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Purpose and Goals

We are holding a face to face meeting from Nov 11 - 13 in Yokohama, Japan.

The goal of the meeting is to complete the applications that will be presented during CES using the AGL Agile Albacore release. In order to make rapid progress during the short time allotted, we would like to have developers familiar with the kernel, middleware, and app development.

In 2014 JLR created reference applications using Tizen IVI that ran on an Intel NUC. Earlier this year JLR did a port to Qt 5 for those apps. The port only covered the GUI and did not attempt to run the apps in the AGL environment, nor were they interfaced to the Tizen or AGL middleware. This workshop will take those applications and get them ported to run on AGL middleware on the Renesas Porter board and QEMU environments.

Presently a small team is working to get the apps building and running on the AGL distribution. During workshop we will connect the apps to the middleware and expand the apps in preparation for CES 2016.

Event Details

DATE: Nov 11-13
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
VENUE: TKP Garden City Yokohama
ACCOMMODATIONS: We have small block of rooms at Yokohama Plaza Hotel (not a fancy hotel, sorry!) If you need a room please let Nori know by Wednesday Nov 4.

Also, there is another LF event (Open Compliance Summit) will be happening at the same venue on Nov 10 & 11. If you are interested in participating to this event (on 10th), please sign up from here.


  • Walt Miner - Linux Foundation
  • Nori Fukuyasu - Linux Foundation
  • Risto Avila - Qt Company (Wed - Thurs)
  • Tadao Tanikawa - Panasonic
  • Nobuhiko Tanibata - ADIT (Wed - Thurs)
  • Ryota Okubi - Toyota
  • Hisao Munakata - Renesas
  • Tsuyoshi Sakamoto - Pioneer
  • Toshihiro Matsumoto - Mentor Graphics
  • Koji Hoshikawa - Witz
  • Damian Hobson-Garcia - Renesas (Wed - Thurs)
  • Takanari Hayama - Renesas (Wed)

Off site participants can join us at: Google Hangout for the event

Pre-event homework

  • The team is working to make sure the software will properly build and boot both QEMU and Porter and run the Qt5 apps that JLR provided.
  • Build Environment - Ideally each attendee will bring a laptop with the AGL demo build environment installed (see Downloading AGL Source Code and and the QEMU and Porter builds completed.
  • Boards - Since Porter boards have been hard to obtain, please bring your board if possible. We are also trying to arrange with Renesas to have some boards on-site.
  • Lunch will be provided daily. Please confirm you will attend so we can be sure to order enough.


  1. Review Progress and show current demo apps on Porter boards
  2. Define demo scenarios overall and for individual applications
  3. Create and/or update task back log for the sessions
  4. Create teams of two - three per task
  5. End of day wrap-up

Workshop Minutes


  1. The demo apps were successfully built and run on the Renesas Porter board and QEMU emulation.
  2. We were able to do some optimization of the QML code thanks to participation from Risto at the Qt Company.
  3. Updated to Qt 5.5.1 and worked through some merge issues with that
  4. Successfully integrated gstreamer and QtMultimedia and demonstrated an audio file being played by the media app on the Porter board.
  5. A total of 15 change sets were merged to the master branch during the course of the workshop.

Detailed notes from the meeting are included in the pdf. Several photos of the white board were captured as well. agl_workshop_notes_2015_11_11.pdf

White Board drawing of overall demo architecture with details for HVAC

White Board drawing of HVAC details

White Board drawing of SW Block Diagram

White Board drawing of HW Block Diagram

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