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Purpose and Goals

We are holding a face to face meeting from November (TBD), 2019 in TBD, Japan. The main purpose of the meeting is an integration session that pulls together developers working on the 2020 AGL CES Demonstrator software.

Event Details

DATE: Nov 25-27, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
VENUE: 大阪市北区芝田

Video Conference



  1. Harunobu Kurokawa - Renesas (25,26,27)
  2. Tadao Tanikawa - Panasonic(25,26,27)


List of issues

  • waltham backend on LXC
  • waltham receiver into Cluster profile
  • Steering wheel volume up/down
  • wayland backend support for Dual display
  • demo code maintenance


Tentative Schedule:

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