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added projects :

external/meta-flutter at revision 7d59dea18a27b16b0cede7ad5143281b82dd6701
external/meta-ros at revision 7ded597103e8e54ffa979d042cdbbedb76ff7cb5

removed projects :

external/alexa-auto-sdk at revision d46f22b453f528868b483e39bc7a057ca68a5199
external/meta-iot-cloud at revision 5431f91969087d631972d73cd03b16eed0a61987
external/meta-updater at revision cc1b38310f4ebd0558438057a1edfeb4a3555b16
external/meta-updater-qemux86-64 at revision 71e2e2426b09e5aed6eabed72c8d289c0343c2de
external/meta-updater-raspberrypi at revision 3e4795b85861e63c54f6f7c573f8bd13b3024072

changed projects :

bsp/meta-agl-refhw changed from refs/tags/marlin/12.90.0 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.0
	[+] f56d6f5 Add gitreview file for Magic Marlin branch
	[+] 92da06f Updates for BSP v5.5.0
	[+] c79268a arm-trusted-firmware: build 1rank firmware when MACHINE=agl-refhw-h3
	[+] 6edf7ba Enable buffered-mode for accel/gyro sensors
	[+] 3967213 Add support for 16Gbit/1rank DRAM version of the AGL reference hardware
	[+] 5c85ab7 Fix CAN transceivers GPIO hog definitions
	[+] a0117f8 Add WLAN card support
	[+] e98aa7a Enable vehicle board CAN transceivers
	[+] ecb71fd Fix wrong USB1 pin setting
	[+] 67a9b0c arm-trusted-firmware: Update patch override
	[+] c41ff5d arm-trusted-firmware: Fix BL2 fail on Renesas BSP 4.7.0.
	[+] e2e27b9 Update README
	[+] e7f137f arm-trusted-firmware: Enable building in AGL build
bsp/meta-freescale changed from f2421b9fa04e9cad0109bfbd095ea0684c5e2281 to a6199966375875fdfc295e6687c86a83fb53bf04
	[+] a6199966 Merge pull request #960 from danielbatw/dunfell_backport_imx-boot_fix_for_spi-nor
	[+] 454c5898 imx-boot: Add dependency on xxd-native
	[+] e1e51ebb Merge pull request #949 from mnme/kernel-upgrade-dunfell
	[+] 7ee55d62 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.172
	[+] ada58777 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.171
	[+] c3a48ac9 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.170
	[+] 17bcf618 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.163
	[+] 560abee6 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.160
	[+] 5f4c2d1f linux-fslc: update to v5.4.159
	[+] 64cfd87a linux-fslc: update to v5.4.158
	[+] 11a18adc linux-fslc: update to v5.4.156
	[+] 597df795 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.154
	[+] 490b6d27 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.153
	[+] 03197bac linux-fslc: update to v5.4.152
	[+] 1475a145 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.150
	[+] ca2b4131 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.149
	[+] 18f89ea1 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.148
	[+] 6d2922be Merge pull request #932 from Freescale/backport-931-to-dunfell
	[+] af22d395 devregs: bump revision to dcc3e3f2
	[+] 225d7561 Merge pull request #930 from rohieb/dunfell
	[+] 182b4a6a recipes: use https protocol and add explicit branch parameter
	[+] 727fd8df Merge pull request #873 from zandrey/kernel-upgrade-dunfell
	[+] eb5ddb35 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.147
	[+] b1e4dc1c linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.145
	[+] e3f1cfe1 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.144
	[+] e1148bdc linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.143
	[+] eae39fd9 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.142
	[+] 5a33362c linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.141
	[+] 33b75a40 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.134
	[+] 72981b5c linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.133
	[+] caf31d5c linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.129
	[+] 4658c45c linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.128
	[+] f2651679 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.127
	[+] 6013923a linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.126
	[+] b4ae8941 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.125
	[+] 003dce94 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.124
	[+] 667f837b linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.122
	[+] 85e8ba52 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.121
	[+] b4ae4ea2 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.120
	[+] d804c694 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.147
	[+] 0dc0d183 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.145
	[+] f773113a linux-fslc: update to v5.4.144
	[+] effdac5b linux-fslc: update to v5.4.143
	[+] 559846d4 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.142
	[+] 3c39b097 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.141
	[+] 16fc2a50 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.134
	[+] 5d547892 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.133
	[+] 775eaea7 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.129
	[+] 9ddb45b1 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.128
	[+] 2668ff26 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.127
	[+] 140d5452 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.126
	[+] 9510d7f9 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.125
	[+] 0b5dd245 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.124
	[+] a11e121a linux-fslc: update to v5.4.122
	[+] 3c240917 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.121
	[+] 2d533756 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.120
	[+] 12c3eed6 libimxvpuapi2: Update to version 2.2.0
	[+] 07eac1cc libimxvpuapi2: Update to version 2.1.2
	[+] 5445d14f libimxvpuapi2: Update to version 2.1.0
	[+] 0173d3f8 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.119
	[+] 4c58e74e linux-fslc: update to v5.4.118
	[+] 58fecd36 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.117
	[+] 1815de21 linux-fslc: update to v5.4.116
	[+] e998763a linux-fslc: update to v5.4.115
	[+] 43c8ff92 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.119
	[+] eb049606 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.118
	[+] 74de65b9 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.117
	[+] bd4470f8 linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.116
	[+] 51b5481f linux-fslc-imx: update to v5.4.115
bsp/meta-freescale-3rdparty changed from a7b96dc91bb2818d8ed8210654db10d08d4d7890 to c52f64973cd4043a5e8be1c7e29bb9690eb4c3e5
	[+] c52f649 Merge pull request #186 from rohieb/dunfell
	[+] 89fa5f6 recipes: use https protocol and add explicit branch parameter
	[+] 537cb85 imx6qdl-pico: Remove duplicate MACHINE_FEATURES entry
	[+] c60aa02 imx6qdl-pico: Add QCA9377 Wifi support
	[+] 83990b8 imx6qdl-pico: Fix the serial console port
bsp/meta-raspberrypi changed from 77190af02d48adc2b28216775e6318e9eeda571c to 934064a01903b2ba9a82be93b3f0efdb4543a0e8
	[+] 934064a linux-firmware-rpidistro: Use buster branch instead of master
	[+] 2e704f5 99-com.rules: fix error invalid substitution type
	[+] c4d0917 recipes: Update SRC_URI protocols for github
	[+] 59c2d6f Update raspberrypi firmware to 20210527
	[+] f0c7501 libva: Fix for when using `userland`
	[+] a59f771 linux-raspberrypi-dev: use static SRCREV when not selected with PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel
	[+] 253f1b1 linux-raspberrypi-dev: drop protocol=git and add LINUX_RPI_KMETA_BRANCH
	[+] 4685e5a linux-raspberrypi-dev: Update for testing v5.10.y
	[+] 22b7a1d linux-raspberrypi: allow to change the yocto-kernel-cache branch with LINUX_RPI_KMETA_BRANCH
	[+] ee5a06b layer.conf: Define LAYERDEPENDS
bsp/meta-rcar changed from a99eb54e9b068375b306fec53f1530f7eb780014 to fc6201d93336a314c532e063e0abc48969b3b868
	[+] fc6201d9 recipes-support: ctemplate: Update to python3
	[+] 0c8d6dc0 recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Update to Yocto v5.9
	[+] 4eaac76c recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Enable missing max2008x support
	[+] 90fd2364 recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Remove deprecated H3ULCB v1.x support
	[+] da3177ec recipes-graphics: wayland-wsegl: Add missing dependency
	[+] ae81e35b recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Enable ATH9K PCIe module for ULCB
	[+] 65ede1f3 recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Simplify ULCB configuration
	[+] a8cafa0a recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Update to Yocto v5.5
	[+] 28d81507 recipes-bsp: Remove optee-os_git.bbappend and patches
	[+] 314af9da recipes-bsp: u-boot: Update to Yocto v5.5
	[+] e590b771 recipes-bsp: arm-trusted-firmware: Update to Yocto v.5.5
	[+] 6b26c665 recipes-kernel: mmngr: Fix cache ioctl operations
	[+] 77fb5acc recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Workaround pcm3168a audio issues
	[+] 6f24f37d recipes-bsp: optee-os: Add PTA_CMD_GET_DEVICES_SUPP support
	[+] 3856293c mmngr: Remove unneeded patches
	[+] dd2dcaec recipes-kernel: linux-renesas: Update to Yocto v5.1
	[+] 214e2f5d recipes-bsp: u-boot: Update to Yocto v5.1
	[+] 2a218ca7 recipes-bsp: arm-trusted-firmware: Remove unneeded PMIC ROHM BD9 patch
bsp/meta-renesas changed from c0a59569d52e32c26de083597308e7bc189675dd to b28a265e8544ef6bce7fb1b1dd23daa664ec86f5
	[+] b28a265 rcar-gen3: weston: Fix weston-start time out error
	[+] fba0b18 Revert "rcar-gen3: image: Add ethtool"
	[+] 2a8c42c rcar-gen3: Update urls to use https
	[+] 258408c rcar-gen3: conf: Update sample local.conf files
	[+] 544a20b rcar-gen3: EtherAVB: Upgrade to the latest SRCREV
	[+] 97b5353 rcar-gen3: CMS: Upgrade to version 3.0.0
	[+] 0db3d3b rcar-gen3: vspmif: Update SRCREV to follow the latest version
	[+] 61d496e rcar-gen3: gstreamer: Update to the latest revision
	[+] 958a3b3 rcar-gen3: wayland-wsegl: Upgrade to the latest SRCREV
	[+] 3a17d1a rcar-gen3: libdrm: remove preferred version
	[+] 96be472 rcar-gen3: remove mesa from rcar-gen3
	[+] 9d9cc84 rcar-gen3: IMR: Allow to build with all supported machine
	[+] 3822009 rcar-gen3: osal: Add udev rules to rename drivers
	[+] c972a0a rcar-gen3: Add feature check for OSAL and IMR
	[+] f69edee rcar-gen3: Update CPUFreq setting initscript
	[+] 6a3ec06 rcar-gen3: kernel-module-cmemdrv: Disable module autoload
	[+] aa66226 rcar-gen3: OP-TEE: Upgrade OP-TEE to the latest revision
	[+] 621ca3c rcar-gen3: arm-trusted-firmware: Upgrade to the latest SRCREV
	[+] 5b5cd09 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Upgrade Linux BSP to 5.1.4
	[+] 14ce046 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: update Linux BSP for safe rendering
	[+] 89e1315 rcar-gen3: drm: Apply a patch for sync_fence_info and sync_pt_info
	[+] 7737a89 rcar-gen3: Add support Safe Rendering
	[+] 1c7df93 MAINTAINER: Update maintainer list
	[+] 5dbf602 rcar-gen3: READMEs: Update content
	[+] 695f374 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Upgrade Linux BSP to 5.1.2
	[+] c1d17a4 rcar-gen3: README: Add OSAL and IMR build guide
	[+] 8e7cc58 rcar-gen3: conf: Remove GFX build option of Draak
	[+] 13305a7 rcar-gen3: GStreamer: Update vspfilter license
	[+] 5e009c7 rcar-gen3: IMR: Add support for IMR
	[+] 561af66 rcar-gen3: OSAL: Add support for OSAL.
	[+] addfde9 rcar-gen3: EtherAVB: Update SRCREV to the latest version
	[+] a751514 rcar-gen3: CMS: Upgrade to version 2.5.0
	[+] e2573c3 rcar-gen3: wayland: separate wayland-wsegl from GLES
	[+] 03523d2 rcar-gen3: gles-module: Update to new version
	[+] a12e4d3 rcar-gen3: kernel-module-cmemdrv: Add support cmem driver
	[+] a177662 rcar-gen3: MMNGR: Update SRCREV to latest revision
	[+] 95b7ca4 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Upgrade Linux BSP to v5.1.0
	[+] 8277884 rcar-gen3: Add CPUFreq setting initscript
	[+] b621943 rcar-gen3: U-Boot: Upgrade U-Boot to v2020.10/rcar-5.1.0
	[+] ad42186 rcar-gen3: OP-TEE: Update OP-TEE OS and Client version
	[+] 200dcfc rcar-gen3: arm-trusted-firmware: Upgrade TF-A revision
	[+] 8e5fe79 rcar-gen3: machine: Update KERNEL_DEVICETREE for H3ULCB
	[+] 9cd956f rcar-gen3: image: Add ethtool
	[+] a5c25c2 rcar-gen3: recipes-graphics: Improve mesa and cogl-1.0 codes
	[+] 1d73cd7 rcar-gen3: kernel-modules: Do not need to create "inlcude" directory
	[+] 24f8cff rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Add OP-TEE node for R8A77995
	[+] 91fd1e4 rcar-gen3: READMEs: Update content
	[+] 50fbe18 rcar-gen3: ADSP: Add ADSP patches
	[+] 1b35227 rcar-gen3: images: Update AVB package
	[+] 5bcd9cd rcar-gen3: openavnu: Update SRCREV to latest revision
	[+] 4297da2 rcar-gen3: gptp: Add gptp recipe
	[+] 4fefe33 rcar-gen3: linuxptp: Fix compile error
	[+] c0867c8 rcar-gen3: QoS: Update SRCREV to latest revision
	[+] be4d2e0 rcar-gen3: ADSP: Update package names
	[+] 84386fd rcar-gen3: CMS: Update package names
	[+] 13291b0 rcar-gen3: VideoCodec: Update package names
	[+] a2a6ebf rcar-gen3: AudioCodec: Update package names
	[+] 6680390 rcar-gen3: EtherAVB: Update SRCREV to the latest version
	[+] f2a9edd rcar-gen3: TF-A: Upgrade to latest revision
	[+] 10af3b1 rcar-gen3: OP-TEE: Upgrade OP-TEE OS to 3.0.2
	[+] 2c6bacb rcar-gen3: kernel-module-gles: Update KBUILD_OUTDIR
	[+] b2e97c6 Revert "rcar-gen3: kernel-module-gles: WORKAROUND to build with GCC 9.x"
	[+] f243610 rcar-gen3: copyscript: Update GFX package names
	[+] c7332bf rcar-gen3: optee-client: Fix initialize mioc->cmds member variables
	[+] 91b67f2 rcar-gen3: machine: Update ULCB U-Boot configuration
	[+] 4b52d5e rcar-gen3: machine: Remove Ebisu-4d U-Boot configuration
	[+] ac79bc0 rcar-gen3: image: Add draak to COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
	[+] fde55a5 rcar-gen3: sample: Add Draak board sample configurations
	[+] 38afb6f rcar-gen3: strace: Backport version 5.10
	[+] 9b5ff37 rcar-gen3: Alternative fix for already-stripped errors
	[+] a40e426 rcar-gen3: vsp2driver: Fix insmod issue
	[+] 60bee87 rcar-gen3: VSP: Adapt to Kernel 5.10.0
	[+] ab0907b rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Fix external kernel module compile failure
	[+] d3dbc0d rcar-gen3: MMNGR: Update SRCREV to latest revision
	[+] 170d559 rcar-gen3: U-Boot: Upgrade U-Boot to 2020.10
	[+] 1d175d1 rcar-gen3: linux-renesas: Upgrade Linux BSP to 5.0.0.rc4
	[+] 0c5b96b rcar-gen3: machine: Add support for D3
	[+] 91d5ac9 rcar-gen3: GStreamer: Update SRCREVs
bsp/meta-rtlwifi changed from 7b556aa2265cfc41e6e5fda7085619436fe9a385 to 98b2b2c34f186050e6092bc4f17ecb69aef6148a
	[+] 98b2b2c Merge pull request #23 from SanCloudLtd/pbarker/for-upstream
	[+] bb10022 layer.conf: Mark layer as compatible with honister
	[+] cdea144 Convert to new override syntax
	[+] ddec60b rtl8723bu: Pull in required firmware
	[+] 934fa3a Merge pull request #20 from pbrkr/master
	[+] 793e45a layer.conf: Add hardknott to LAYERSERIES_COMPAT
	[+] b8327c5 conf/layer: drop older branch names
	[+] ccf8cdc Merge pull request #18 from pbrkr/master
	[+] 18847c2 layer.conf: Add gatesgarth to LAYERSERIES_COMPAT
	[+] ae22ff3 Merge pull request #17 from pbrkr/master
	[+] 3c1be3a rtl8723bu: Uprev to fix build with Linux 5.8 or later
bsp/meta-sancloud changed from 586fb69bb95a80d3b84c1dd1d5a892f7d078bd7b to ef68da514bd7cd4cfed75e69af1eb5c7ac11dbb9
	[+] ef68da5 Merge pull request #8 from pbrkr/dunfell
	[+] 2519d03 Update release tagging script to work with markdown-extract v2.0.0
	[+] c80857e Merge pull request #7 from pbrkr/dunfell
	[+] 02409d5 Update ChangeLog for dunfell-r6 release
	[+] 3694370 Exclude viddec-test-app from yocto-check-layer runs
	[+] b4ae619 linux-bbe: Uprev to TI release
	[+] 7795962 kas: Uprev meta-ti & meta-arago to TI release
	[+] 18b84c9 readme: Describe licensing
	[+] 2c928a2 kas: Update poky & meta-openembedded
	[+] addf8a4 pre-commit: Update checks
	[+] 8122a37 pre-commit: Check against reuse spec
	[+] 46cab21 Clarify licensing of all files
	[+] 4e650b2 linux-bbe: Drop unused cmem & ti-uio features
	[+] 95a1412 CI: Add yocto-check-layer job
	[+] 1b27681 rtl8723bu: Drop obsolete bbappend
	[+] 26c122d qcacld: Update & fix SRCREV
	[+] 0897c87 Merge pull request #6 from pbrkr/dunfell
	[+] 5bc1a1e CI: Initial setup using GitHub Actions
	[+] cf25ebb Add pre-commit checks
	[+] 9ef5408 scripts: Fix shellcheck warnings
	[+] 3295a77 kas: Drop image-mklibs & image-prelink classes
	[+] 770da84 ChangeLog: Add another fix for dunfell-r5
	[+] cb13ddf Switch back to u-boot script for booting
	[+] b5cfd5b ChangeLog: Update for dunfell-r5 release
	[+] 5c03767 linux-bbe: Use kernel-yocto bbclass
	[+] 16b10e0 u-boot-bbe: Switch to our custom defconfig
	[+] 38d42a9 sancloud-ramdisk-image: Build cpio.xz image
	[+] 5f00a5f sancloud-ramdisk-image: Allow packages to be configured
	[+] 3afe892 kas: Exclude openssh from Arago debug builds
	[+] f832f75 kas: Add flashrom to debug builds
	[+] cbb444d powervr-drivers: Fix driver config for 5.10 kernel
	[+] b2846e3 kas: Track master branch of meta-rtlwifi
	[+] 14f20e5 Update links
	[+] 04622c5 linux-bbe: Uprev kernels
	[+] 5d862c6 qcacld: Uprev to with SanCloud patches
	[+] f5ffefa linux-bbe: Drop 5.4 recipes
	[+] 02a623a Switch default kernel version to 5.10
	[+] b8b7967 linux-bbe-next: Uprev for 5.10 kernel
	[+] d9bfcd7 linux-bbe-rt: Add recipe for 5.10 RT kernel
	[+] fd7a1c7 kas: Uprev meta-openembedded & meta-rtlwifi
	[+] 6407069 kas: Uprev poky to 3.1.11 release
	[+] cbd1c3a kas: Uprev meta-ti & meta-arago to TI release
	[+] 6e19924 layer.conf: Add BSP version variable
	[+] 3348139 kas: Add buildinfo to debug images
	[+] 3bccde6 u-boot-bbe: Update to v2021.10-sc1
	[+] 93bcbb9 linux-bbe: Add initial support for 5.10 kernel
	[+] e220d23 Prepare for dunfell-r4.1 hotfix release
	[+] 9fbb275 Fix booting of Arago images
	[+] bd3da98 ChangeLog: Update for dunfell-r4 release
	[+] e8f19fd scripts: Use full paths properly in CI script
	[+] 9b1621f u-boot-bbe: Update to v2021.07-sc1
	[+] 583ddee Update mainline kernel support
	[+] 7593860 kas: Fix Arago meta-openembedded refspec
	[+] 975457b bbe.conf: Drop u-boot files from boot partition
	[+] 7add1f1 scripts: Collect new image artifacts in CI script
	[+] dbd8baf scripts: Handle bbe-extended-wifi dtb rename in CI script
	[+] 68d020c sancloud-ramdisk-image: New image recipe
	[+] 254c22f kas: Fix rootfs size for debug images
	[+] 0595287 wic: Pass through IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR
	[+] c4ace61 bbe.conf: Build compressed ext4 images
	[+] 3d677f9 bbe.conf: Don't use MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS
	[+] fa4bc93 scripts: Add build path argument to CI script
	[+] e736ca3 kas: Update layers
	[+] 11a3fec kas: Switch meta-arago URL
	[+] 8bd9c68 Fix BBE product page links
	[+] c08fd80 COPYING: Update copyright date
	[+] 7a3b759 bbe: Enable qcacld driver
	[+] 758bd53 conf: Handle rename of BBE Extended WiFi dtb
	[+] 6c2157d Add recipes for qcacld driver & firmware
	[+] 9f47d72 linux-bbe: Update to v5.4.106-sc3 & v5.4.106-rt54-sc3
	[+] 70913fd kas: Pin meta-openembedded only for arago
	[+] 2875665 u-boot-bbe: Switch to extlinux.conf
	[+] 48860a3 Drop patches against linux-stable
	[+] 9a42810 kas: Add connman & systemd configs
	[+] b9b0ffe bbe: Tidy up MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS
	[+] 48bf22e rtl8723bu: Require corresponding firmware
	[+] 902c397 bbe: Enable bluetooth support
	[+] 0261d62 kas: Add debug config file
	[+] ee860e6 conf: Update mainline kernel support
	[+] aef1938 Fix image URL in readme
bsp/meta-ti changed from 02a53f48b9bdb242185204610610f2209bc92ca6 to 15613c951051c450fc8726b2576c23c105b79d53
	[+] 15613c95 linux-ti-staging: block sa2ul for am64x hs and j7200 hs device
	[+] 89cb4440 conf: j7200-hs: fix the wrong machine configuration included
	[+] d29025f7 ti-sci-fw: Fix for k3-image-gen issue for combined boot images
	[+] 6eaf4592 u-boot-ti-staging: Bump u-boot version for
	[+] 09582b25 linux-ti-staging: Bump linux version for
	[+] 9fd85b5c videnc-test-app: Add the videnc-test-app recipe
	[+] 8779fba9 viddec-test-app: Add the viddec-test-app recipe
	[+] a3d1da3a vxd-dec-fw: Move firmware one folder up in target
	[+] 973a73b9 update to PSSP v6.0.1
	[+] f9779e93 j7-hs-evm: Correct image boot file causing build error
	[+] 29967d89 linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump linux rt version for
	[+] 64c1d9d9 linux-ti-staging: Bump linux version for
	[+] 288c8ce6 u-boot-ti-staging: Bump u-boot version for
	[+] 1eb6e71f wic: revert grub-efi patch
	[+] f438a091 j721e-sr1_1: Add j721e sr1.1 HS support
	[+] 9e1ba1f2 vxd-dec-fw: Add the recipe for vxd-dec-fw
	[+] 194d0bdc j7200-hs: changes to support new hs platform
	[+] 3f157735 ti-rtos-firmware: Add j7200 hs support
	[+] 926e3648 conf: machine: Add j7200 hs platform
	[+] 33d5f0bb conf: machine : am65xx: Add missing dtbo
	[+] 4cde8b6c conf: machine: am64xx: Add missing dtbo
	[+] e20113d6 am64xx-hs: changes to support new hs platform
	[+] c28a6115 ti-sci-fw: changes to build combined boot image for hs build
	[+] 7ba78e1b conf: machine: add new am64x hs platform
	[+] ea40937c conf: am57xx-evm: Add missing *.dtb and *.dtbo
	[+] 2b6083bb ti-linux-fw: Add AUTOREV support for K3 Image Gen
	[+] cae60938 recipes-bsp: u-boot-ti-mainline: Update to v2021.10 release
	[+] 4c6598f5 recipes: update github SRC_URIs
	[+] d209ac53 linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump linux rt version for
	[+] 1d8f8d6f linux-ti-staging: Bump linux version for
	[+] c16501a1 u-boot-ti-staging: Bump u-boot version for
	[+] a6831f45 ti-linux-fw: Bump k3 image gen to latest
	[+] 1d1cddb5 linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump linux rt version for release
	[+] f6364422 linux-ti-staging: Bump linux version for
	[+] 99bf928c ti-linux-fw: Bump ti linux firmware for
	[+] b9242a8e u-boot-ti-staging: Bump u-boot version for
	[+] 76598338 ti-rtos-firmware: Update M4F binary for AM64x SoCs
	[+] cf61a92e linux-ti-staging: Bump to release
	[+] a919b761 linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to release
	[+] 26187175 u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to release
	[+] 4cfb3bc4 ti-linux-fw: Bump to release
	[+] 79ffa041 conf: j7-evm: Replace eaik dtb with sk to KERNEL_DEVICETREE
	[+] 224394b1 linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump linux rt version to latest
	[+] 64c3bae6 linux-ti-staging: Bump linux version to latest
	[+] 86a47d35 ti-sci-fw_git: Fix issue with using gp*.bin for TISCI firmware
	[+] fafa3ed7 prusw-fw-am65x-sr2: Add recipe for ICSSG Switch mode firmware for AM65x SR2.0
	[+] dbbec0dd add AM64x, update to PSSP v6.0.0
	[+] 309e15ae powervr-drivers: teach modules_install to respect "usrmerge" distro feature
	[+] 5c245082 ti-linux-fw: AUTOREV support for ti-linux-fw
	[+] eb051b4a ti-linux-fw: Support common inc for all firmware
	[+] 1fe4515c ipc: ti-rpmsg-char: Update library to 0.3.1
	[+] bc74a9cf conf: am57xx-evm: ReIntroduce existent dtb* for 5.10
	[+] 6cea06c3 conf: dra7xx-evm: ReIntroduce existent dtb* for 5.10
	[+] 537ef854 conf: omap-a15: fix the dtb file path for extlinux boot
	[+] be7b2c58 linux-ti-staging-rt: Update SRCREV to 5.10.65
	[+] e75a2df8 linux-ti-staging: Update SRCREV to 5.10.65
	[+] b2c515a5 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to 5.10.59
	[+] c3ce6cd0 conf: Add extlinux.conf support on some 32bit platforms
	[+] d0b09833 conf/machine: k3: Enable grub-efi by default in wic images
	[+] 211f440f ti-rtos-firmware: Update PATH to include ti-sci-fw
	[+] 15f3d4a3 ti-rtos-firmware: Add soft link to the rtos firmware binaries
	[+] 96852ff4 linux-ti-staging-rt: Update linux rt to release
	[+] 78b1f1de linux-ti-staging: Update linux to release
	[+] 6c6646ad u-boot-ti-staging: Updated the u-boot to release
	[+] 67c16e29 ti-sci-fw: Update to fix ipc firmware load issue
	[+] 92068df9 prueth-fw-am65x-sr2: Update firmware to
	[+] 4a9c7c18 ti-sci-fw: Update ti-linux-firmware srcrev to
	[+] 13f9690a linux-ti-staging-rt: Update linux-rt srcrev to
	[+] 344de9c0 linux-ti-staging: Update the linux srcrev to
	[+] 63d042cc u-boot-ti-staging: Update the u-boot srcrev to
	[+] eff643e5 ti-rtos-firmware: update the source to ti-linux-firmware
	[+] e287e588 ti-img-rogue-driver: support OE nodistro toolchain same as Poky
	[+] ee7389ab recipes-bsp: u-boot-ti-mainline: Update to v2021.07 release
	[+] 26acf04c conf: j7-evm: Add j721e eaik dtb to KERNEL_DEVICETREE
	[+] 64012ed5 ti-sci-fw: Update linux firmware repo to
	[+] c63eff37 u-boot-ti-staging: Update to release tag
	[+] 46fcec17 linux-ti-staging-rt: Update to release tag
	[+] 5aaea8ee linux-ti-staging: Update to release tag
	[+] bad7dbba linux-ti-mainline: Bump kernel version to v5.13
	[+] d5db4141 ti-sci-fw: k3-image-gen: Revert SPL address change for mainline
	[+] 69f58002 ti-sci-fw: Update linux firmware repo to
	[+] 4a63e03c prueth-fw: Update prueth dual emac firmware to 5.6.15
	[+] 518092b9 prusw-fw: Update switch firmwares to 3.2.9 version
	[+] 24959c86 linux-ti-staging: Update to release tag
	[+] 3d86b4f2 linux-ti-staging-rt: Update to release tag
	[+] 05fd87a8 u-boot-ti-staging: Update to release tag
	[+] 406f5998 ti-sci-fw: Update imggen to release tag
	[+] b394c5fe optee-os: upgrade to upstream 3.12.0
	[+] 7c4f40e0 prueth-fw-am65x-sr2: Updating firmware to
	[+] ececc4f0 prueth-fw: am65x: SR1.0: Package the firmware images from ti-linux-firmware
	[+] d8e96545 recipes-kernel: jailhouse: Remove jailhouse recipe
	[+] 7876863a recipes-bsp: ivshmem: Remove ivshmem packages
	[+] 2ab3edaf trusted-firmware-a: Update to v2.5
	[+] 749fcd9b ti-sci-fw: Update linux-firmware to latest
	[+] 02a2433c ti-sci-fw: Update image gen to latest
	[+] f4dfe172 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to tag
	[+] cb349db5 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to 5.10.41
	[+] 3f7375b6 conf: j7-evm: ReIntroduce pm1 SOM with tps65917 PMIC
	[+] 65a60dc3 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to the latest commit SHA
	[+] 45f43b3a conf: am65xx-evm: ReIntroduce display overlays for 5.10
	[+] e13d00e7 conf/machine: am64xx: Add overlay to support icssg1-dualemac
	[+] cd4e782d ti-uboot-staging: Update to the latest ti-u-boot-2021.01
	[+] 2de2c5ec linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to the latest commit SHA
	[+] 6983b50e linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to 5.10.35
	[+] fbcd6401 conf: j7-evm: ReIntroduce existent dtbo for 5.10
	[+] 48dabba5 prueth-fw: am64xx-evm: add prebuilt PRU Ethernet FW
	[+] 99cf543e linux-ti-staging: Add extra dtc flags to support dtb overlays
	[+] 0a799796 machine: am64xx-sk: Drop am64xx-sk Machine support
	[+] 33ad83a1 conf/machine: am64xx: Include SK dtb for machine am64xx-evm
	[+] b180f688 ti-uboot-staging: Update to the latest ti-u-boot-2021.01
	[+] f0abcc93 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to the latest commit SHA
	[+] b0693ec7 ti-uboot-staging: Update to the latest ti-u-boot-2021.01
	[+] 87e80d7a ti-sgx-ddk-km: Update srcrev to pick rt kernel build fix
	[+] 492dc9eb recipes-kernel: perf: Add a perf.bbappend to handle RDEPENDS on newer kernel
	[+] 78e05140 linux-ti-mainline: Bump kernel version to v5.12
	[+] 61805873 recipes-bsp: u-boot-ti-mainline: Update to v2021.04 release
	[+] 8ec0047a conf: am65xx-evm: ReIntroduce AM65 SR1.0 overlay
	[+] b5f7ee1a linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to 5.10.30
	[+] cb71afd6 ti-uboot-staging: Update to the latest ti-u-boot-2021.01
	[+] 4327c898 conf: am65xx-evm: ReIntroduce existent dtbo for 5.10
	[+] 4c348115 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to the latest commit SHA
	[+] e6a02d3e ti-sci-fw: Update image gen and linux-firmware to latest
	[+] 64c450cc ti-gc320-driver: update branch for 5.10
	[+] f775554c linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to the latest commit SHA
	[+] 370b80eb ti-uboot-staging: Update to the latest ti-u-boot-2021.01
	[+] 856bc72e cmem: Update to new version
	[+] 3bd15515 uio-module-drv: Build fix for linux kernel 5.10
	[+] b0890965 dsptop: bump SRCREV for kernel 5.10 build fix
	[+] f9ab1858 gdbc6x: bump SRCREV for kernel 5.10 build fix
	[+] 6a45f077 ti-sci-fw: Update image gen to latest
	[+] 8bdfe141 conf: dra7xx-evm: Remove non-existent dtb* from 5.10
	[+] 43bf0f36 conf: am57xx-evm: Remove non-existent dtb* from 5.10
	[+] ba0ddc5a conf: am437xx-evm: Remove non-existent dtb* from 5.10
	[+] ad28c587 conf: am335x-evm: Remove non-existent dtb* from 5.10
	[+] 0d04083f conf: k2g-evm: Remove keystone-k2g-evm-lcd.dtb from 5.10
	[+] 9ea50db0 conf: am65xx-evm: Remove non-existent dtb* from 5.10
	[+] fb0a0ddd conf: j7200-evm: Remove jailhouse overlay from 5.10 kernel
	[+] 8b206b32 conf: j7-evm: Remove unavailable dtb/o from 5.10 kernel
	[+] 61457cc7 linux-ti-staging: Update 5.10 kernel to 5.10.21
	[+] 0a604e6a Revert "linux-ti-staging-5.10: With the kernel being AUTOREV'd remove the minor version"
	[+] 48d5570c ti-uboot-staging: Update to the latest ti-u-boot-2021.01
	[+] 7793303e Revert "linux-ti-staging, u-boot-ti-staging: lower default preference"
	[+] 16697781 ti-sgx-ddk-um: Update srcrev to pick latest
	[+] 4a39ee8c ti-sgx-ddk-km: update srcrev to pick 5.10
	[+] 4442defe ti-sgx-ddk-km: properly handle arm-poky-linux-gnueabi compiler prefix
	[+] 916b2256 ti-img-rogue-umlibs: update branch to pick 5.10
	[+] 55f2b9a1 ti-img-rogue-driver: update srcrev to pick 5.10 branch
	[+] 235ff037 README: update maintainers
	[+] 0aa7a43f common-csl-ip-rtos: drop unnecessary dependency on ti-sysbios
external/meta-clang changed from e63d6f9abba5348e2183089d6ef5ea384d7ae8d8 to 5ac36e49ab0f4b9bc72a3c747841c1f9e54e640a
	[+] 5ac36e4 clang: Backport missing include fix from upstream.
	[+] 52c7b51 Compiler-rt: Backport clang 12 implementation to be able to build libtsan
	[+] 76c6751 chromium,gn: Fix typo in depends spec
	[+] 67803c1 chromium,gn: Do not use runtime-llvm to remove libc++ native deps
	[+] a8b94b0 chromium,gn-native: Remove dependency on native libc++
external/meta-openembedded changed from 11eae114522a6befa06c7f4021a83bc016133543 to ab9fca485e13f6f2f9761e1d2810f87c2e4f060a
	[+] ab9fca485 postfix: upgrade 3.4.12 -> 3.4.23
	[+] 544bcd09f postfix: fix build with glibc 2.34
	[+] 95969f0f5 dovecot: refresh patches
	[+] 197453e12 postgresql: Update to 12.9
	[+] ddaf5f92c libmicrohttpd: Add patch to fix CVE-2021-3466
	[+] 82264cbf0 nss: Fix CVE-2021-43527
	[+] 6025097d0 c-ares: switch from master to main
	[+] 69f94af4d brotli: add patch to fix CVE-2020-8927
	[+] fba8ff0d9 dovecot: Fix CVE-2020-12674
	[+] 7804c8e5b dovecot: Fix CVE-2020-12673
	[+] 00ad99f4f dovecot: Fix CVE-2020-12100
	[+] e0e79bbde jansson: whitelist CVE-2020-36325
	[+] d9717dea5 sdbus-c++: don't fetch googletest during do_configure
	[+] c618e90cd lmsensors: do not depend on lmsensors-isatools on non-x86
	[+] bcf93614a nss: Fix CVE-2020-12403
	[+] 59bff77ad recipes: Update SRC_URI branch and protocols
	[+] 7889158dc python3-fasteners: update 0.15 -> 0.16.3
	[+] ca35402be keyutils: fix install path
	[+] 4b8f554f4 drdb-utils: Define SRCREV_FORMAT
	[+] 46eb172b6 grpc: Define SRCREV_FORMAT
	[+] 5dd554753 spirv-tools: Define SRCREV_FORMAT
	[+] 9298852a9 android-tools: Define SRCREV_FORMAT
	[+] f8a2a7e41 gst-shark: Define SRCREV_FORMAT
	[+] d10d52aef pm-qa: fix paths for shell scripts
	[+] 6be10fe60 redis: update to 5.0.14
	[+] 98ccbca49 Apache: Several CVE fixes
	[+] 814eec96c gattlib: Place pkgconfig file in correct package
	[+] c1913c367 gattlib: remove includedir from base package
	[+] 3cf22d158 tcpdump: Update CVE-2020-8037 tag
	[+] df1a3371d apache2: upgrade 2.4.48 -> 2.4.49
	[+] 5368c7c63 dstat: Add missing python-six runtime dependency
	[+] b06724bc2 c-ares: Add fix for CVE-2021-3672
	[+] 2e7e98cd0 dnsmasq: Security fix CVE-2021-3448
	[+] 06d80777f krb5: fix CVE-2021-36222
	[+] 892b724cd stunnel: upgrade 5.56 -> 5.57
	[+] 5c347d8ce nss: Two Security fixes CVE-2020-6829 and 12400
	[+] 9ce3df8c2 c-ares: upgrade 1.16.0 -> 1.16.1
	[+] 5472c0513 dlt-daemon: update from 2.18.6 to 2.18.7
	[+] 3d6a45157 dlt-daemon: update to new release 2.18.6
	[+] 5d6945d78 dlt-daemon: superseed upstream pr #238 patch with pr #245 due to unexpected behaviour
	[+] 638f787f7 dlt-daemon: fix build with upstream-proposed patch for MUSL libc
	[+] 4592a3625 dlt-daemon: fix build failure when dlt-dbus is enabled, due to missing service file.
	[+] 09b22a0f1 dlt-daemon: update to 2.18.5
	[+] ca550956a apache2: upgrade 2.4.46 -> 2.4.48
	[+] b9fe34b1a tcpdump: Exclude CVE-2020-8036 from check
	[+] 0fc9d446d xterm: Security fix for CVE-2021-27135
	[+] 4a0d93d25 nginx: fix CVE-2021-3618
	[+] a64eec177 ufw: Fix interpreter for installed ufw and test ufw
	[+] b472160c7 backport: xmlsec1: Fix configure QA error caused by host lookup path
	[+] e4a74a0f0 php: move to version 7.4.21
	[+] 28ca556a2 fvwm: Fix build time paths in target perl/python scripts
	[+] 59715d3d2 fvwm: Package extra files and man pages
	[+] 9737d50f9 bigbuckbunny-1080p: fix sample video URL
	[+] c1a9fe851 libdbi-perl: fix CVE-2014-10402
	[+] 85f8047c7 php: Upgrade to 7.4.16
	[+] 11c1cd6bf php: allow php as empty
	[+] 9982d7f27 php: split out phpdbg into a separate package
	[+] a420980c4 wireshark: update to 3.2.15
	[+] 695c9cce6 ostree: Do not check for meta-python
	[+] d34d040fd python3-{pyyaml,cython,pyparsing}: move from meta-python to meta-oe
	[+] 8bdc78483 python3-jinja2: remove recipe
	[+] b6123048d python3-markupsafe: remove recipe
	[+] 9bd8d14ef libdevmapper,lvm2: Do not inherit license
	[+] da09c4c74 ufw: backport patches, update RRECOMMENDS, python3 support, tests
	[+] 5eff5262e hiawatha: fix url.
	[+] 3434c737b mariadb: update to 10.4.20
	[+] 09825964e vboxguestdrivers: add a fix for build failure with kernel 5.13
	[+] 9b7a52e06 vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.20 -> 6.1.22
	[+] 17828d03d vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.18 -> 6.1.20
	[+] 12bc39d8c vboxguestdrivers: Add __divmoddi4 builtin support
	[+] 4435dfaa9 vboxguestdrivers: Add patch proposed upstream to fix a build failure on i386
	[+] c67ddfd59 vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.16 -> 6.1.18
	[+] 9c33c4219 vboxguestdrivers: fix build against kernel v5.10+
	[+] 0066ffb6e vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.14 -> 6.1.16
	[+] 5d3ac060d vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.12 -> 6.1.14 Drop kernel 5.8 compatibility patch, now part of upstream codebase
	[+] 155c45335 vboxguestdrivers: Fix build with kernel 5.8
	[+] 8d62c9d4c vboxguestdrivers: fix failed to compile with kernel 5.8.0
	[+] 2fe2ea3f1 vboxguestdrivers: upgrade 6.1.6 -> 6.1.12
	[+] 10082fce3 postgresql: update to 12.7
	[+] 13ceac25a sysprof: Enable sysprofd/libsysprof only when polkit in DISTRO_FEATURES
	[+] ff470b3e8 tracker-miners: Check for commercial license to enable ffmpeg
	[+] 65c7872a3 nss: add CVE-2006-5201 to allowlist
	[+] 5c1356a1e ntp: fix ntpdate to wait for subprocesses
	[+] aeae0a34c apache2: fix CVE-2020-13950 CVE-2020-35452 CVE-2021-26690 CVE-2021-26691 CVE-2021-30641
	[+] d9c8c33db nginx: fix CVE-2021-23017
	[+] 7bd47ef6c dovecot: add CVE-2016-4983 to allowlist
	[+] 50ffe3b55 cyrus-sasl: add CVE-2020-8032 to allowlist
	[+] bbd2addbc add CVE-2011-2411 to allowlist
	[+] cca0a50ab python3-django: upgrade 2.2.23 -> 2.2.24
	[+] 91fe0bd09 python3-django: upgrade 2.2.22 -> 2.2.23
	[+] 732b073b9 python3-django: upgrade 2.2.20 -> 2.2.22
	[+] 958d8a528 python3-django: upgrade to 2.2.20
	[+] f01a9056a python3-django: fix CVE-2021-28658
	[+] f1d5b6260 python3-django: upgrade 2.2.13 -> 2.2.16
	[+] 7ee3eeffe python3-django: upgrade 2.2.7 -> 2.2.13
	[+] 54207c357 nss: Fix build on Centos 7
	[+] c38d2a74f dnsmasq: Add fixes for CVEs reported for dnsmasq
	[+] 587fe5894 ebtables: use bitbake optimization levels
	[+] 943f5560a opencv: Add fix for CVE-2019-5063 and CVE-2019-5064
	[+] f56fb13a2 hostapd: fix building with CONFIG_TLS=internal
	[+] 9d50b9f99 libsdl: Fix CVE-2019-13616
	[+] a3a0e0231 exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-29473
	[+] 8ac165027 exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-29470
	[+] 29953069d exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-29464
	[+] be0cc5e79 exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-3482
	[+] f38ed30c0 exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-29463
	[+] 6990c93db exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-29458
	[+] eee3b137a exiv2: Fix CVE-2021-29457
external/meta-python2 changed from 6b3000729ce3424c2aa8a03cd46ef37b200d2fc1 to b901080cf57d9a7f5476ab4d96e56c30db8170a8
	[+] b901080c python-chardet: rename ${bindir}/chardetect to avoid conflict with python3-chardet
external/meta-security changed from 93232ae6d52b0d1968aa0ce69fa745e85e3bbc6b to b76698c788cb8ca632077a972031899ef15025d6
	[+] b76698c linux-%_5.%.bbappend: drop recipe
	[+] 6466c6f tpm-tools: fix build issue
external/meta-virtualization changed from 8be0bc1480e649b2df5f9f8e87e01c5acbe61182 to c5f61e547b90aa8058cf816f00902afed9c96f72
	[+] c5f61e5 runc: change branch to main
	[+] c4f156f go-fsnotify: switch to main branch
	[+] 180241e go-{distribution,systemd}: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocol
	[+] e0f06c2 crun/oci-image-spec: specify https in github src_uri
	[+] f0d8a55 global: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocol
	[+] 37051fe global: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocol
	[+] 80f70d1 crun: update runtime-spec branch to main
	[+] d739cb9 oci-runtime-spec: update branch specification to main
	[+] b556bc7 busybox: Add nsenter for podman runtime
	[+] 9e9868e libvirt: Security fix for CVE-2021-3631
	[+] d0c49b8 libvirt: Security fix for CVE-2020-25637
	[+] 1c80e22 libvirt: Security fix for CVE-2020-10701
	[+] edf1998 skopeo: update to v1.2.2
	[+] 77f6955 podman: uprev 1.8.1 > 2.0.1
	[+] 1a1f508 podman-compse: update to latet 0.15 hash
	[+] 3d1efcb image-spec: explictly reference main branch
	[+] dbd1a73 python3: remove the no-longer required bbappend
	[+] 7588686 uxen-guest-tools: inherit dos2unix to fix do_patch failure
	[+] 4d6216a crun: adjust image-spec repository from master to main
	[+] bf2930c crun: switch to main as specified branch
	[+] 876b643 conmon: add branch specification to SRC_URI
external/poky changed from 6ebb33bdaccaeadff0c85aab27acf35723df00d8 to bba323389749ec3e306509f8fb12649f031be152
	[+] bba3233897 build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] d752cbcbbe poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.14 release
	[+] 2bfe7e096d bitbake: hashserv: specify loop for asyncio in python < 3.6
	[+] e256885889 Revert "weston: Use systemd notify,"
	[+] c72a9d0a6d lttng-tools: Add missing DEPENDS on bison-native
	[+] 744c593c3d kernel: introduce python3-dtschema-wrapper
	[+] 243f90cb86 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.172
	[+] ab23ceac12 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.171
	[+] dadebc61f4 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.170
	[+] f439e82404 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.169
	[+] ce2db1116c speex: fix CVE-2020-23903
	[+] 8c58e222ea expat: fix CVE-2021-46143
	[+] b618e57f79 expat: fix CVE-2021-45960
	[+] 95491a12ea expat fix CVE-2022-22822 through CVE-2022-22827
	[+] 6348d2d8a0 glibc: Add fix for data races in pthread_create and TLS access
	[+] 7a4fa28642 parselogs: add a couple systemd false positives
	[+] 1e4665204b xserver-xorg: whitelist two CVEs
	[+] 07755db699 expat: Update HOMEPAGE to current url
	[+] e1f86e7761 wic: use shutil.which
	[+] 2be5df9182 wic: misc: Do not find for executables in ASSUME_PROVIDED
	[+] 192834adc0 xserver-xorg: update CVE_PRODUCT
	[+] 6ec2230291 cve-check: add lockfile to task
	[+] ee62d4540e cve-update-db-native: use fetch task
	[+] ee9345f864 oeqa/selftest/cases/ increase timeout 60->120s test_wait_event
	[+] 34ba446157 valgrind: skip flakey ptest (gdbserver_tests/hginfo)
	[+] 4a14c922d8 bitbake: tests/fetch: Drop gnu urls from wget connectivity test
	[+] cbc25057f1 bitbake: utils: Update to use exec_module() instead of load_module()
	[+] 3432003435 linux-yocto/5.4: update genericx86* machines to v5.4.158
	[+] e2aa712775 asciidoc: properly detect and compare Python versions >= 3.10
	[+] d62ff88963 lib/oe/reproducible: correctly set .git location when recursively looking for git repos
	[+] 6a3354025c scripts: Update to use exec_module() instead of load_module()
	[+] c1599e44e1 selftest: skip virgl test on fedora 35
	[+] cfd64997c4 scripts/buildhistory-diff: drop use of distutils
	[+] 5457198984 weston: Backport patches to always activate the top-level surface
	[+] b72fe527c9 oeqa/selftest/tinfoil: Update to use test command
	[+] 9e75884e0a oeqa/selftest/bbtests: Use YP sources mirror instead of GNU
	[+] 468588819e openssl: Add reproducibility fix
	[+] 2b65abb255 libpcre2: update SRC_URI
	[+] e1fbe6c4a3 linux-firmware: upgrade 20211027 -> 20211216
	[+] c55481b806 grub: fix CVE-2020-14372 and CVE-2020-27779
	[+] 6e6ede294c bitbake: cooker/command: Add a dummy event for tinfoil testing
	[+] 0490ee5944 ref-manual: fix patch documentation
	[+] ee0220a2bb documentation: further updates for 3.1.13
	[+] 56e9d560b0 releases: update to include 3.1.13
	[+] 98d21218fc selftest: skip virgl test on fedora 34 entirely
	[+] 846e457b35 gstreamer1.0: fix failing ptest
	[+] 8a1fc484cc linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.167
	[+] b2c0b6caf9 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.165
	[+] d19c2eba98 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.163
	[+] f06e7a026d linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.162
	[+] 4750894a6a linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.159
	[+] 3e9902aa6c bootchart2: remove wait_boot logic
	[+] 11880c6987 dropbear: Fix CVE-2020-36254
	[+] 1e13a3f914 inetutils: fix CVE-2021-40491
	[+] 9564dc31cb vim: fix CVE-2021-4069
	[+] bd07080415 openssh: Whitelist CVE-2016-20012
	[+] f4a6761f47 openssh: Fix CVE-2021-41617
	[+] 30231b2354 bluez: fix CVE-2021-0129
	[+] 795339092f build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] 38793eecda selftest: skip virgl test on centos 8 entirely
	[+] 25e51ec82a selftest/devtool: Check branch in git fetch
	[+] 963a35872c recipetool: Set master branch only as fallback
	[+] 75dde71fba runqemu: check the qemu PID has been set before kill()ing it
	[+] 9bb220ccc1 lttng-modules: do not search in non-existing folder during install
	[+] b8623317df ignore invalid mountpoints during fstab update
	[+] 8967fcbcc4 busybox: Fix multiple security issues in awk
	[+] 22767ef398 gcc: Add CVE-2021-37322 to the list of CVEs to ignore
	[+] ec21b227cd libgcrypt: solve CVE-2021-33560 and CVE-2021-40528
	[+] 947e5ff11c cve-extra-exclusions: add db CVEs to exclusion list
	[+] 56485d82f6 poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.13 release
	[+] 80306758c6 remove reference to BB_SETSCENE_VERIFY_FUNCTION2
	[+] bdfabf0409 available release updates
	[+] cf5a00721f documentation: explicit which version of bitbake objects.inv is used
	[+] 02bd7ece75 update URLs
	[+] 69f5804c8a scripts/checklayer/ Fixed a minor grammatical error
	[+] 11d99fba1f cmake: FindGTest: Add target for gmock library
	[+] 746b301d37 oeqa/parselogs: Fix quoting
	[+] 038e25aec3 buildhistory: Fix srcrevs output
	[+] 1a6bf73119 libunwind: Backport a fix for -fno-common option to compile
	[+] 57b3bf09e1 dnf: Backport bugfix for upgrade
	[+] fc34eadb56 libdnf: Backport bugfix for upgrade calc
	[+] 652e053d0c bind: update to 9.11.35
	[+] 215a1a8237 bind: update to 9.11.34
	[+] 3a71f5c1bf bind: update to 9.11.33
	[+] 643c3b7bf3 libsolv: update tag for missing CVEs
	[+] 80132fb2df ncurses: Fix for CVE-2021-39537
	[+] 0e5c82c4c9 vim: fix CVE-2021-3968 and CVE-2021-3973
	[+] 15d764e697 busybox: Fix for CVE-2021-42376
	[+] 1f2cf291e7 busybox: Fix for CVE-2021-42374
	[+] 090075eb3a glib-2.0: Add security fixes
	[+] d875c5e57b bitbake: bblayers/action: When adding layers, catch BBHandledException
	[+] f18d2289d0 bitbake: cooker: Ensure reparsing is handled correctly
	[+] de97f0eccc openssh: remove redundant BSD license
	[+] 104c0e6938 openssh: Improve LICENSE to show BSD license variants.
	[+] 8ee284f8b2 systemd: add packageconfig for wheel-group
	[+] 46f68b5121 make-mod-scripts: pass CROSS_COMPILE to configure and build
	[+] e24afc304a reproducible_build/package_XXX: Ensure SDE task is in dependency chain
	[+] 22c84eea24 oeqa: fix warnings for append operators combined with +=
	[+] 6e1c3966d1 lrzsz: Use Cross AR during compile
	[+] 44ce6c4a5d os-release: Add DISTRO_CODENAME as vardeps for do_compile
	[+] e1e7e3c7ba cups: Fix missing installation of cups sysv init scripts
	[+] 89a0148b50 libpcre/libpcre2: correct SRC_URI
	[+] 47d6478126 remove branch= from GLIBC_GIT_URI
	[+] 30b0a2e1c5 scripts/lib/wic/ Update Fedora Kickstart URLs
	[+] 82b03a6837 scripts/oe-package-browser: Handle no packages being built
	[+] e006c87e22 git: fix CVE-2021-40330
	[+] 1a5fb730ac gmp: fix CVE-2021-43618
	[+] 3d9e8146d0 vim: fix CVE-2021-3927 and CVE-2021-3928
	[+] 695c0cd680 vim: add patch number to CVE-2021-3778 patch
	[+] 8821203873 vim: fix CVE-2021-3796, CVE-2021-3872, and CVE-2021-3875
	[+] 0beeed7d25 Revert "vim: fix 2021-3796"
	[+] 409df675a8 python3: upgrade 3.8.11 -> 3.8.12
	[+] b2089f012a linux-firmware: upgrade 20210919 -> 20211027
	[+] e4e3cfdf9c linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.158
	[+] 9071e52286 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.156
	[+] 7b8020e282 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.155
	[+] 37cc520f28 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.154
	[+] 349e53d3cc bitbake: process/knotty: Improve early exception handling
	[+] 1db38c5a18 bitbake: tinfoil: When sending commands we need to process events
	[+] b409a428c1 bitbake: command: Ensure exceptions inheriting from BBHandledException are visible
	[+] 0839888394 build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] 4b36bbb243 mirrors: Add sources mirror for
	[+] 25b072541c selftest/reproducible: add webkitgtk back to exclusion list for dunfell
	[+] 0d6ebaf8ff reproducible_build: Remove BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES checking
	[+] 116b22a1ce sstate: Avoid deploy_source_date_epoch sstate when unneeded
	[+] 54560698c6 sstate: Ensure SDE is accounted for in package task timestamps
	[+] c989f6f4e0 sstate: another fix for touching files inside pseudo
	[+] 8392750d4f mirrors: Add uninative mirror on
	[+] 53226d9c87 piglit: upgrade to latest revision
	[+] fca4b3b106 pseudo: Add fcntl64 wrapper
	[+] a88380a4e2 pseudo: Add in ability to flush database with shutdown request
	[+] 47403ee6a2 linunistring: Add missing gperf-native dependency
	[+] e3fd874a5b python3-magic: add missing DEPENDS
	[+] fe02ef170d python3-magic: add the missing rdepends
	[+] 712b6f51f9 webkitgtk: Fix reproducibility in minibrowser
	[+] 25cf125909 oeqa: reproducible: Fix test not producing diffs
	[+] 76c841d8a8 documentation: prepare for 3.1.12 release
	[+] 19f9f7f003 ref-system-requirements.rst: Add Fedora 34 to list of supported distros
	[+] 7943e817c4 ref-system-requirements.rst: Add Debian 11 to list of supported distros
	[+] 201d64e90a poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.12 release
	[+] 701e299b91 bitbake: fetch/wget: Add timeout for checkstatus calls (30s)
	[+] 31007eb03e meta/scripts: Manual git url branch additions
	[+] 07be05c698 meta: Add explict branch to git SRC_URIs, handle github url changes
	[+] afe0ef0a07 scripts/convert-srcuri: Backport SRC_URI conversion script from master branch
	[+] ea2d42c2b1 bitbake: tests/fetch: Update address after github changes
	[+] 96a85854fe bitbake: tests/fetch: Update github urls
	[+] 1354f0f0ab bitbake: tests/fetch2: Fix quoting warning
	[+] 0810ac6b92 bitbake: fetch/git: Handle github dropping git:// support
	[+] c9e318b3e4 tzdata: update 2021d -> 2021e
	[+] 1986409a2b tzdata: upgrade 2021a -> 2021d
	[+] 7158bf0775 ca-certificates: update 20210119 -> 20211016
	[+] 1aad796c78 wireless-regdb: upgrade 2021.07.14 -> 2021.08.28
	[+] 54eba8c338 wireless-regdb: upgrade 2021.04.21 -> 2021.07.14
	[+] caee08d8f7 linux-firmware: upgrade 20210818 -> 20210919
	[+] cc80323126 linux-firmware: upgrade 20210511 -> 20210818
	[+] 2ff0494ae9 git: Fix determinism issue
	[+] 7de484c47a stress-ng: improve reproducibility
	[+] 173a40ec39 stress-ng: convert to git, website is down
	[+] b7799dd102 waffle: old website is down, update to new project URLs
	[+] 52b3006e70 mirrors.bbclass: remove dead infozip mirrors
	[+] d2ea9e1f7d oeqa/runtime/parselogs: modified drm error in common errors list
	[+] 62c874086a oeqa/runtime: search sys.path explicitly for modules
	[+] 03a5e65cdd oeqa/runtime: load modules using importlib
	[+] 2de98cf4b9 testimage: fix unclosed testdata file
	[+] abcb68effd reproducible_build: Drop obsolete sstate workaround
	[+] 59ad5783a5 oe/utils: log exceptions in ThreadedWorker functions
	[+] 990c499176 license.bbclass: implement ast.NodeVisitor.visit_Constant
	[+] 0e33911313 oe/license: implement ast.NodeVisitor.visit_Constant
	[+] b967cce9f4 bitbake.conf: Add gpg-agent as a host tool
	[+] cf5c5636d8 base: Use repr() for printing exceptions
	[+] f81f505f13 base: Clean up unneeded len() calls
	[+] 3f2e26f122 sstate: don't silently handle all exceptions in sstate_checkhashes
	[+] 4b863f98e2 devtool: fix modify with patches in override directories
	[+] bc73d2c63b sstate: fix touching files inside pseudo
	[+] 1f3c535350 vim: fix 2021-3796
	[+] 482a84bf62 curl: Whitelist CVE-2021-22897
	[+] 5f26494b3a poky.yaml: fedora33: add missing pkgs
	[+] 3855395469 selftest/reproducible: adjust exclusion list for dunfell
	[+] cf167fa273 classes/reproducible_build: Use atomic rename for SDE file
	[+] 0e6f0e2c67 reproducible_build: Work around caching issues
	[+] f706d3a2cb rpm: Deterministically set vendor macro entry
	[+] 78fe96f3ed poky.conf: Add debian 11 as a supported distro
	[+] 28e4d07f49 poky.conf: Add fedora 34 as a supported distro
	[+] a28d37580a uninative: Upgrade to 3.4
	[+] a1481f2e9c target/ add HostKeyAlgorithms option to test commands
	[+] 6307f19fc4 python3: Add a fix for a make install race
	[+] 4d4dd6b768 libnewt: Use python3targetconfig to fix reproducibility issue
	[+] 73483b4fdb libxml2: Use python3targetconfig to fix reproducibility issue
	[+] e007e0f5b9 externalsrc: Fix a source date epoch race in reproducible builds
	[+] f34727509a externalsrc: Work with reproducible_build
	[+] 7b13a31632 gobject-introspection: Don't write $HOME into scripts
	[+] 97b5653585 libtool: Allow libtool-cross to reproduce
	[+] 4aa06e8622 libtool: Fix lto option passing for reproducible builds
	[+] 45ef46bb4c util-linux: Fix reproducibility
	[+] 210be5440b gnupg: Be deterministic about sendmail
	[+] 230e03300d mesa: Ensure megadrivers runtime mappings are deterministic
	[+] 63b5e198b4 package: Ensure pclist files are deterministic and don't use full paths
	[+] 83b827e3d6 uninative: Upgrade to 3.3, support glibc 2.34
	[+] 786250e987 uninative: Improve glob to handle glibc 2.34
	[+] 54053aa472 nativesdk-pseudo: Fix to work with glibc 2.34 systems
	[+] 304b637670 pseudo: Update with fcntl and glibc 2.34 fixes
	[+] 847395f46d pseudo: Fix to work with glibc 2.34 systems
	[+] aed177cb91 util-linux: disable raw
	[+] e155627e5e gpgme: Use glibc provided closefrom API when available
	[+] 5e2c22d7ee m4: Do not use SIGSTKSZ
	[+] e2c46b23d3 gcc: fix missing dependencies for selftests
	[+] b6869250d3 libpsl: Add config knobs for runtime/builtin conversion choices
	[+] 6f9508c274 patch.bbclass: when the patch fails show more info on the fatal error
	[+] 0352c57101 oeqa/selftest/sstatetests: fix typo ware -> were
	[+] 8f637c5d42 tar: filter CVEs using vendor name
	[+] 1501d447cf rng-tools: add systemd-udev-settle wants to service
	[+] d1bb485d05 Add check before deleting path
	[+] ac19191a46 binutils: Fix a missing break in case statement
	[+] 9036ad0ab3 oeqa/manual: Fix no longer valid URLs
	[+] fed017998a multilib: Avoid sysroot race issues when multilib enabled
	[+] e0cb0077e2 weston: Use systemd notify,
	[+] f21c479c3a e2fsprogs: upgrade 1.45.6 -> 1.45.7
	[+] 7e71b01851 e2fsprogs: update to 1.45.6
	[+] 79d9e24e55 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.153
	[+] 9fc32336f4 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.150
	[+] b4866fc0f2 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.149
	[+] e86adf76ab ffmpeg: Add fix for CVEs
	[+] 9c007cb1e3 bitbake: fetch2/git: Use os.rename instead of mv
	[+] 9827758ebe bitbake: fetch2/git: Avoid races over mirror tarball creation
	[+] a07f53efa8 bitbake: hashserv: let asyncio discover the running loop
	[+] 372e40092b bitbake: bitbake: correct deprecation warning in
	[+] c71964cd29 bitbake: bitbake: adjust parser error check for python 3.10 compatibility
	[+] e54b102483 bitbake: bitbake: do not import imp in layerindexlib
	[+] d3ace96aec bitbake: bitbake: fix regexp deprecation warnings
	[+] 3e3434ee10 bitbake: bitbake: correct the collections vs deprecation
	[+] c35f34361e bitbake: remove file since it no longer actually implements anything
	[+] d2f1a20a19 bitbake: test/fetch: Update urls to match upstream branch name changes
	[+] b47125666f glew: Stop polluting /tmp during builds
	[+] dd1f464f36 oeqa/buildproject: Ensure temp directories are cleaned up
	[+] e22125b0c2 oeqa/selftest/gotoolchain: Fix temp file cleanup
	[+] 51fe6c9a07 rm_work.bbclass: Fix for files starting with -
	[+] 53983505d7 libc_package/buildstats: Fix python regex quoting warnings
	[+] 2f3579b721 oeqa/qemurunner: Use oe._exit(), not sys.exit()
	[+] ff75921e81 pybootchart: Avoid divide by zero
	[+] 1d175bfd85 libsamplerate0: Set correct soname for 0.1.9
	[+] b1da6a371d bzip2: Update soname for libbz2 1.0.8
	[+] 132ad7a00b common-licenses: add "Unlicense" license file
	[+] f3452bf993 systemd: Add fix for systemd-networkd crash during free
	[+] 3d5a3e009a mtd-utils: upgrade 2.1.2 -> 2.1.3
	[+] 81dc02cb74 mtd-utils: upgrade 2.1.1 -> 2.1.2
	[+] 914ee53a87 openssh: Fix CVE-2021-28041
	[+] 32308c930f vim: fix CVE-2021-3778
	[+] 28f080629b bitbake: build/msg: Cleanup verbose option handling
	[+] 75c8a5f566 bitbake: cookerdata: Show a readable error for invalid multiconfig name
	[+] ba06c29f11 bitbake: bitbake-worker: Improve error handling
	[+] 892977a862 bitbake: cookerdata: Show error for no BBLAYERS in bblayers.conf
	[+] 3da80a8a9e bitbake: cookerdata: Improve missing core layer error message
	[+] 406c1b498f bitbake: data_smart: Improve error display for handled exceptions
	[+] cbcdc1e02e bitbake: build: Catch and error upon circular task references
	[+] 4de265915c bitbake: build: Avoid duplicating logs in verbose mode
	[+] 0e8c6cad08 bitbake: process: Don't include logs in error message if piping them
	[+] 55d4a252a8 bitbake: build: Handle SystemExit in python tasks correctly
	[+] 674fa8dc46 bitbake: build: Match markup to real function name
	[+] 5b13c1d8ab bitbake: bitbake: bitbake-layers: add skip reason to output
	[+] f7e64d59cb bitbake: ui/taskexp: Fix to work with empty build directories
	[+] 7af78d74ef bitbake: ui/taskexp: Improve startup exception handling
	[+] 93efbb5548 bitbake: server: Fix early parsing errors preventing zombie bitbake
	[+] c027856291 connman: add CVE_PRODUCT
	[+] fe5c36eb1e libsoup-2.4: remove obsolete intltool dependency
	[+] 5df4fb1fa1 testimage: symlink the task log and qemu console log to tmp/log/oeqa
	[+] 1f66c623de wic: keep rootfs_size as integer
	[+] c2ee49ce11 core-image-sato: Fix runqemu error for qemuarmv5
	[+] 1a496eb85c Update mailing list address
	[+] dbdb614642 bash: Ensure deterministic build
	[+] 065ca6b7b0 useradd: Ensure preinst data is expanded correctly in pkgdata
	[+] 09ac522995 rpm: Handle proper return value to avoid major issues
	[+] e8e54115f7 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.144
	[+] 039bbc6cc1 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.143
	[+] 853b007f62 iputils: Fix regression of arp table update
	[+] 9e3fb52716 vim: Backport fix for CVE-2021-3770
	[+] b2ec153225 tar: ignore node-tar CVEs
	[+] 5d5ec38952 squashfs-tools: fix CVE-2021-40153
	[+] 584252a0dc nettle: Security fix for CVE-2021-20305
	[+] 33d7811e07 curl: Fix CVE-2021-22946 and CVE-2021-22947, whitelist CVE-2021-22945
	[+] a1ad0499b4 nettle: Security fix for CVE-2021-3580
	[+] acf57727fc qemu: fix CVE-2021-3682
	[+] 830f96a9c3 qemu: Security fix for CVE-2020-28916
	[+] 5b85cb6b51 qemu: Security fix for CVE-2020-27617
	[+] 81bb24c0f7 qemu: Security fix CVE-2020-12829
	[+] 874fe76b00 libsndfile: Security fix for CVE-2021-3246
	[+] eb3e28fa18 apr: Security fix for CVE-2021-35940
	[+] 6038399048 libgcrypt: Security fix CVE-2021-33560
	[+] 2bd92c7e47 bitbake: tests/fetch2: Use our own git server for dtc test repo
	[+] 74b22db687 build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] 67dbe8a1c2 poky: Use SDKPATHINSTALL instead of SDKPATH
	[+] 80b8fc829f build-appliance-image: Update to dunfell head revision
	[+] 9bae357b12 go: Several Security fixes
	[+] d3f4731220 xserver-xorg: Security fix for CVE-2020-14360/-25712
	[+] 7f73831fde go: Exclude CVE-2021-29923 from report list
	[+] 6aa55dd279 flex: Add CVE-2019-6293 to exclusions for checks
	[+] 50ea49f3d9 dbus: upgrade 1.12.18 -> 1.12.20
	[+] 65ccb30159 dbus,dbus-test: Move common parts to
	[+] 9317b4771c dbus-test: Remove EXTRA_OECONF_X configs
	[+] 955ae70225 dbus-test: upgrade 1.12.16 -> 1.12.18
	[+] 871a373527 dbus: upgrade 1.12.16 -> 1.12.18
	[+] d1a9079782 rt-tests: set branch name in SRC_URI
	[+] 7369788009 oeqa/runtime/parselogs: Make DVD ata error apply to all qemux86 machines
	[+] 468ac59e9c lighttpd: Add patch for reuse large memory chunks
	[+] 2c00edba7f xdg-utils: Add fix for CVE-2020-27748
	[+] cf9e68db31 gdk-pixbuf: fix CVE-2021-20240
	[+] 60cfe38b51 layer.conf: fix syntax error in PATH setting
	[+] b35ee4a64e vim: add option to disable NLS support
	[+] 2a01b629de lz4: Security Fix for CVE-2021-3520
	[+] 043cb19a0d cpio: backport fix for CVE-2021-38185
	[+] 6fef2a1c2c sdk: Decouple default install path from built in path
	[+] 7721fa8185 poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.11 release
	[+] 7c1bc90654 documentation: prepare for 3.1.11 release
	[+] bdd30be1a3 selftest: disable virgl headless test
	[+] ffcdd251ff ignore intermittent CD/DVDROM identification failure
	[+] 4e28505e23 handle getOutput() having nothing to read
	[+] b90687ad24 print output from runqemu/qemu-system in stop()
	[+] 1f4497167a linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.142
	[+] 6918a0298a image_types: Restore pre-btrfs-tools 4.14.1 mkfs.btrfs shrink behavior
	[+] 660de76134 mklibs-native: drop deprecated cpp17 exceptions
	[+] 3e75c5d0b4 tcf-agent: fetching over git:// no longer works
	[+] e7eeef5ab7 utils: Reduce the number of calls to the "dirname" command
	[+] 9b62e6b834 lzo: add CVE_PRODUCT
	[+] def634eeae Use the label provided when formating a dos partition
	[+] f6f391b4af openssl: update from 1.1.1k to 1.1.1l
	[+] b06370cc2d binutils: Security fix for CVE-2020-16593
	[+] 50204d091b binutils: Security fix for CVE-2021-3549
	[+] 420d5551b2 rpm: Add fix for CVE-2021-20266
	[+] 6bcc4029d4 qemu: fix CVE-2021-3608
	[+] 4d8b5c4d70 qemu: fix CVE-2021-3607
	[+] f63635a30d qemu: fix CVE-2021-3582
	[+] d56b8f6f76 qemu: fix CVE-2021-3527
	[+] 189108ac74 qemu: Security fixes CVE-2021-3545/6
	[+] 0d253da720 qemu: Security fix CVE-2021-3544
	[+] 4ed9972582 qemu: fix CVE-2021-20257
	[+] 4bd52d64c9 qemu: fix CVE-2021-3416
	[+] 474c37c17e qemu: fix CVE-2021-20181
	[+] f721d78703 qemu: Security fix CVE-2021-20221
	[+] b3bf5ccd83 qemu: Security fix for CVE-2020-29443
	[+] c00a882bd6 Qemu: Security fix for CVE-2020-25625/2021-3409/2020-17380
	[+] ea562eaec5 qemu: Security fix CVE-2020-25624
	[+] e142f4ebfb qemu: Security fix CVE-2020-25085
	[+] 02108b6dbc gnupg: upgrade 2.2.26 -> 2.2.27
	[+] 045071f712 gnupg: update 2.2.23 -> 2.2.26
	[+] 8fb30a6705 gnupg: uprev 2.2.22 -> 2.2.23
	[+] 5b3ddc2a50 gnupg: update 2.2.21 -> 2.2.22
	[+] fa25ed8a6a gnupg: upgrade 2.2.20 -> 2.2.21
	[+] ef3c563a4f glibc: Security fix for CVE-2021-38604
	[+] e2cb601ab6 glibc: Security fix CVE-2021-33574
	[+] ed4791c8b0 sdk: Enable do_populate_sdk with multilibs
	[+] 4cd1c26076 linux-firmware: add more Qualcomm firmware packages
	[+] 9716a47c53 python3: Remove unused python3 recipe
	[+] d520587d90 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.141
	[+] 950183b0c1 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.139
	[+] b6a93f7c79 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.137
	[+] dd28323b17 ovmf: build natively everywhere
	[+] 2b5d41d03f oeqa/selftest/glibc: Handle incorrect encoding issuesin glibc test results
	[+] ae90e3876d oeqa/runtime/cases: make date.DateTest.test_date more reliable
	[+] d6f40be29b sdk: fix relocate symlink failed
	[+] 77269f9163 tar: ignore node-tar CVEs
	[+] 0de8d08213 util-linux: fix CVE-2021-37600
	[+] 378c364b12 sstate.bbclass: fix error handling when sstate mirrors is ro
	[+] 18784ee733 wic: don't forcibly pass -T default
	[+] 0ca4b99162 e2fsprogs: ensure small images have 256-byte inodes
	[+] f9cb0aec9c cve-check: remove deprecated CVE_CHECK_CVE_WHITELIST
	[+] 2c99b4e9b3 cve-check: improve comment about CVE patch file names
	[+] 555a75484d cve-check: update link to NVD website for CVE details
	[+] 7e830c8370 cve-check: fix comments
	[+] 4625b656ec cve-check: add include/exclude layers
	[+] 48d80a80a9 runqemu: Fix typo in error message
	[+] 922fe187e1 kernel-yocto: Simplify no git repo case in do_kernel_checkout
	[+] 6f4b2ce8a4 license: Exclude COPYING.MIT from pseudo
	[+] 3de8ba0b1c ruby: 2.7.3 -> 2.7.4
	[+] 7f702f6e67 libsolv: fix CVE-2021-3200
	[+] 9a93dde4e3 glibc: Document and whitelist CVE-2021-35942
	[+] 55b0822504 systemd: Add fix for CVE-2020-13529 and CVE-2021-33910
	[+] 8b5ec9d483 aspell: fix CVE-2019-25051
	[+] 08acba82d1 sstate: Fix rebuilds when changing layer config
	[+] ccbfeb9d53 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.135
	[+] bb4a62557b archiver.bbclass: fix do_ar_configured failure for kernel
	[+] a2a412fcd7 yocto-check-layer: ensure that all layer dependencies are tested too
	[+] 33b3eaa04d checklayer: rename _find_layer_depends
	[+] 6f1a5a8783 checklayer: new function get_layer_dependencies()
	[+] 123068a0f4 yocto-check-layer: improve missed dependencies
	[+] 6d7754c80e oeqa/ : add test to check the usb/human interface device status after suspend state
	[+] 587ea95477 oeqa/terminal : improve the test case
	[+] 92b976d733 oeqa/runtime: add test for matchbox-terminal
	[+] 91802e4b14 oeqa/suspend : add test for suspend state
	[+] fc849db69b oeqa/runtime/cases: Only disable/enable for current boot
	[+] 14fdc41afa oeqa/runtime : add test for RTC(Real Time Clock)
	[+] 684efee23c oeqa/ethernet_ip_connman : add test for network connections
	[+] 0a7e7c8882 ifupdown: added -1 option to dhclient for dhcpv6
	[+] 6a4ccf65e8 qemu: Enable seccomp if FEATURE is set
	[+] a92e5ec215 Add seccomp PACKAGECONFIG option
	[+] 0304752a46 oe-setup-builddir: update YP docs and OE URLs
	[+] 08d1a1313c glew: fix Makefile race
	[+] aabe9c0f70 yocto-check-layer: Remove duplicated code
	[+] a930008acb initramfs-framework/setup-live: fix shebang
	[+] d514cc9758 bitbake.conf: change GNOME_MIRROR to new one
	[+] 184ade83cd archiver.bbclass: Fix patch error for recipes that inherit dos2unix.
	[+] ffc49508d2 ovmf: Fix VLA warnings with GCC 11
	[+] 785bdf6555 oeqa/manual/toaster: fix small typo
	[+] 8161d2b4f7 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.134
	[+] 462de8f86f curl: Fix CVE-2021-22924 and CVE-2021-22925
	[+] 02476f72f4 curl: Fix for CVE-2021-22898
	[+] 1d36ed3306 avahi: fix CVE-2021-3468
	[+] f30d69e51f libxml2: fix CVE-2021-3541
	[+] 4542e5f944 gstreamer: ignore CVE-2021-3497, CVE-2021-3498, and CVE-2021-3522
	[+] 427882f470 Revert "gstreamer-plugins-base: ignore CVE-2021-3522 since it is fixed"
	[+] 8cdd3eb6e6 Revert "gstreamer-plugins-good: ignore CVE-2021-3497/8 since they are fixed"
	[+] 7d2f118cb6 bitbake: providers: replace newly added logger.warn() with logger.warning()
	[+] 9c2186108e bitbake: data_smart: Allow colon in variable expansion regex
	[+] 1f7b04355c bitbake: data_smart/parse: Allow ':' characters in variable/function names
	[+] 8f65434827 bitbake: BBHandler: Don't classify shell functions that names start with "python*" as python function
	[+] 2a848e9507 poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.10 release
	[+] 03aa1fa0e3 documentation: prepare for 3.1.10 release
	[+] 9b7f1d687d kernel-devsrc: fix 32bit ARM devsrc builds
	[+] fd7cf4e487 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.132
	[+] f40356d7a1 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.131
	[+] 39395edb4d busybox: add tmpdir option into mktemp applet
	[+] 3fc2f0d47a sstate: Drop pseudo exclusion
	[+] 65dc011c8c pseudo: Update to latest version including statx fix
	[+] 09ccbd14b1 pseudo: Add uninative configuration sanity check
	[+] 3b49f3536e gstreamer-plugins-good: ignore CVE-2021-3497/8 since they are fixed
	[+] f2f6a73bb2 gstreamer-plugins-base: ignore CVE-2021-3522 since it is fixed
	[+] 7dbdfcf51b bluez: fix CVE-2021-3588
	[+] 12725e44c1 report-error: Drop pointless inherit
	[+] b29f819eb5 update-rc.d: update SRCREV to pull in fix for non-bash shell support
	[+] cada971ded tzdata: Allow controlling zoneinfo binary format
	[+] 9c5de5292f oeqa/selftest/multiprocesslauch: Fix test race
	[+] 9a4acc8ff3 dwarfsrcfiles: Avoid races over debug-link files
	[+] e643a5b966 dhcp: fix CVE-2021-25217
	[+] 1fe2f91cf3 busybox: fix CVE-2021-28831
	[+] bfbd3253b6 bootchart2: update 0.14.8 -> 0.14.9
	[+] e1e89ff7d7 glibc: update to lastest 2.31 release HEAD
	[+] 38fe8d0dbd webkitgtk: Upgrade to 2.28.4
	[+] 9ea9c136fe webkitgtk: upgrade 2.28.2 -> 2.28.3
	[+] 7fc32e6f3f python3: upgrade 3.8.10 -> 3.8.11
	[+] 10763296f8 oeqa/selftest/archiver: Allow tests to ignore empty directories
	[+] 1f0d813773 devtool: deploy-target: Fix preserving attributes when using --strip
	[+] a235d64226 sstate/staging: Handle directory creation race issue
	[+] 522be6c4bf oeqa/selftest/runcmd: Tweal test timeouts
	[+] 608f16d94e sstate.bbclass: fix errors about read-only sstate mirrors
	[+] 95d109b621 package_pkgdata: Avoid task hash mismatches for generic task changes
	[+] bf53c74e80 perf: Use python3targetconfig to ensure we use target libraries
	[+] de1578c825 selftest: do not hardcode /tmp/sdk
	[+] bf8881dac7 kernel-devicetree: Fix interaction when packaging disabled
	[+] 1435d708ae kernel: Fix interaction when packaging disabled
	[+] ba0f8592c8 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.129
	[+] 50cadddf8b linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.128
	[+] 3fce24f519 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.125
	[+] 668cb9b2b8 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.124
	[+] 44f67a8156 gstreamer-plugins-base: fix CVE-2021-3522
	[+] 25c4eaaa41 rpm: fix CVE-2021-3421
	[+] f79cc25500 python3: apply test skipping patch unconditionally
	[+] 857a540838 python3: skip tests requiring tools-sdk
	[+] dc29017614 python3-ptest: add newly discovered missing rdeps
	[+] 64f6b5193a python3: upgrade 3.8.9 -> 3.8.10
	[+] d33bc7136d python3: upgrade 3.8.8 -> 3.8.9
	[+] d4b4bf172f powertop: fix aclocal error too many loops
	[+] 2c53b198ed python3: upgrade 3.8.7 -> 3.8.8
	[+] 9d8c7d39f3 python3: upgrade 3.8.6 -> 3.8.7
	[+] 21c37d2441 python3: upgrade 3.8.5 -> 3.8.6
	[+] 8a0459c8bd python3: upgrade 3.8.4 -> 3.8.5
	[+] 2b16173faf python3: upgrade 3.8.3 -> 3.8.4
	[+] fccee0d4a5 python3: upgrade 3.8.2 -> 3.8.3
	[+] 0d546f90e5 libx11: Fix CVE-2021-31535
	[+] fbb58d5344 libxml2: Fix CVE-2021-3518
	[+] 8a496e9eb9 expat: fix CVE-2013-0340
	[+] 11a44f8bba uninative: Upgrade to 3.2 (gcc11 support)
	[+] 43060f59ba Revert "python3: fix CVE-2021-23336"
	[+] f46f6af1f2 bitbake: cooker: Avoid parser deadlocks
	[+] aa2c6a789a bitbake: cooker: Ensure parser is cleaned up
	[+] 2dd1b9b305 bitbake: cooker: Explictly shut down the sync thread
	[+] b31affa946 bitbake: cooker: Ensure parse_quit thread is closed down
	[+] f8c304e07a kernel.bbclass: fix do_sizecheck() comparison
	[+] 643cb4f639 valgrind: fix a typo
	[+] 9686281c0b python3: fix CVE-2021-23336
	[+] 7860e4b563 ruby: 2.7.1 -> 2.7.3
	[+] 1ed30171a6 bind: 9.11.22 -> 9.11.32
	[+] 8bc7fc1f90 gstreamer-plugins-good: fix CVE-2021-3497 CVE-2021-3498
	[+] e1960e5d28 poky.conf: Bump version for 3.1.9 release
	[+] d4105aa162 poky.conf: Add openSUSE Leap 15.2 as a supported distro
	[+] c244bea7b8 documentation: prepare for 3.1.9 release
	[+] e449a96975 ref-system-requirements.rst: Add openSUSE Leap 15.2 to list of supported distros
	[+] 66b7a5da7e variables: Add documentation for KERNEL_DTC_FLAGS
	[+] 26428489f4 kernel-devicetree: Introduce KERNEL_DTC_FLAGS to pass dtc flags
	[+] ab6b5e97ce kernel-fitimage: Don't use unit addresses on FIT
	[+] ca9cb3f3e6 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.123
	[+] a4347c1c72 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.120
	[+] 3cd9587ba6 gnutls: fix CVE-2021-20231 CVE-2021-20232
	[+] 4ad8edab0b libxml: fix CVE-2021-3517 CVE-2021-3537
	[+] 0e7201d43a Revert "busybox: make busybox's syslog.cfg depend on VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils-syslog"
	[+] 0abf682029 linux-firmware: upgrade 20210315 -> 20210511
	[+] f26806d5de pkgconfig: update SRC_URI
	[+] 94ecd96f90 oeqa/runtime/rpm: Drop log message counting test component
	[+] b9e8b3cc49 image-live.bbclass: order do_bootimg after do_rootfs
	[+] 2691f9aa0d package_rpm: pass XZ_THREADS to rpm
	[+] 893636b299 unfs3: correct configure option
	[+] cf233ab626 initramfs-framework:rootfs: fix wrong indentions
	[+] fc8016d3f9 kernel-fitimage.bbclass: fix a wrong conditional check
	[+] 6e53131caf lib/oe/ Fix gpg verification
	[+] 642d5f4f06 sstate: Ignore sstate signing key
	[+] 73da9ecd05 grub: Exclude CVE-2019-14865 from cve-check
	[+] e308933073 glibc: Add 8GB VM usage cap for usermode test suite
	[+] 39bd9315d2 libxml2: Add bash dependency for ptests.
	[+] 73a669d0f9 libxml2: Reformat runtest.patch
	[+] bc7b4fab48 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.119
	[+] 8394010e56 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.118
	[+] 66c68fa7b1 linux-yocto/5.4: update to v5.4.117
	[+] 93a1926445 kernel-yocto: provide debug / summary information for metadata
	[+] 1ac6ed0f14 busybox: make busybox's syslog.cfg depend on VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils-syslog
	[+] 841ae63034 Clean up merged CPE updates
	[+] fcf6bf0dd1 cve-extra-exclusions: Fix typos
	[+] 7e3dac47e0 add exclusion list for intractable CVE's
	[+] 039c303bef expat: set CVE_PRODUCT
	[+] f5882b194b openssh: Add fixes for CVEs reported for openssh
	[+] a59a11eb56 tiff: Add fix for CVE-2020-35521 and CVE-2020-35522
	[+] 0b6e24d0dd cups: whitelist CVE-2021-25317
meta-agl changed from refs/tags/marlin/12.90.0 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.0
	[+] 70ee9182 Update distro configuration for Magic Marlin 13.0.0
	[+] 9d4b8796 pipewire: Backport crash fix
	[+] e0a497ac Add gitreview file for Magic Marlin branch
	[+] 381e2a94 Fix potential memory leak
	[+] d009fa0c Disable CONFIG_RELAY on BBE board
	[+] debe203b pipewire: Update pw to v0.3.47 and wp to v0.4.8
	[+] 76af8fd0 meta-app-framework: depend on weston-ini
	[+] 95c22aab Update distro config for Magic Marlin Milestone 3
	[+] dafa8194 meta-rcar-gen3/recipes-kernel: Add v4l2 vivid module
	[+] 7667cd9f Post-release update of distro configuration
	[+] 8ed7f4e0 Remove IMAGE_FEATURES setting from agl-image-weston
	[+] 49d3bdfd meta-agl-bsp: BBMASK out rcar3 base-files and systemd modifications
	[+] d63a3788 [RCAR] Update RCAR BSP to 5.9.0
	[+] c31a7ac0 Prepare Magic Marlin Milestone 2
	[+] 32296587 pipewiresink: set a default channel map if the number of channels is fixed
	[+] d32ed899 [RCAR] Fix block device  performance decreased
	[+] a12a83eb meta-agl-bsp: meta-sancloud: Revert problematic kernel commit
	[+] 13a9ec81 meta-app-framework: add agl-driver to pipewire group
	[+] 3f51caea config: fix wireplumber config issues
	[+] 02717d86 policy: fix record not working
	[+] d546b4bf pipewire: update to pw 0.3.43 and wp 0.4.7
	[+] f4c7dcac meta-agl-core/recipes-graphics/wayland: Backport two fixes for libweston-8
	[+] b489a7d1 Add default EnvironmentFile
	[+] e268db43 recipes-graphics/wayland/ Do another SRCREV bump
	[+] d32bfcb2 Set-up app_id for toytoolkit apps
	[+] 7ce2f7bf recipes-graphics/wayland/agl-compositor_git: Bump agl-compositor SRCVREV
	[+] 0852bd71 Update distro configuration after release
	[+] e78d53c5 meta-agl-core: gstreamer: Add 0001-waylandsink-Fix-xdg_shell-fullscreen-mode.patch.
	[+] 8b273d4b Prepare Magic Marlin Milestone 1
	[+] d9280a65 Refresh ptest-runner patch for latest dunfell
	[+] fca7086a pipewire: update to pw 0.3.40 and wp 0.4.5
	[+] 15f6be52 meta-app-framework: tweak agl-driver definition
	[+] d3cca128 meta-app-framework: agl-session: Ensure XDG_DATA_DIRS is set
	[+] 6f7d929c meta-app-framework: recipes-core: add applaunchd recipe
	[+] cdde5386 meta-app-framework: start agl-compositor in a systemd user session
	[+] a4df5143 meta-app-framework: add new agl-session recipe
	[+] 0fef32c4 Add placeholder variable for meta-clang addition
	[+] dfc94b82 meta-app-framework: add new AGL feature and fix build
	[+] ccaedc3d weston: allow weston to be started from a systemd user session
	[+] 6a76ace5 meta-agl-bsp: ti: Refresh ti-sgx-ddk-km patch
	[+] 9ec9843d Update SDK installation path variable name
	[+] 234017e8 Add templates for new application framework components
	[+] 12293858 Add sublayer for new application framework components
	[+] f4235a45 Follow-up removal of deprecated recipes after appfw removal
	[+] ceda64c1 Fix a couple of override syntax issues
	[+] 44e51139 Add minimal image with agl-compositor
	[+] 715f2ca4 Remove agl-cloudproxy from feature template
	[+] b1b652ff meta-agl-core: Update weston/agl-compositor init
	[+] d468ce3b Prepare master for new framework integration
	[+] abc4742a Update git:// SRC_URIs
	[+] 54a20427 meta-agl-bsp: remove old Raspberry Pi U-Boot recipe
	[+] f434830f Change DISTRO_VERSION for tagging before large rework
	[+] 99a4fdb7 [RCAR] Add missing dependency for board M3+KF
	[+] 87c6fd07 [RCAR] Fix HDMI display connector exchanging
	[+] fe29f171 meta-agl-bsp: reference hardware updates for BSP v5.5.0
	[+] 4de878ba [RCAR] Add missing dependency on wayland
	[+] 884beb28 [RCAR] Add missing build dependency for wayland-wsegl
	[+] ac7e0267 [RCAR] Update RCAR BSP recipes to 5.5.0 version
	[+] a9d0bf38 [RCAR] Fix kernel-module-gles build
	[+] 1b0d6511 meta-agl: split wireplumber to run in multiple instances
	[+] 3b7fb840 meta-app-framework: bump version for dbus bbappend
	[+] 8c4b3948 Make the mode configurable at build time for the waltham transmitter
	[+] fab29403 raspberrypi: Upgrade to u-boot v2021.07 for latest 4B boards
	[+] 2800bb4d meta-agl-bsp: Add reference hardware WLAN card support
	[+] 20e81c0a meta-agl-bsp: fix a couple of override syntax misconversions
	[+] ae07296d Inject multimedia package specific to rcar platform
	[+] 83747ed2 xmlsec1: remove backported patch
	[+] 63ee8ba3 agl-compositor_git: Bump SRCREV
	[+] 917a8231 Fix missed override syntax conversions
	[+] dd6fc5dc Convert to new override syntax
	[+] 756165e0 Add backported patch to overcome host contamination issue
	[+] ce21cba7 recipes-graphics/wayland/weston-ini-conf: Add missing transmitter-output
	[+] e2025fcf agl-compositor_git: Bump SRCREV
	[+] 92514559 meta-agl-bsp: add "kingfisher" to AGL_FEATURES for -kf builds
	[+] da29e677 libafb-helpers: update SRCREV
	[+] aaec5acd af-binder: update SRCREV
	[+] d8eec817 SPEC-4003: add curl to agl-ci
	[+] 9a6bed4d qt5: Fix timer leak in qtwayland to avoid animations being sluggish
	[+] 00488a31 Hybrid configuration support for agl-lxc and agl-virt
	[+] bc4666c4 meta-agl-bsp: Enable building agl-refhw-h3 firmware
	[+] 3bf32a36 agl-compositor: Move protocol files to the -dev package
	[+] 7633d8e5 Add curl as a hard dependency for agl-netboot
meta-agl-demo changed from refs/tags/marlin/12.90.0 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.0
	[+] 81d3ade html5-launcher_git: Remove autobuild script builds
	[+] b66ecfc html5-hvac_git: Remove autobuild script builds
	[+] dedd316 wam: disable VSync
	[+] 278b0e2 html5-homescreen: increase wait for attempting to launch homescreen
	[+] a6b07f9 chromium87: fix initialization of drag data controller
	[+] 49f911b Correct the content in the SUMMARY
	[+] 33fa4e4 Restore Qt compositor cluster demo image
	[+] 714379e Add gitreview file for Magic Marlin branch
	[+] a18da0f Restore camera-gstreamer
	[+] 6cce1d8 Restore cluster and telematics demo images
	[+] 8e02ea4 html5-launcher: add missing desktop file
	[+] 54346ef meta-agl-demo: use HTML5 homescreen+background+launcher in HTML5 demo
	[+] d787e10 Add back HTML5 launcher to HTML5 demo
	[+] 6eb5565 connman-glib: bump SRCREV
	[+] e10dffd libqtappfw: Add Bluetooth media control support
	[+] f5a1374 chromium: fix build with sandbox host compiler
	[+] 5f46a81 Add mediaplayer, radio, phone, and messaging apps back
	[+] 4e90b52 wam: rebase on top of webOS OSE QtLess implementation
	[+] f53ebf1 libqtappfw: Re-enable mediaplayer and other libraries
	[+] 191a271 libqtappfw: enable building mpd based mediaplayer support
	[+] 1d213f4 Remove lightmediascanner
	[+] 3d52083 Add backports of mpd and related recipes
	[+] d771fdb chromium: reduce verbosity on compilation
	[+] dee3a47 chromium, wam: update to chromium87 tree.
	[+] 1e713e0 Update inclusion in agl-demo-platform-crosssdk for openssh change
	[+] 00b9147 Add html5-hvac application.
	[+] c0c3c0f chromium*, wam: fix systemd launching from systemd
	[+] ffc3750 chromium*: remove jumbo build options
	[+] 6c3f371 chromium*: set by default debugging symbol level to 1
	[+] e8f2458 packagegroup-agl-demo-platform-html5: add default demo Qt UI.
	[+] 9b7d5f3 libqtappfw: Re-enable network support
	[+] d4dbe58 connman-glib: add recipe
	[+] 844dd0e homescreen: restore libqtappfw dependency
	[+] 9b309a0 Restore openssh as default in the IVI demo
	[+] 6417106 bluez-glib: bump SRCREV to pick up fix
	[+] 800f2d4 packagegroup-agl-graphical-weston: fix override syntax
	[+] a1e4c94 bluez-glib libqtappfw: fix S definitions
	[+] 7121247 chromium: fix use of += with :append
	[+] 359a52f agl-users: remove
	[+] e25ae6d homescreen: import environment file on service start
	[+] e3e3997 Add updated demo applications back
	[+] 1c8e6f7 qtquickcontrols2-agl-style: remove QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE setting
	[+] 71c79de agl-demo-platform: add launcher and make it work with new App FW
	[+] 477b8e4 wayland: add .desktop file for weston-terminal
	[+] a88b3b1 recipes-demo: restore launcher application
	[+] 864ca52 homescreen: convert to using the new App FW
	[+] 5d60367 templates: feature: ensure agl-demo uses agl-app-framework
	[+] dd3f596 web-runtime: bump chromium84 and wam SRCREV
	[+] 4d8f6f7 web-runtime: Add wam to agl-demo-platform-html5 image
	[+] b38248c Add meta-python2 to agl-demo template
	[+] 6adbf6b homescreen: update recipe
	[+] 218fa1c agl-image-ivi: define SYSTEMD_DEFAULT_TARGET
	[+] e7a5c82 agl-users: remove display user
	[+] 0ffe0a4 The chromium recipe will need to be reworked
	[+] 1b72a0f Prepare master for new framework integration
	[+] 94a0517 Update git:// SRC_URIs
	[+] e82b00a wam_git: Add protobuf dependency for WAM
	[+] a56affa osrm-backend: remove recipes
	[+] 07f4ab8 lightmediascanner: Fix missed override syntax conversion
	[+] 4249268 Convert to new override syntax
	[+] e89376a packagegroup-agl-ivi-navigation: update agl-refhw-h3 usage
	[+] cda6e5a alexa-viewer, cluster-demo, homescreen, launcher: the protocols are in agl-compositor-dev
	[+] 95d382d Add dependency to alexa-viewer, launcher, homescreen, cluster-receiver
meta-agl-devel changed from refs/tags/marlin/12.90.0 to refs/tags/marlin/13.0.0
	[+] 03fcf8e meta-agl-jailhouse: Add kernel config. notes in Documentation
	[+] 1f73c0c Add gitreview file for Magic Marlin branch
	[+] f12c1d8 SRCREV override fix
	[+] ab69104 Extend drm-lease-manager support - Qt6.x eglfs-kms
	[+] bb8041c meta-agl-drm-lease: Add DRM lease support to agl-compositor
	[+] 03b844a drm-lease: Make drm-lease-manager sockets available to video group
	[+] 3d80d32 Revert "Workaround for booting time crash in R-CarH3SK wth Kingfisher board"
	[+] f1ca506 Revert "BUG FIX: Some guest apps don't show own GUI frequently"
	[+] 0f364fe Update render node patch to fix build error in BSP 5.9
	[+] d33f4d2 Enable agl-compositor using agl-compositor-init
	[+] 878e3ff Input device support in ivi-demo guest
	[+] bbdf5e3 Flutter updates
	[+] 01a6a10 Update the description of
	[+] 78c0f02 meta-agl-jailhouse: Documentation for manual configuration
	[+] 7520062 Add template extension to pull in meta-clang layer when building flutter
	[+] 11def03 Add meta-agl-flutter layer
	[+] cfd0c57 templates/feature/agl-egvirt: Install virtio-video driver and necessary gst plugins.
	[+] 87b7cce virtualization: Add virtio-video driver as external module.
	[+] 3c2b0cd agl-lxc: rcar-gen3: Support agl-refhw-h3 in lxc demo
	[+] 59de37c Workaround for booting time crash in R-CarH3SK wth Kingfisher board
	[+] be85a1d virtualization: linux-yocto build fail due to missing FILESEXTRAPATHS:prepend.
	[+] 71a380b meta-agl-jailhouse: Change kernel branch
	[+] 2cf44a2 Improvement flexibility for lxc-config
	[+] d8ab3ff Create image specific weston setting method
	[+] c75a3e0 Add automatic start support for IVI guest.
	[+] 73c5c41 BUG FIX: Some guest apps don't show own GUI frequently
	[+] a676411 Change map style in momnavi
	[+] 44d32c8 Add momiscreen into ivi guest
	[+] 7ff24f3 BUG FIX: mominavi is not showing map
	[+] e295433 Enable network connection in ivi guest
	[+] 2fee5c5 Install demo apps to ivi demo image
	[+] 43e7fb3 Re-structure for guests
	[+] c3ae7f9 Create new image for ivi container demo
	[+] cc75df8 Change cluster display from HDMI-A-1 to HDMI-A-2 in r-car gen3 with kf
	[+] 65a6faa Fix recipe style error at momiplay recipe
	[+] 39ed756 Fix recipe style error at mominavi recipe
	[+] 845610e Add automatically App Key setting method
	[+] 1cd31d0 Fix boot up issue for guest apps
	[+] 2a78ef2 Importing the mediaplayer demo app
	[+] aeebf41 Importing the navigation demo app
	[+] 05e7875 Create simple layout manager recipe
	[+] 538e795 Fix url and recipe style error in wayland-ivi-extension recipe
	[+] 2a14637 Add patch to fix weston crash in no input device scene
	[+] bd8eacf Import wayland-ivi-extension
	[+] 7a80742 Fix: weston is not running after BSP 5.5 merged in cluster-demo
	[+] 4385a74 Divide firmware from gles-user-module
	[+] bf237f5 Fix the lxc-host-image-demo build error with R-Car BSP 5.5
	[+] e345e16 Prepare master for new framework integration
	[+] 796e9ae Update git:// SRC_URIs
	[+] ea44cbf virtualization/linux-yocto: iio/scmi: Add reading "raw" attribute support.
	[+] b997478 Fix cmake issue for libclusterapi and libclusteripc.
	[+] 7575dc0 Fix multiple container installation failing
	[+] bd307b1 Fix multiple container installation issue
	[+] 8f4d303 Create AGL Instrument Cluster core package group
	[+] 7b6f9ba Import cluster api and ipc library recipe from EG repo
	[+] 46056cd [RCAR] Dynamic-layer update rcar-du support for BSP  v5.5.0
	[+] 9d060f4 Fix fuzz for 0004-launcher-direct-handle-seat0-without-VTs.patch
	[+] 311bba3 Fix some issue for the cluster-refgui recipe
	[+] ed47409 meta-agl-lxc: Support rcar3 kernel module headers in guests
	[+] 098325d meta-agl-ros2: Support for ros2 minimal & ydlidar
	[+] 8310c09 virtualization/linux-yocto: Add SCMIv3.0 Sensor Extensions patches.
	[+] 036612a virtualization/linux-yocto: Enable IIO SCMI.
	[+] 02a8d0f virtualization/linux-yocto: Backport IIO SCMI based sensors driver.
	[+] 7495e4c virtualization/linux-yocto: Enable virtio SCMI driver.
	[+] 45db551 virtualization/linux-yocto: Backport virtio SCMI driver.
	[+] 5576b44 Return agl-egvirt feature
	[+] 0428064 [PATCH] meta-agl-jailhouse: Add support for virtio over IVSHMEM block
	[+] 46b8ed7 aac-module-system-audio: Update PipeWire gstreamer plugins
	[+] 37d3b1b Convert to new override syntax
	[+] ab5f7f5 Add placeholders for agl-ros2
	[+] 4d9d7b0 meta-agl-jailhouse: Update the Jailhouse configuration files
	[+] aac67cb lxc-host-image-minimal: Handle Kingfisher image names
	[+] 72ac5f6 meta-agl-lxc: integrate pipewire-ic-ipc and pull in agl-pipewire
	[+] 97d9a76 Drop agl-virt dependency
	[+] 8be4ced meta-agl-jailhouse: Fix memmap command line parameter
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