5ce4940721c3f39a
	[+] 5c09684 arm-toolchain: ignore CVE-2019-15847 CVE-2021-37322
	[+] d21ded0 arm-bsp/gem5: ignore compiler warnings on aarch64
	[+] 4158478 arm-bsp/gem5: ignore compiler warnings
	[+] ce07298 arm-bsp: fix yyloc kernel build error
	[+] 75e7f37 arm-toolchain: gcc-arm-9.2: Fix mangled patch
	[+] 3a2b7d5 CI: use the latest release of the Kas container
	[+] ce535df CI: add ssh tests
	[+] 9b64590 CI: merge testimage into the build stage
	[+] 7b36f95 CI: enable debug-tweaks IMAGE_FEATURE
	[+] b79b912 external-arm-sdk-toolchain: Fix parsing error with INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE
	[+] ceb42f2 CI: add testing and testimage
	[+] c4b287c CI: mark build jobs as interruptible
	[+] c3bf869 CI: report disk usage before/after pruning sstate
	[+] 59974cc ci: clean regularly to reduce size
	[+] 9dadb61 ci/base: don't try to make warnings fatal
	[+] d11487b CI: use public KAS image
	[+] 9545c36 CI: Reorder manual tasks to be alphabetical
	[+] 278cc2d CI: Add repo dir to disk usage and ability to purge everything
	[+] cfd4f06 Rename top-level kas/ to ci/
	[+] 76ea95b CI: move utility tasks to prep so they don't cause a fetch
	[+] 1a212b2 CI: maintain centralised repositories to speed fetching
	[+] 32dd6a4 CI: add qemuarm and qemuarmv5
	[+] a830823 CI: delete-sstate needs to delete contents
	[+] ccd4623 CI: add task to delete all sstate
	[+] 1cfe374 CI: don't retry jobs
	[+] 1cf8b97 arm-autonomy/u-boot: Modified kernel_addr for fvp-base with xen
	[+] b8b0d88 arm-autonomy: Add meta-networking dependency to autonomy layer config
	[+] 02c6605 arm-toolchain: Fix potential runtime crash
	[+] f7c5e7d arm-bsp/u-boot: fix a5ds compile warning
	[+] 78131b1 ci: fail any build that emits warnings
	[+] 68c43a9 ci: make bootstrap just another kas overlay
	[+] b634999 kas: now that linux-stable is unused, remove it from kas
	[+] 3786692 arm-bsp: Fix FVP kernel warning
	[+] b760504 arm-bsp: Fix Juno kernel config warnings
	[+] d3263fc arm-bsp: switch to linux-yocto for a5ds
	[+] 49046a8 Add experimental CI using Kas+GitLab
	[+] 316d931 external-arm-sdk-toolchain: add recipe to package gcc/gdb/binutils cross binaries
	[+] ad51ecb external-arm-toolchain: check for TCLIBC being glibc
	[+] 5b37926 external-arm-toolchain-versions: set per-component toolchain licenses
	[+] c316a25 external-arm-toolchain-versions: also collect binutils/bfd version
	[+] 38646ed arm-toolchain/gcc-arm-none-eabi: support aarch64 hosts
	[+] 2e759be arm-toolchain/gcc-aarch64-none-elf: support aarch64 hosts
	[+] 4758aec arm-toolchain/arm-binary-toolchain: more QA skipping
	[+] d9471e4 arm-toolchain/recipes-devtools: move compatible host assignments
	[+] 9502510 arm-toolchain/gcc-aarch-none-elf: don't use GFLD as license checksum
	[+] 06c331c arm-toolchain/external-arm-toolchain: rename common include
	[+] a35a629 arm-toolchain: armcompiler: Add Arm Clang recipe
	[+] c63ac9c arm-toolchain: external-arm-toolchain: Rename
	[+] 246ff54 external-arm-toolchain: Add package specific licenses
	[+] 1644922 external-arm-toolchain: Align glibc packaging to OE TARGET_SYS
	[+] f803875 external-arm-toolchain: Refine dev libraries/headers packaging
	[+] e2b31d1 external-arm-toolchain: Remove glibc locale dependency
	[+] 0078d68 external-arm-toolchain: un-break target compilation
bsp/meta-freescale changed from a6199966375875fdfc295e6687c86a83fb53bf04 to 3dbca0ef2ae1ea3862e540c59ad77adbcb419d57
	[+] 3dbca0ef Merge pull request #902 from dv1/enable-ion-mmgr-for-imx6-7
	[+] a9260425 libixmdmabuffer: Enable ION for all imx machines
	[+] 1468bcd5 linux-fslc: Enable ION DMA memory allocator for imx6 and imx7
	[+] 779e7337 linux-imx: Enable ION DMA memory allocator for imx6 and imx7
	[+] 2be425b8 linux-fslc-imx: Enable ION DMA memory allocator for imx6 and imx7
	[+] 96fc99f8 Merge pull request #1044 from jpuhlman/dunfell-fix
	[+] b4473886 linux-qoriq: Fix task order of merge_delta_config task
	[+] 4f31d95d Merge pull request #1025 from dv1/dunfell
	[+] 796f3e9f libimxdmabuffer: Fix allocator packageconfigs for mx8qm and mx8qxp SoCs
	[+] 5a026be5 Merge pull request #988 from Freescale/backport-986-to-dunfell
	[+] 0082e680 linux-imx-headers: whitelist version.h header
bsp/meta-renesas changed from b28a265e8544ef6bce7fb1b1dd23daa664ec86f5 to 4160ddb33390fa5266635c65c5a5abbed27845f6
	[+] 4160ddb rcar-gen3: linuxptp: use % wildcard to avoid build  error
	[+] 2c8059d Revert "rcar-gen3: weston: Fix weston-start time out error"
external/meta-clang changed from 5ac36e49ab0f4b9bc72a3c747841c1f9e54e640a to 3bb001d3f364bbf6588fed04b9ee2c7e74a0beba
	[+] 3bb001d fix openmp patch filename
	[+] 3743fe0 openmp: Move the openmp patch to common clang
	[+] 35b48ed OpenMP Link fix
external/meta-openembedded changed from ab9fca485e13f6f2f9761e1d2810f87c2e4f060a to 8ff12bfffcf0840d5518788a53d88d708ad3aae0
	[+] 8ff12bfff postgresql: Fix build on riscv
	[+] fdd1dfe6b mongodb: Pass OBJCOPY to scons so it does not use it from host
	[+] df8259cc4 Mariadb: update to 10.4.24
	[+] 8314be774 apache2: upgrade 2.4.52 -> 2.4.53
	[+] dbf01a10e python3-urllib3: Fix CVE-2020-26137 and CVE-2021-33503
	[+] aa316ee2b polkit: fix overlapping changes in recent CVE patches
	[+] 5cdde2991 multipath-tools: update SRC_URI
	[+] 388dc2830 geoip: Switch to use the main branch
	[+] 89d2876e2 nodejs: upgrade to 12.22.2
	[+] 7abb2382c spirv-tools: update SRC_URI for googletest to main
	[+] bd08205d9 breakpad: Update SRC_URI for protobuf and lss
	[+] ac85c9763 breakpad: fix branch for gtest in SRC_URI
	[+] 717b8b928 cli11: switch from default master branch to main to fix do_fetch failure
	[+] 17ee7b034 imagemagick: update SRC_URI branch from master to main
	[+] 86b864a4d openjpeg: Fix multiple CVE
	[+] 4f701b465 p7zip: Fix for CVE-2016-9296
	[+] 17e931e77 polkit: fix CVE-2021-3560
	[+] 0940e1e38 nginx: backport fix for CVE-2019-20372
	[+] e6a4c8e5c p7zip: refresh patches
	[+] 7334bc295 p7zip: build and package needed for fastboot
	[+] 29e3a918a googletest: Switch branch from master to main
	[+] a14eb5e28 protobuf: fix patch fuzz
	[+] a09ddd737 tcpreplay: Add fix for CVE-2020-24265 and CVE-2020-24266
	[+] 9aaa03189 update to new patcwork system
	[+] 67ec3e049 polkit: Fix for CVE-2021-4115
	[+] 0722ff6f0 protobuf: Fix CVE-2021-22570
	[+] a6c1c3403 cryptsetup: Add runtime dependency on lvm2-udevrules for udev
	[+] 7c519caa1 graphviz: native: create /usr/lib/graphviz/config6 in populate_sysroot
	[+] aa5b9a1ff nss: Add fix for CVE-2022-22747
	[+] 93a315f96 strongswan: Add fix of CVE-2021-45079
	[+] ec9782327 nodejs: Fix for CVE-2021-44532
	[+] 872e60a77 linuxptp: Update to 2.0.1
	[+] 9d722e88d p7zip: fix for CVE-2018-5996
	[+] 4e7d34df0 udisks2: Fix for CVE-2021-3802
	[+] 2a10c182a dbus-daemon-proxy: add missing `return` statement
	[+] 46a233326 CVE-2021-4034: polkit Local privilege escalation in pkexec due to incorrect handling of argument vector
	[+] 4bd7715a9 c-ares: bump PV in recipe to 1.16.1
	[+] cc90900df wireshark: Update to 3.2.18
	[+] 9e5b6ad6c strongswan: Fix for CVE-2021-41990 and CVE-2021-41991
	[+] cc9e6dabc netcat: Set CVE_PRODUCT
	[+] 4735d66ea apache2: upgrade 2.4.51 -> 2.4.52
external/meta-qt5 changed from b4d24d70aca75791902df5cd59a4f4a54aa4a125 to 5ef3a0ffd3324937252790266e2b2e64d33ef34f
	[+] 5ef3a0f qtdeclarative: Fix build with gcc-11
	[+] 42022ca qtbase: Fix build with gcc-11
	[+] 525bd8f qtbase: backport two elgfs fixes from qtbase upstream
	[+] 6bfe29d qtbase: eglfs: Prevent printing a warning in every widget-based app
external/meta-security changed from b76698c788cb8ca632077a972031899ef15025d6 to c62970fda82acf75035243766ecd195243e0f82a
	[+] c62970f chkrootkit: update SRC_URI
	[+] 6982841 clamav: drop creating cvd package
	[+] 95a8f38 clamav: disable DB creation.
	[+] e95a877 tpm2-tools: update to 4.1.3
	[+] dc2c75e tpm2-tools: backport fix for CVE-2021-3565
	[+] 5467910 sssd: re-package to fix QA issues
external/meta-virtualization changed from c5f61e547b90aa8058cf816f00902afed9c96f72 to f6b88c1d2f515ffac90457c0d649d6c805fff736
	[+] f6b88c1 containerd-opencontainers: add EXTRA_EXTLDFLAGS and use it to fix build with gold
external/poky changed from bba323389749ec3e306509f8fb12649f031be152 to f14992950eb90dc168eb82823ab69538f668f8bc
	[+] f14992950e build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] 8a7fd5f633 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.190
	[+] 65d3f419d4 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.188
	[+] 41cd7b5e3b linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.186
	[+] 31766c908e linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.183
	[+] a14b11c500 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.182
	[+] b82a9877d5 git update from 2.24.3 to 2.24.4
	[+] 8fdcbd703b u-boot: Correct the SRC_URI
	[+] f62b028452 wireless-regdb: upgrade 2022.02.18 -> 2022.04.08
	[+] 57e1d6d9a6 linux-firmware: upgrade 20220310 -> 20220411
	[+] ef1323fbb7 poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.16 release
	[+] 0ab1adc2fc documentation: update for 3.1.16 release
	[+] 1a14b4f693 libxshmfence: Correct LICENSE to HPND
	[+] 076d50da2e metadata_scm.bbclass: Use immediate expansion for the METADATA_* variables
	[+] 39ba556a2e apt: add -fno-strict-aliasing to CXXFLAGS to fix SHA256 bug
	[+] aee507fe6c license_image.bbclass: close package.manifest file
	[+] ba9b4222e1 pseudo: Fix handling of absolute links
	[+] 112973ae37 pseudo: Add patch to workaround paths with crazy lengths
	[+] 507183f4b0 git: Ignore CVE-2022-24975
	[+] 62aefd3864 xz: fix CVE-2022-1271
	[+] f36e87ec4f zlib: backport the fix for CVE-2018-25032
	[+] 170ce893e7 gzip: fix CVE-2022-1271
	[+] 08a3ac8403 vim: Upgrade 8.2.4524 -> 8.2.4681
	[+] b6ce93d565 Move version information to poky.yaml and read in
	[+] ce50594d70 bitbake: server/process: Disable gc around critical section
	[+] 38c55bd388 tzdata: update to 2022a
	[+] 86285152bd python3-jinja2: Correct HOMEPAGE
	[+] 6b6d412f59 boost: fix native build with glibc-2.34
	[+] 331a9f9068 mirrors: Add missing gitsm entries for yocto/oe mirrors
	[+] 7e0d217559 bind: update to 9.11.37
	[+] 64205bf3ec bluez5: fix CVE-2022-0204
	[+] 048094bcf9 go: backport patch fix for CVE-2021-38297
	[+] f80b5868fa grub: ignore CVE-2021-46705
	[+] ab03f130e4 bitbake: fetch2: add check for empty SRC_URI hash string
	[+] a743227d81 xserver-xorg: update to 1.20.14
	[+] f0240a36a3 xserver-xorg: update to 1.20.13
	[+] a5f13b762b xserver-xorg: update to 1.20.12
	[+] 884024d1d8 xserver-xorg: update to 1.20.11
	[+] e2ecbb13db xserver-xorg: update to 1.20.10
	[+] 14127d25e7 xserver-xorg: update to 1.20.9
	[+] 67f1490197 util-linux: fix CVE-2022-0563
	[+] 631df12969 oeqa/selftest/tinfoil: Fix intermittent event loss issue in test
	[+] 5a05390de1 virglrenderer: update SRC_URI
	[+] b6e2a1acd4 gnu-config: update SRC_URI
	[+] 82abf31270 libxml2: fix CVE-2022-23308 regression
	[+] a27aa2316f ghostscript: backport patch fix for CVE-2021-3781
	[+] 4391ddecb2 ghostscript: fix CVE-2020-15900 and CVE-2021-45949 for -native
	[+] 92b8b18ca9 apt: backport patch fix for CVE-2020-3810
	[+] d69c49f33a qemu: backport patch fix for CVE-2020-13791
	[+] 513cfaa43d python3: ignore CVE-2022-26488
	[+] e779ccdf4e libsolv: fix CVE: CVE-2021-44568-71 and CVE-2021-44573-77
	[+] d084cd4388 poky: Drop PREMIRRORS entries for scms
	[+] 8b09f50d1a bitbake: tinfoil: Allow run_command not to wait on events
	[+] 7616c49355 bitbake: server/process: Note when commands complete in logs
	[+] 8183149d3e oeqa/selftest/tinfoil: Improve tinfoil event test debugging
	[+] 22be09c708 oeqa/runtime/ping: Improve failure message to include more detail
	[+] 4c3d1b0120 python3targetconfig: Use for nativesdk too
	[+] 08b8cd174d mobile-broadband-provider-info: upgrade 20210805 -> 20220315
	[+] c740a0b5a3 mobile-broadband-provider-info: upgrade 20201225 -> 20210805
	[+] c1f606809d linux-firmware: upgrade 20220209 -> 20220310
	[+] c625f6524d python3: upgrade 3.8.12 -> 3.8.13
	[+] 95bdd2e6f8 openssl: upgrade 1.1.1l -> 1.1.1n
	[+] 8b369ca021 bluez5: fix CVE-2021-3658
	[+] 094a9a9a23 qemu: backport fix for CVE-2020-13253
	[+] 9d155cbf95 re2c: backport fix for CVE-2018-21232
	[+] cb78d34faf libxml2: move to
	[+] 0c0b8487c9 libxml2: backport fix for CVE-2022-23308
	[+] 3ec873af83 documentation: update for 3.1.15 release
	[+] 52b59e8841 build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] b41d4e46d3 bind: update to 9.11.36
	[+] f593e21aad perf-tests: add bash into RDEPENDS (v5.12-rc5+)
	[+] ce4a1354cc tiff: Add backports for two CVEs from upstream
	[+] f3baa35d42 vim: Update to 8.2.4524 for further CVE fixes
	[+] e4cc9273f5 sstate: inside the threadedpool don't write to the shared localdata
	[+] 11fba270e7 systemd: Ensure uid/gid ranges are set deterministically
	[+] 3b70636be4 asciidoc: update git repository
	[+] b9917c90a2 poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.15 release
	[+] 8ddcfbfe01 poky.conf: update tested distros
	[+] f07bd53e6a linux-yocto: update genericx86* to v5.4.178
	[+] 9b9fd2b095 docs: fix hardcoded link warning messages
	[+] 76fa5fae9e ref-system-requirements.rst: update list of supported distros
	[+] 94b275e15e uninative: Upgrade to 3.5
	[+] 3cb3cee660 uninative: Add version to uninative tarball name
	[+] 13aefbd92d buildhistory.bbclass: create the buildhistory directory when needed
	[+] fcd27727c1 libxml-parser-perl: Add missing RDEPENDS
	[+] 4c7c64cc6e cml1.bbclass: Handle ncurses-native being available via pkg-config
	[+] 820be4beeb bootchart2: Add missing python3-math dependency
	[+] d6d65d7685 wireless-regdb: upgrade 2021.08.28 -> 2022.02.18
	[+] 2658fb04ac Revert "cve-check: add lockfile to task"
	[+] 99bb7a2d30 cve-check: get_cve_info should open the database read-only
	[+] 18161d9e47 coreutils: remove obsolete ignored CVE list
	[+] 81a3da3b99 expat: fix CVE-2022-25315
	[+] 32db22beec expat: fix CVE-2022-25314
	[+] e173db21d0 expat: fix CVE-2022-25313
	[+] 746111afa0 expat: fix CVE-2022-25236
	[+] e8fef0c8cf expat: fix CVE-2022-25235
	[+] 415757639d go: fix CVE-2022-23772
	[+] dfd900b5b0 go: fix CVE-2022-23806
	[+] 6bba192936 libarchive: Fix for CVE-2021-36976
	[+] 9426c3c83d grub: add a fix for a crash in scripts
	[+] 7fae28df19 grub: avoid a NULL pointer dereference
	[+] 8d050d1e45 grub: add a fix for a NULL pointer dereference
	[+] 9b69e69160 grub: fix incorrect use of a negative value
	[+] 6360727bb1 grub: add a fix for an incorrect cast
	[+] 1a338ab466 grub: add a fix for NULL pointer dereference
	[+] d65bf404bc grub: add a check for a NULL pointer
	[+] 11b10eac41 grub: avoid a memory leak
	[+] a558b15d7f grub: add a fix for a memory leak
	[+] dfae695343 grub: fix checking for NULL
	[+] f82639b50e grub: remove dead code
	[+] 4463703292 grub: test for malformed jpeg files
	[+] eca24c02ea grub: fix a possible integer overflow
	[+] 628257a582 grub: fix multiple integer overflows
	[+] 7e7b8e38dc grub: fix an integer overflow
	[+] b5eaa833ba grub: remove unneeded return value
	[+] acec862ed2 grub: fix a memory leak
	[+] bd3bda5d03 grub: add a fix for a memory leak
	[+] 4c7bfa8abe grub: add a fix for a memory leak
	[+] b46710743b grub: add a fix for a possible NULL dereference
	[+] e2f193d252 grub: add a fix for a possible unintended sign extension
	[+] 10d619c8bb grub: add a fix for a memory leak
	[+] 1246e75875 grub: fix an error check
	[+] f4c3f4508a grub: add a fix for possible integer overflows
	[+] 0dd3f436f4 grub: add a fix for a memory leak
	[+] b461e69025 grub: add a fix for a possible negative shift
	[+] 3348511b94 grub: add a fix for a length check
	[+] e97cfd1660 grub: fix an integer overflow
	[+] 40d7b77030 grub: fix a memory leak
	[+] b854e27c58 grub: fix a memory leak
	[+] da4ba2d04e grub: fix a memory leak
	[+] 90b1d407c6 grub: add a missing NULL check
	[+] 495bf963be grub: add structure initialization in zstd
	[+] 37f35c4782 grub: add a fix for unnecessary assignements
	[+] 877ea55a5b grub: fix an unitialized re_token in gnulib
	[+] ba476f819f grub: add a fix for NULL pointer dereference
	[+] ab977b3f49 grub: add a fix a NULL pointer dereference in gnulib
	[+] e1122f6dad grub: fix an unitialized token in gnulib
	[+] db637b0555 grub: add a fix for unused variable in gnulib
	[+] c4ca12868c grub: add a fix for a possible NULL pointer dereference
	[+] 4a5a4dbcf6 grub: fix memory leak at error in grub_efi_get_filename()
	[+] 763007dff1 grub: add a fix for malformed device path handling
	[+] ee33ef8242 grub: fix wrong handling of argc == 0
	[+] 058d20254f grub: fix a dangling memory pointer
	[+] 6b514d38b7 grub: add a fix for a possible NULL dereference
	[+] 01eb48b7f5 grub: fix a memory leak
	[+] ac746716fc puzzles: Upstream changed to main branch for development
	[+] 940fcf35b2 ruby: 2.7.4 -> 2.7.5
	[+] df471272ae tiff: fix for CVE-2022-22844
	[+] bb6b6f5a55 openssl: Add fix for CVE-2021-4160
	[+] c8987e7bca vim: Upgrade 8.2.4314 -> 8.2.4424
	[+] febd9f6715 vim: Upgrade 4269 -> 4134
	[+] acc692cfec vim: upgrade to patch 4269
	[+] 3bb6c52e22 vim: update to include latest CVE fixes
	[+] 4359fb29f9 vim: do not report upstream version check as broken
	[+] dffd5c120b vim: upgrade to 8.2 patch 3752
	[+] 7c237d3b2d vim: set PACKAGECONFIG idiomatically
	[+] c6b1d0eac1 Revert "vim: fix CVE-2021-4069"
	[+] f58e88f4d8 ruby: fix DEPENDS append
	[+] 6060b500b9 ruby: correctly set native/target dependencies
	[+] 2a96d2a932 Switch connectivity check to a page
	[+] b34672df17 sdk: fix search for dynamic loader
	[+] a4501bdd1a linux-firmware: upgrade 20211216 -> 20220209
	[+] 6ea06ed9f0 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.178
	[+] 32bf0d1e48 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.176
	[+] fedd12ae6d linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.173
	[+] 8d3efda87d cmake: remove bogus CMAKE_LDFLAGS_FLAGS definition from toolchain file
	[+] 7b27c85ed9 rpm: fix intermittent compression failure in do_package_write_rpm
	[+] e3f9b3a497 devtool: deploy-target: Remove stripped binaries in pseudo context
	[+] 97586f5d62 recipetool: Fix circular reference in SRC_URI
	[+] 599987e984 cve-check: create directory of CVE_CHECK_MANIFEST before copy
	[+] 4d679f1e07 freetype: add missing CVE tag CVE-2020-15999
	[+] d9a3341394 binutils: Fix CVE-2021-45078
	[+] ea8e23b482 lighttpd: backport a fix for CVE-2022-22707
	[+] 19d3dc1ebb wpa-supplicant: fix CVE-2022-23303-4
	[+] 0c48142849 connman: fix CVE-2021-33833
	[+] 9c8b420096 connman: fix CVE-2022-23098
	[+] 17023dee9b connman: fix CVE-2022-23096-7
	[+] 08ecf46de0 expat: fix CVE-2022-23990
	[+] 6836180997 bitbake: tests/fetch: Handle upstream master -> main branch change
	[+] 3d5dd4dd8d documentation: update for 3.1.14 release
	[+] 7f93b8dff5 releases: update to include 3.1.14
	[+] fca7b22674 libusb1: correct SRC_URI
	[+] e340dafa0e linux-firmware: Add CLM blob to linux-firmware-bcm4373 package
	[+] e92b9b6bf6 libcap: Use specific BSD license variant
	[+] 762912b1b5 shadow-sysroot: sync license with shadow
	[+] 7cee8440c4 shadow: Use specific BSD license variant
	[+] fb2d910ef7 glib-2.0: Use specific BSD license variant
	[+] 055b8c2093 e2fsprogs: Use specific BSD license variant
	[+] 76a93e4ac9 tzdata: Remove BSD License specifier
	[+] ea8e0dd072 lsof: correct LICENSE
	[+] 2a4cdd5ff5 common-licenses: add Spencer-94
	[+] 094a3ba047 sstate: A third fix for for touching files inside pseudo
	[+] 4cd2d8de2a binutils: Backport Include members in the variable table used when resolving DW_AT_specification tags.
	[+] 169e03b9b3 util-linux: Fix for CVE-2021-3995 and CVE-2021-3996
	[+] 239fa60002 expat: add missing Upstream-status, CVE tag and sign-off to CVE-2021-46143.patch
	[+] 5eab654048 expat: fix CVE-2022-23852
	[+] b03d18892c ghostscript: fix CVE-2021-45949
	[+] 9959bee1af grub: add a fix for CVE-2020-25647
	[+] f5fe6f2a64 grub: add a fix for CVE-2020-25632
	[+] 40d6918639 systemd: Fix CVE-2021-3997
	[+] bbd2561fe9 glibc: update to lastest 2.31 release HEAD

projects with unreachable revisions :

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meta-agl refs/tags/marlin/13.0.0 or refs/tags/marlin/13.0.1 not found
meta-agl-demo refs/tags/marlin/13.0.0 or refs/tags/marlin/13.0.1 not found
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